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  1. RonF
    Oct 1, 2008
    Be forewarned ... this is a direct port of "Pitfall: The Lost Expedition" for the Gamecube, with Wii motions thrown in. Absolutely identical except for the controls. My kids really enjoy the GC version, so I'd normally rate it an 8. Except they should be more honest and upfront about being a direct port, rather than renaming it as "The Big Adventure". So, 7 for the final.

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  1. It's definitely not the best platformer from last-gen, but it was a decent enough title that was probably overlooked by quite a few.
  2. For those who have never played the original, Pitfall: The Big Adventure will be a worthwhile purchase once it drops below the $19.99 price point. Until then, it's a fun romp through a world of freewheeling treasure hunters, man-eating crocs and hidden treasure--just not quite fun, or new, enough.
  3. Take one platforming game released for the previous generation of consoles, add one pinch of Wii controls and mix it all together. What do you get? An old titles with a lackluster control scheme that hasn't evolved one bit. This is a sad example of a developer more interested in quick money than actually creating a good game. Sloppy productions like this simply doesn't deserve your hard earned money.