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  • Summary: Play 24 unique twists on classic neighborhood games including Football, Golf, Tennis, Ladder Golf, Lawn Darts, Horseshoes, Bocce, and more. Fine tuned controls. Enjoy intuitive controls for a pick up and play experience for the whole family-use the Wii Remote to throw the football, shoot the basketball, toss the horseshoe and roll the bocce ball just to name a few. Conquer the neighborhood! Play by yourself or challenge your friends and family. Taunt your opponents! From the sidelines, break their concentration and giving yourself the advantage. Become part of the neighborhood! Create your own fully customizable, playable characters with endless combinations. [THQ] Expand
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  1. It may not be the most engaging game out for the Wii at this time, and there are some control issues now and then, but the amount of games within the game is pretty impressive and it can provide some great family fun.
  2. The game is stable and generally fun if lawn games are your thing, and you overlook variety in the game types not yielding much diversity in their style of play.
  3. A good idea for the Wii, and one that should have worked better than it did. The control system really should have been tested more before the final release. It is a shame, because there are lots of varied and attractive games included in this compilation. Best for families with older children that don’t frustrate easily.
  4. A package that isn't completely terrible, nor is it remarkable in any way. The mini-games that are included are fairly simple to play and could have been a lot more fun if the controls had been fine-tuned. Conversely, while the controls can be frustrating at times they don't completely ruin the experience, especially when playing with friends.
  5. 40
    Kids deserve better than this. Neighborhood Games is a cheaply produced collection of mediocre games, and you'd be better off spending the cash at Walmart on a set of horseshoes, lawn darts, bocce balls and a basketball, because the real games are far more rewarding than these poorly controlling virtual representations.
  6. 35
    Neighborhood Games doesn't stand out from the crowded field of mini-game compilations. It misses the simple elegance of Wii Sports by a mile and tries to cover it for it by throwing more at you. That "more" isn't better and will only be a fun diversion for a few plays until it sets in that better options are available.
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