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  • Summary: In Pirates Plund-Arrr, players fight through creature-filled areas like a murky swamp, an underwater city, and a haunted village to ultimately face-off against the scallywag Rudebelly and retrieve their stolen treasure. It's serious business in a game that doesn't take itself too seriously: would-be pirates can ride warthogs for "drive-by style" attacks, battle hulking slug bosses and trigger meat meteor showers raining down from above. These cute, but dangerous, swashbucklers will take on more than 40 diverse enemies - including skeletons, slimefish, mummies and lots of other nasties that want to ruin an otherwise pleasant Caribbean adventure. Good thing players have cool combo attacks and a bounty of weapons, from razor-sharp meat cleavers to flaming axes, to ensure that mowing down monsters never gets old! Players can also use the environment to their advantage by picking up rocks and barrels to hurl or simply snatching up the baddies themselves to toss them overboard. As players progress, they'll gain XP points that will earn them perks and upgrades that will cause more damage to enemies. In addition, Pirates Plund-Arrr, lets 4 mates plunder together for co-op, beat-em action! [Majesco Entertainment] Expand
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  1. A big fat thief, but it's a big fat thief with a heart of hold. [Aug 2010, p.70]
  2. The best imitation of The Behemoth's Castle Crashers that you're going to find on the Wii. [Issue#206, p.96]
  3. Sure, it's only $20 for retail, but downloadable services offer beat'm'up experiences much more exciting and varied for a fraction of Pirates Plundarrr's price.
  4. With four-player co-op and an appealing art style, there are definitely the makings for an entertaining adventure on the disk. The final product, sadly, is not as good as the sum of its parts, and everything that might be seen as a success is surrounded by a series of failures, leaving gamers with little reason to invest in a purchase, budget price or not.
  5. Isn't much of a value. [June 2010, p.88]
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