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Critic score distribution:
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  1. 50
    The single player mode is a joke, there’s a huge lack of true customization or depth, and the multiplayer mode – while certainly appealing to core gamers – offers very little beyond what DS had.
  2. Sure, Pokétopia might sound a lot like the trips you took to Pokémon Stadium 1&2 or that weekend at Pokémon Colosseum. That’s because this is the same trip, we’ve just repainted the signs and moved to a different system.
  3. Be leery of the online gameplay, however, as you will face several members of the exclusive Pokémon elite and make it out barely alive. Let's hope that Nintendo's next venture online is a little more player friendly and not just for an exclusive club.
  4. With a surprising lack of play modes and little gratification given for completing battles, it's hard to recommend this game to anyone except hardcore Pokemon fanatics. I didn't find much to like in the game and quickly became bored.
  5. Pokemon Battle Revolution simply isn't worth the money. Other than the privilege of being the first Nintendo Wii title with online capability, it has nothing else going for it.
  6. 60
    The real draw here should be competing with other players over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect. Sadly, it's far too difficult to really get anything resembling a fulfilling online experience out of Pokémon Battle Revolution.
  7. If you've got a DS, plus Pearl or Diamond, and you've got a sizable collection of Pokémon that you'd like to see rendered in 3D on the TV, then Battle Revolution might be worth the asking price. Even then, you'd have to be a pretty hardcore Pokémon fan.
  8. For the die-hard Pokemon player, this game is a must have: the thrill of seeing your team of Pokemon on the big screen duking it out against your buddies will outweigh any flaws, fumbles or complete lack of content the game might have. For the rest of us, however, we may as well sit down and wait for the dawn of the era after this one.
  9. 60
    Revolution is polished graphically, and great at what it is. Unfortunately, it is nothing more than a turn-based battle game. If you're not a true Pokemon fan this really is one piece of cake easily left uneaten.
  10. Games Master UK
    It should come packaged with "Diamond/Pearl" for an extra 5 quid. It doesn't. Avoid. [Jan 2007, p.70]
  11. 45
    Those who have drained every last moment of enjoyment from the DS game might appreciate it as a way to eke a little more challenge from the experience. And really obsessive types might appreciate the fact that the announcer guy from the cartoon performs (highly repetitious) running commentary during in-game battles. Everyone else, though, will simply regard this as a waste of money.
  12. It only offers a few days worth of play on its own and isn't much fun at all to newcomers. The game is at its best when used as an accessory, albeit an expensive one, to Diamond/Pearl.
  13. One game you’re probably going to want to avoid; even massive Pokémon fans should approach this with trepidation.
  14. AceGamez
    Pokémon Battle Revolution is worthless if you don't own the DS game; there simply isn't enough independent content to warrant a purchase, if you fall into this category.
  15. As mentioned very early on in the review, Pokemon Battle Revolution was developed for the Pokemon faithful in mind, and although you can try battling through this game with little experience the game definitely favors the more knowledgeable.
  16. 50
    As if mocking its own pompous title, Pokemon Battle Revolution is, amazingly, a step back for the historically reviled console Pokemon games - there's plenty of style, but less substance than ever before.
  17. Nintendo Power
    Pokemon Battle Revolution has its ups and downs, but it makes for a decent way to get more out of Diamond and Pearl. [Aug 2007, p.85]
  18. Pokemon Battle Revolution would have been perfect as a $10-20 WiiWare game. $50 at retail just doesn't make any sense.
  19. Unfortunately, stellar graphics can’t save Pokemon Battle Revolution from utter mediocrity.
  20. 50
    If you're looking for the ultimate Pokemon-on-Wii experience, you'll have to keep waiting. If you crave battles and 3D Pokemon, you may just find enough here to keep you entertained, but everyone else will find better things to do very quickly.
  21. It’s really difficult to recommend Pokemon Battle Revolution. For casual players, there’s no substance to the game—especially if they haven’t played Diamond & Pearl on the DS and are unable to upload their critters. For the hardcore Poke-maniac, the online play provides an opportunity for bragging rights and little else.
  22. However, it’s impossible to recommend to those who don’t have one of the DS games, and while die-hard Pokémaniacs will doubtless get some joy out of it, even they should avoid paying full-price for what is a somewhat limited expansion.
  23. Nintendo Gamer
    An expensive and entirely cosmetic companion to the DS games. [Jan 2008, p.50]
  24. Playing online is, without question, Revolution's biggest feature, and one of the most disappointing. Challenge other trainers to a battle by logging on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, using a pre-set friend list or jump into a random battle with players all over the world. The idea sounds right, but shoddy connectivity and the lack of leaderboards, medals or any type of tournament set-up doesn't do any favors for the online play.
  25. These battles in the Pokemon universe need to be rethought by Nintendo, because Battle Revolution shows their age.
  26. 50
    Compared to Pokemon Stadium on N64, it feels like a step backwards, as it feels less polished and lacks as many extras as its predecessor, which is now over five-years-old.
  27. netjak
    Pokémon Battle Revolution is definitely a step (or more) backwards for this popular franchise.
  28. While Pokemon fanatics will eat this game up, many other players will grow bored within the first ten minutes.
  29. 55
    It's a shame, as this title feels completely dated and lacking in almost every possible way and it made me want to bust out my old copy of "Stadium" and go back to the days when battling was fun.
  30. In Pokémon Battle Revolution, we have a mediocre game that will only please the most hardened fans, and that actually looks more like a “test” than a properly finished game.
  31. It's not the breakthrough title that Nintendo set it up to be.
  32. Graphically, this game is incredible. Physical attacks cause Pokemon to actually make contact, and Special attacks damage the scenery. The Pokemon themselves are rendered incredibly well, as are the trainers. [JPN Import]
  33. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    With arenas full of color and 3D Pokémons, it might be of interest to anyone who likes the franchise, but it’s kind of short and doesn’t offer a lot of variety. An adventure mode might have been a good idea. [Dec 2007]
  34. The core mechanics of Pokemon might need tweaking, or maybe even revamping, to work within the parameters of Wii's capabilities, but after a decade of essentially selling players the same game on the company's handheld systems, fans might appreciate it if Nintendo took some risks with the franchise on its home consoles.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 110 Ratings

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  1. [anonymous]
    Aug 13, 2009
    Loved it! Great graphics, lighting, and sound. Downloading Poke'mon from DS to Wii was a quick and easy. For those of you who are Loved it! Great graphics, lighting, and sound. Downloading Poke'mon from DS to Wii was a quick and easy. For those of you who are whinning about how you NEED a DS to play, STOP because you don't NEED one. If you think that, go buy one you little cry babies. Full Review »
  2. Aug 22, 2016
    O primeiro jogo do wii que joguei, antigamente eu adorava o jogo, por ser muito fã de pokemon, mas hoje vejo que ele é cheio de problemas,O primeiro jogo do wii que joguei, antigamente eu adorava o jogo, por ser muito fã de pokemon, mas hoje vejo que ele é cheio de problemas, voce noa pode escolher muitos pokemon, e se quiser aproveitar ele é melhor ter um ds com pokemon Full Review »
  3. Jul 28, 2016
    I can see why this game is hated but in general the game isn't half bad. The game does have repetitive gameplay and ain't fun as other pokemonI can see why this game is hated but in general the game isn't half bad. The game does have repetitive gameplay and ain't fun as other pokemon spinoffs but the best thing about this game are the GRAPHICS. Full Review »