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  1. Dec 1, 2011
    Although Power Rangers Samurai is addressed to a young audience, it's hard to find a reason to recommend it. The level design is poor and linear, the artificial intelligence doesn't exist and the combat system lacks of any depth.
  2. 30
    To conclude, Power Rangers Samurai is a very basic and frustratingly dull release that hardly tries to bring the exciting world of the series to video game form. Everything feels like it was taken from the book of basics in game design and will do nothing to convince you to spend more time with the multicolor heroes and their crazy enemies.
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  1. Apr 8, 2014
    Samurai isn't the best action game out there, but it's home on the Wii makes for a decent experience.

    The game looks pretty good on the
    wii, colors are vibrant and the animation looks pretty fluid at times. What Samurai tries to bring to the Wii is a little bit of everything, it's beat em up style levels can get tiresome, but luckily using the motion controls can add a little bit of spice to the mix. Special moves are fun to pull off with some swift swipes with the nunchuck and wii mote, it really breaks up the action and adds a lot more excitement than if this was on any other console. Also being able to swap characters during certain checkpoints adds even more variety.

    Boss battles let you take full advantage of your Mechazoid, and even though they don't use conventional methods in defeating your giant opponents it is still satisfying to conquer them and take a break from the beat em up action.

    Power Rangers Samurai could of been a mind numbing brawler, if it wasn't for some neat design choices that break up the monotony and let you flex your control skills.
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  2. foo
    Jul 27, 2013
    These reviewers are idiots. Why? Because they're not 6 year old kids. Of course its a terrible game. You want a review? Ask my 6 year old kids who love it. Ask me, their beleaguered who doesn't want to help, but can sit back and let them endlessly re-life and will play this for hours if I let them.

    To them, its a 10.
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