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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. This one is designed from the ground up for Wii and it really shows. [mar 2008, p.57]
  2. Foremost, the voice acting is pitch-perfect, with each line evoking the correct emotion from its audience.
  3. If you have the itch to jump into the persona of Luffy and Co. then by all means pick this up for the Wii as it is a solid game, just too much of a game that is "for fans only".
  4. Luffy's newest voyage isn't one for the ages, but it still offers up plenty of goodhearted fun.
  5. Yes, the battles lack finesse but when it comes to bringing the series to life this is one game that will not fail fans of the Straw Hat Pirates.
  6. One Piece: Unlimited Adventure is certainly not a bad game. But its formulaic story, repetitive combat, and poor graphics prevent it from achieving success as a great game based on the One Piece franchise.
  7. 70
    For those fanatic collect-a-thon types, we can easily see the game taking upwards of 60 hours to max out all characters and skills. And that's really what it comes down to.
  8. If you don't love One Piece, you won't like this game. If you love One Piece, you will. It's really that simple. For fans of the series, this is the best One Piece game yet. For others, it's decent, but nothing great.
  9. I applaud the developers for taking the series in a different route and creating a full-fledged adventure here.
  10. 68
    It's a new design, fresh take on the franchise, but also a bit of a thin overall product; at least in its first effort. Eight playable characters means tons of diversity, as you can level up and work with the character you like, and the new adventure style – while still a bit too empty overall – certainly increases the scope of the game.
  11. Contrary to its namesake, One Piece: Unlimited Adventure is more of a spirited Easter egg hunt than anything else.
  12. As promising as this Lost-meets-Animal Crossing premise sounds, however, the game as a whole becomes a bit tedious. [Feb 2008, p.87]
  13. Most of the game is flat, due to monotonous tasks (hitting rocks and trees, going back for items) and bland fighting controls. The multiplayer action is solid and the presentation is true to the show, but this Adventure is too limited.
  14. 60
    Not a bad game by any means; it is just not going to appeal to those who are not fans of the show.
  15. If you’re a One Piece fan through and through, and if you don’t mind the slow grind of finding items as long as the action is fast and furious, then this is booty in your video game treasure trove. But as much as there is enough swashbuckling to make you a badass pirate, there is just as much to make you a grubby landlubber.
  16. One Piece: Unlimited Adventure takes the scavenger hunt approach too far. You spend way more time chopping up shrubs in search of raw materials than you ever do fighting soldiers or following the story.
  17. 50
    Frame-rate issues, unimaginative combat and adventure gameplay, and multiplayer that sags leaves Unlimited Adventure in the position of not quite being able to compete with the One Piece games of the last generation.
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  1. Sep 30, 2012
    I love the One piece series. My answer might be biased but this game was very enjoyable. The leveling system was interesting and the boss fights were great. The story is a little silly though. Full Review »