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  • Summary: Rapala Tournament Fishing lets players embark on all new angling adventures in 16 of the world’s most desirable fishing locales utilizing authentic gear from Rapala, the world’s largest manufacturer of fishing lures and #1 fishing brand in the world. [Activision]
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  1. Definitely not the most offensive game on the shelf for Wii, but not the most enjoyable either. Without multiplayer functionality, life on the water is a rather lonely one. [Feb 2007, p.72]
  2. It speaks volumes that when I was taking a break from reviewing RTF, I went back to my Zelda game and found myself visiting the fishing hole and enjoying it far more, even though it's not as complex as Rapala.
  3. Rapala Tournament Fishing's controls just aren't intuitive, and worse, they're not especially responsive.
  4. So the answer is that there is no worthwhile experience in Rapala Tournament Fishing to be discovered.
  5. Rapala Pro Fishing Trophy is a game that proves why fishing mini-games work so well in other games. It’s a little bit of fun for a short while, but really lacks the depth (no pun intended) that a great fishing game needs.
  6. 30
    The game’s transition to Wii was especially rough in the gameplay department though, featuring a reeling function that only works at one solid speed, a noticeable half second lag between any action and the on-screen result, and generally unresponsive Wii motion control.
  7. Frankly terrible considering the rich potential the Wii controller offers for games of this ilk.

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