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  • Summary: One of the biggest names in boxing returns after a 15-year hiatus. Grab a Wii Remote controller in one hand and a Nunchuk controller in the other and step back into the ring with a modern update of the classic Punch-Out!! Little Mac is back! Everyone’s favorite underdog from the 1980s joins the best of the original Punch-Out!! cast in a modern re-imagination of the series. Players will find familiar names like Glass Joe, King Hippo and trainer Doc Louis. These boxers come to life again in cel-shaded 3-D, complete with hilarious fighting animations and back stories that capture all the fun and flair of the original Punch-Out!! games. The motion-sensitive controls of the Wii console mean that when players throw punches, Little Mac throws punches as well. Additionally, you can control hooks and jabs by combining motion control with control-stick movement. The motion-sensing Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers turn real-life swings into on-screen punches, so anyone can play. The game can also be played with classic NES-style controls by turning the Wii Remote sideways. Characters: Little Mac, Glass Joe, King Hippo, Doc Louis, Von Kaiser and other unannounced favorites. Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Players can obtain special "Star Punches," which allow Little Mac to take more Health from his rival in a single punch. Motion Control (Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers) Punch-Out!! uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to simulate throwing punches. Use the Nunchuk to throw a left punch and the Wii Remote to throw a right punch. Classic Control (Wii Remote NES style) Fans of the NES version and core gamers will be excited to see Nintendo has also included the option to play Punch-Out!! using the classic layout from the original NES controller. Use the 1 and 2 buttons along with the cross pad to throw hooks and jabs or to dodge. [Nintendo] Collapse
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  1. Punch-Out!! is a fantastic game on almost every level. It's entertaining for those who have thoroughly enjoyed the previous two games, and still accessible to people who are brand new to the series. The game is a one-of-a-kind boxing experience that transcends the boundary of sports games. The controls are great, the humor is there in spades, and the gameplay is almost unparalleled.
  2. From the music to the controls and Doc’s worthless advice between rounds, everything in Punch Out!! hearkens back to a time before bump-mapping and load screens, a time when games didn’t have to rely on downloadable content or pre-order bonuses to be great.
  3. As much as I was pummelled by the higher echelon of boxers, it was (and continues to be) fun. It’s also open enough to be kid-friendly and punishing enough to offer the kind of experience many of us from the NES era remember so fondly.
  4. The folks at Next Level Games have created an amazing title that has made the 15 years since Super Punch-Out!! quite worthwhile. [June 2009, p.88]
  5. If you've been waiting most of your life for a visually upgraded Punch-Out!! that plays just as you remember it from the NES and SNES, your dreams have been answered. This is exactly that, and packed full of the kind of charm you'd expect from a Nintendo product.
  6. A near-perfect reimagining of the NES classic with gameplay that still rings true, the only caveat being that the original game is available on Virtual Console for far less.

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  1. Aug 8, 2014
    This is the 2nd best Wii game, no question. Just behind Brawl. Very reminiscent of the NES and SNES titles. There are no issues with this game. Buy it. Expand
  2. Apr 26, 2011
    Excellent graphics. Fun gameplay. One of the best on Wii!!! Little Mac is back and this time he's fighting some new characters. This is a worthy sequel in the punch out series with many nationalities to fight. German. Italian. Spanish. Glass Joe etc. etc. kind of short game but supports the wii remote rather well. Expand
  3. EvanB.
    May 19, 2009
    A fantastic game that brings out the old and the new in a Nintendo franchise. Nintendo should continue to do this in the future! Playing through all 13 characters twice adds to the replayability of Punch-Out!! It's like having 26 fighters because of how new and fresh the second time around is! Highly recommended. Expand
  4. Dec 24, 2013
    The Game involves a lot of challenges to overcome along with a superb story and an awesome wii controls. This game also causes a lot of Exercise.
    This is one of my Favourte wii Games Highly Recommended for Wii Owners.
  5. Nov 20, 2011
    First I should say I never played the original Punch Out games back in the day. I've tried one on the NES since beating the Wii version, and it's a blast. That said, the Wii game is far superior. Its style and animations are amazing and very fun to watch. The characters are also more fleshed out and given personalities, often based on stereotypes from whatever country you opponent hails from. I still love how the weakest opponent was the Frenchman... Of course, the most important element is the gameplay, and that's where this game really shines. Memorizing the pattern of your opponent's attacks and swiftly dodging to fire off a punch of your own is fun and satisfying, and gets pretty challenging later in the game. In fact, this game proved to be one of the most difficult games I've played on this generation, and that's really saying something seeing as how many games I've played. One problem I had with this game was the controls. I chose to use the Wii remote and nunchuk, punching the air to fell my rivals. Though the motion controls were never misread, there seemed to be slight lag between the controller and system. It was fraction-of-a-second lag, but in a game where timing is everything, it could be frustrating. To be fair, it wasn't the Wii's fault; it was just the lag that comes with wireless controllers. You wouldn't notice it in most games, but it can appear to be glaring in Punch Out! This whole issue can be circumvented by using a wired Gamecube remote, however, and therefore isn't all that bad. This game is awesome. Everyone should play it at least once to experience its simple but oh-so-enjoyable gameplay and eccentric characters. Expand
  6. Jun 26, 2013
    Punch-Out!! for Wii is awesome, plain and simple. Every match is intense, every victory is satisfying, and every defeat acts as a learning experience. Your hands will sweat and your nerves will kick in late into intensely difficult matches as you try to best your opponent.
    It's a great game. Highly recommended.
  7. Oct 7, 2010
    The single player experience of Punch-Out is amazing. However, the multiplayer mode lacks in the fun department. Give Punch-Out a shot if you liked any of the previous installments. Expand

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