Mixed or average reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 21
  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. Instead of porting it over without much thought, they took the time to get something working that took advantage of the Wii's strengths.
  2. It’s a shame that EA decided to drop the intense cop chases from Most Wanted. Carbon is still a very addicting game even though the drift races don’t work quite as well as they should.
  3. The best driving game for Wii but that is not saying much. It looks and sounds good, though. The control system takes some time to get used to. [Feb 2007]
  4. Need for Speed Carbon for the Wii falls a bit flat in certain areas but it’s a good attempt at bringing us a fresh new twist to this underground racing series.
  5. The controls are new and innovative, but to a large percentage of racing fans they won’t seem to fit.
  6. 74
    Compared to some of your other launch options, Need for Speed Carbon just doesn’t cut it as an upgraded GameCube “Wii-make”. While the control is actually pretty solid - using the Wii controller as a virtual steering wheel - the technical limitations are just too numerous to ignore.
  7. Need for Speed Carbon on the Wii contains some unique driving control options, but none of them can escape the sensation that this game simply wasn't built for motion control.
  8. When it’s frustrating, it’s frustrating, when it’s good, it’s good, so for the moment it gets a 70.
  9. If you're willing to really master one of the many control schemes on offer, and you don't mind losing out to the odd technical difficulty, then you might just find a familiar game with enough difference to make this a worthy purchase for the avid Need for Speed fan.
  10. Casual gamers will cling to the ease of pick up and play, and hardcore gamers will love the customization options. There is enough to please everyone, but don't expect to be wowed by anything new or revolutionary.
  11. 65
    Dodgy controls keep Carbon from being worthy of serious consideration.
  12. NFS Carbon is simply a lot more fun on other consoles.
  13. Sorry to say it, but the Wii version's at the bottom of the list for Carbon. It's not redefining the street racing genre, but at times it can still hit a sweet spot blend of intensity, danger and style.
  14. One of those games that simply isn't best played on the Wii. Racing games are yet to prove themselves on the system, and Carbon is another that suffers due to the Wii's controllers. Control issues aside, it's another solid racer from EA, and the Auto-Sculpt feature is absolutely fantastic.
  15. What Carbon does right bodes well for the racing genre on the Wii; what it does wrong bodes poorly for the future of this once-entertaining franchise. [Feb. 2007, p.96]
  16. 60
    Skip it in favor of more traditional means of control. Mastering it is just too big of a hassle, and every other platform's offering has better multiplayer options anyway (a little thing called online).
  17. We know from other versions that this is a solid arcade racer, with fun modifying modes and slick visuals. On Wii it's a nightmare to control. For masochists only. [January 2007, p.45]
  18. It feels more like you're controlling a puppet on strings rather than a Lotus Elise. [Christmas 2006, p.75]
  19. It's all a bit of a compromised mess, frankly. [Feb 2007, p.84]
  20. 55
    There are better consoles to play Need for Speed: Carbon on, the game just isn't all that enjoyable with the Wii's control system.
  21. If this version of Need for Speed: Carbon either looked or handled better, it might have been a worthwhile contender. But this lazy port simply doesn't have what it takes to bring the Need for Speed franchise to the Wii.
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  1. Jan 9, 2012
    Just boring. Can't say much. You make your car, you go on a racing and other stuff, and that's it. what a piece of damn bore. I rather play a stupid Hello Kitty game then NFS. Full Review »
  2. Jul 3, 2011
    This is one of the best racing games I have ever played. Granted, the 360 version was vastly superior for graphics and feel (emphasis on feel), but this is a solid racer for the Wii and similar in most of the ways that count. People who complain about the controls cannot be trusted- there are 5 schemes that all play differently so at least one of them should work for anybody. Overall an 8 out of 10 for being an inferior port of a near perfect game. Full Review »