Mixed or average reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 22
  2. Negative: 4 out of 22
  1. Dec 21, 2010
    So while the spectacle of the park exceeds the actual rides, PokePark Wii is still worth checking out if you're a fan of the actual Pokemon themselves and just want a relaxing Pokemon-themed diversion.
  2. 80
    So despite its (extremely) simplistic design, PokePark Wii is technically proficient and amazingly fun for a Pokemaniac like myself.
  3. Dec 21, 2010
    With fun motion-control based mini-games, up to 193 Pokemon to befriend, lots of areas to explore and leveling up to do, Pikachu's Adventure offers a lot of content.
  4. Dec 21, 2010
    It may not be the 3D Pokemon game fans have been crying for ever since the N64 era, but its own take on the "gotta friend 'em all" formula can be just as addicting as catching them.
  5. Dec 21, 2010
    It'll probably take you about three hours to blast through the game's main objectives, and you can add about two to three more hours if you stop to befriend everyone. After that, there's no reason to come back.
  6. Dec 21, 2010
    All in all, PokéPark is a solid title that holds up for a range of gamers. With its well-rounded story, variety of things to do, and hidden features, many gamers will find PokéPark to be a good place to spend some time.
  7. Dec 21, 2010
    For what it is, PokéPark Wii is an endearing little game that is sure to incite nostalgia in longtime fans of the series.
  8. Dec 19, 2010
    PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure certainly isn't a perfect title on the Wii, but I think it's worth checking out for younger Pokémon fans.
  9. Each cutesy character is matched by a plodding task.
  10. Poképark Wii Pikachu's Adventure is a disappointment. Instead of an adventure you receive a never ending stream of tedious chores. The variety of attractions that are unlocked make the game bearable, but nothing more than that.
  11. It's a shame that a respectable franchise should have something so mediocre tarnish its name, but hopefully this will be a lesson for Creatures Inc. to take on board and realise that if it's going to produce a spin-off it should make sure that it's something they themselves would play.
  12. Pikachu has probably had more exciting adventures visiting the men's room, than in this boring spin-off.
  13. Some Pokémon, then nothing. PokéPark Wii : Pikachu's Adventure only tries to hide its lack of depth behind the pretty faces of two hundreds of Pokémon in the need of entertaining.
  14. PokéPark Wii could have been only a short and sweet gap filler until Pokémon Black & White for Nintendo DS. But it is not. On the Way through Pikachu's Adventure inside a funny PokéPark you'll make a lot of friends. The game could be a bit longer, but Pokémon-Fans will love Pikachu's new Wii game. PokéPark Wii Pikachu's Adventure definitely is a must-have for all Pokémaniacs.
  15. Anyone who likes Pokémon and wants to engage in the adventure with PokéPark will definitely have a filled day. At times, it is too simple and straightforward, but that is enough fun for especially young fans.
  16. Obviously intended for young gamers, and that's exactly who'll get the most out of this. Everyone else will get bored quickly.
  17. 58
    There isn't a huge amount to keep you coming back, so this game is going to be most popular among kids who go straight for the box, collectors who have to have everything with Pikachu's face on it, and video game journalists who give it 5.8 out of 10 and almost feel bad about it.
  18. This Pokemon-themed minigame collection misses the point for anyone other than very young Pikachu fans.
  19. Jan 16, 2011
    Poképark Wii is an entertaining game for every fan of the pokemon series, but too unambitious for other players that aren't related to Pokémon.
  20. Oct 22, 2010
    Adorable. [Dec 2010, p.87]
  21. Very simple but it looks good and it's fun while it lasts. One of the better Pokemon spin-offs. [Sept 2010, p.101]
  22. PokePark Wii is everything but interesting. Sure it's aimed to a younger audience but the game's structure, from the minigames to the exploration of the park, is boring and unrewarding.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 24 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 8
  2. Negative: 1 out of 8
  1. Nov 21, 2011
    Pokepark is a unique game that blends RPG, adventure, and mini-game elements nearly perfectly. There is plenty to do in this game with all of the Pokemon to befriend via skill games and the attraction mini-game events. The game is not very hard and the battles & games can be usually be completed in a few minutes. Some critics have seen that as a negative, but I think it makes it easier to play. You are always close to an opportunity to save if you need to. I am almost completely done with the Friends List, this gameâ Full Review »
  2. Jun 14, 2011
    It's been a while since I was so mesmerized by a game, this is a beautiful game as far as graphics go, and the controls work wonderfully, and there is a lot to occupy your time, from playing mini games, and befriending other Pokemon, and the story is a lot of fun, and it includes an arcade mode that lets you play through the mini games without having to look around for them in the PokePark, and for some reason it reminded me of playing the old Zelda games on the N64, all in all I can't think of a gamer I wouldn't highly recommend this to, it brings back memories of the time when video games took you to another world, and didn't have to have some gimmick to be good, my only complaints are that it's a little repetitive, needs a better camera, and some minor complaints with one or two mini games, but even with those flaws it's still a masterpiece, this is a must own for Wii gamers, just keep in mnd this was meant for younger gamers. Full Review »
  3. Jun 17, 2014
    Pokepark is a great game, the controls may be difficult if you don't play sideways often, but if once you get used to the controls (very quickly for me) the game gets really fun. Everything flowed together so properly. This game was so fun. I highly recommend this to anyone, even my friends who don't really play Wii, it's a great starter game for people who still have the Wii. Full Review »