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  • Summary: Return to Ivoire to face new challenges or take pleasure in your first visit to a beautiful island paradise. Revel in the enhanced graphics, remixed score, and improved controls, and celebrate the return of the gridless map, giving you total freedom. [NIS America]
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  1. 85
    With some amazing gameplay aspects and a long satisfying adventure, Phantom Brave is one of the best hardcore titles the Wii has to offer.
  2. Phantom Brave: We Meet Again is a good addition to anyone’s Wii game collection. It is challenging, entertaining, and with thousands of levels to achieve on each character, the game counts for 100+ hours of gameplay
  3. With 80+ hours of content and an engaging story, you can stay immersed in the world of Phantom Brave for quite awhile.
  4. 76
    Sure, it's nice to have, but it's also pointless and limp, and you can't cook pancakes with it. But hey, if you missed the party back in 2005, it's definitely a worthy pick up.
  5. Phantom Brave: We Meet Again is essentially a five year old SRPG that should have been left in 2004
  6. Phantom Brave is a charming and challenging strategy role-playing game that should satisfy both new and returning players.
  7. 60
    Despite its numerous small annoyances, Phantom Brave: We Meet Again is a fun game -- albeit hardly essential.

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  1. RobG
    Oct 15, 2009
    This is the undisputed turn-based RPG for the Wii. As hardcore as it gets, you can play this game for hundreds of hours to max up your characters to their top levels and unlock all the special areas and characters. Even if you "just" play the two story modes, you can count on 80 hours of gameplay. Expand