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  • Summary: Introducing a more lethal and cunningly efficient Bond, the game blends intense first-person action with a unique third-person cover combat system that allows players to truly feel what it is like to be the ultimate secret agent as they use their stealth, precision shooting and lethal combat skills to progress through missions. Blending the action of the "Quantum of Solace" feature film with the "Casino Royale" movie, the title propels players into the cinematic experience of international espionage. Based on the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game engine that has been specifically engineered to immerse players in the Bond universe, the Quantum of Solace game delivers high-definition graphics, reactive AI and visually stunning locations inspired by locales portrayed in the films. Quantum of Solace marks the first time players can become the dangerous and cunning Bond as portrayed by Daniel Craig. From silent take downs and sneaking through confined spaces, to one-on-one shoot outs and large scale battles, players experience a variety of gameplay that challenges them to think through situations and choose how they progress, whether it's through covert means or confronting enemies in full force. Advanced combat and Realistic AI: Players engage in both first-person and third-person gameplay that allows gamers to be Bond in unscripted battles against the world's most evil villains and mercenaries. Filled with armed combat, massive explosions and vertigo-inducing chases, gamers are immersed in an authentic Bond universe and drawn into epic movie moments with theatrical camera angles, split screen effects, picture-in-picture sequences, and amazing environments inspired by real world locations such as Montenegro, Venice, Bolivia and Austria. Bringing James Bond to next-gen consoles for the first time, gamers now have the ability to battle online in a variety of modes. [Activision] Expand
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  1. The cover-feature provides a tactical touch to the shoot-outs. Thanks to many different locations and surprises, the variety is sufficient. Considering the fact that there are a lot of good shooters on the market, we long for a little more Bond-feeling.
  2. A James Bond movie tie-in that unfortunately lacks any of the gadgets and fun aspects we expect from 007. Treyarch have created an enjoyable shooter that fails to live up to expectations, and is far too short to be considered anything special.
  3. With Quantum of Solace, Beenox had the tough task of porting over one of the most technically demanding engines over to the less powerful Wii. The result is a game that shines at its core thanks to an impressive Bond feel but is held back by technical issues.
  4. The most damning issue is over the game's presentation, which ranges from sloppy in some places to downright awful in others.
  5. Quantum of Solace contains a number of exciting moments straight from the new 007 film but on the Nintendo Wii the controls are just far too sluggish to make this a fun alternative version.
  6. This first-person shooter plays fine a lot of the time, but the frame rate can get extremely choppy and the graphics go from so-so to downright ugly. [Jan 2009, p.90]
  7. As with most movie licence titles, QoS is an average experience, plagued by problems, that will undoubtedly sell well due to the advertising campaign and corresponding blockbuster.

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  1. larsking
    Nov 9, 2008
    The professional reviews do not do this game justice at all...the best graphics I have seen on the Wii yet, and I have seen no frame rate drops (yet). The gameplay is great and the multiplayer offers free-of-lag unlimited replayability!
    Overall, a must-buy for anyone who loves james bond and wii shooters
  2. DanielB.
    Nov 5, 2008
    After reading some of the professional reviews, and then playing the game, they don't seem to justify it... I loved "Nightfire" and "Everything or Nothing"... and to me, both in game play and story, this game is at least on par with those two games, if not better! Expand
  3. JoshS.
    Nov 9, 2008
    A prime example of when professional reviews screw up. I too loved "Nightfire" and "Everything or Nothing", and this managed to combine two of my favorite elements from those games: the FPS action of Nightfire, with the finesse and beautiful cover system (improved even more!) of Everything or Nothing. Online play is engaging and easy to pick up. 10 Different classes, split up between two teams (MI-6 and the Organization) battle it out in either "Conflict", a standard fare deathmatch where one kill equals one point, or choose to be more strategic in "Rush", where there are many objectives ranging from computer hacking to assembling the Golden Gun. For those of who don't like teams, all modes are available free-for-all. Story mode is just as nice, filled with lush environments (for the Wii, that is) and shockingly beautiful cut scenes. Quantum of Solace is a great Wii FPS, which everyone should, at the very least, rent. 9/10 Expand
  4. GaryGeiger
    Mar 4, 2009
    this should be a 9 or 10 game and when i set my wii back to standard screen width and set the tv to standard screen mode this game is a 10. however somewhere in porting this game it lost both control and framerate when forced into widescreen. The problem the reveiwer had with the map and the odd aiming at edges od the screen is all in wide screen problems. run it or standard screen and if your tv supports it run it on 480p mode. the game is fast paced, very clean, and incredibly addictive. this is as close to goldeneye as I have seen. Expand
  5. Nov 27, 2011
    It's not a bad game but it's not a good game. It is pretty poor to play pretty much any shooting game on the Wii and this one is no exception. It is hard to control your aim and once you get the hang of it, most of the rest of the campaign is nothing amazing. Most of the time it's shoot a bunch of people, sneak up on people, kill them and repeat. The story makes no sense, it's like being in casino royal and quantum of solace at the same time. It's not bad, but there is better. Expand
  6. Sterling
    Jan 2, 2009
    Quantum of Solace was one of the top things I wanted for Christmas. After 7 hours it was the worst thing I got. I had beaten it within 7 hours. On the intro there was one of the coolest car chases ever. I was looking so forward to playing that car chase only to find out that there wasn't any car chases or driving levels at all. I never understood the storyline at all. I was completely disapointed. This is what you get when you rush a game out to soon. Expand