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  1. Positive: 5 out of 18
  2. Negative: 1 out of 18
  1. There are legions of kids out there that want to be firefighters and this game offers a little look into that career.
  2. 80
    Yes, Real Heroes is a little rough around the edges but when you are in the thick of gameplay that won't matter as you get pulled into the world of firefighting.
  3. This game is one of those, you will either really like it, or your really gonna hate it.
  4. 77
    The Epicenter Studios' game is a nice supplemental FPS if you're looking for a break from the usual and expected, and though the game has a few issues here and there that didn't get cleaned up before publish, it's a solid and impressive effort that's released at a hard to beat price.
  5. Although it's unavoidable that some players won't be able to get past the graphics, those that do will be treated to an entertaining and worthwhile experience for a system that currently boasts the highest shovelware-to-keeper ratio I think I've ever seen.
  6. Real Heroes: Firefighters is a entry level FPS that is a perfect start for both fans of the real thing and those seeking to get into the genre.
  7. Don your big yellow hat and venture into burning buildings in this engaging firefighting simulation.
  8. It’s a surprisingly immersive and competently controlling first-person soaker from a completely unexpected source — a budget title with a generic name.
  9. Real Heroes: Firefighter isn't a perfect game by any means. Everything here, from the graphics to the sound to the controls, comes off as average with a few issues sprinkled here and there.
  10. Real Heroes: Firefighter shows respect to the real life men and woman who risk their lives to help prevent the unstoppable force of unforgiving fire. The gameplay is surpassingly intense and packaged into a fun campaign as a rookie firefighter learning the ropes.
  11. The sum of all the parts is much greater than the individual pieces, and I hope that strong word of mouth gets this title into more homes.
  12. I commend the developers for trying something new with the first-person viewpoint and for giving Wii owners a decent firefighting game. Unfortunately, it's not an exceptional one, and while this is a well-made game in a lot of ways, it is hurt by its very sterile look, poor graphics, and control issues.
  13. In the end the game ranked pretty high with me for its new take on the first person shooter genre. Add to that some intuitive controls and a non-violent foe Real Heroes: Firefighter surprised me. Sure it has some flaws but to me they were not enough to hamper my experience.
  14. Real Heroes: Fighterfighter is unquestionably the finest fire-fighting game I've ever played, but that isn't saying much given how this isn't exactly a budding genre.
  15. Kudos to Epicenter Studios for trying something different and making good use of the Wii hardware. Unfortunately the throwaway story, the lackluster production values, and the over-reliance on scripting prevent the game from delivering a fully-immersive experience.
  16. But as long as you're cool with the low-frills nature of the experience, the action in Real Heroes: Firefighter is unlike anything else on the Wii - which alone may be worth it for some.
  17. This is a great family game and a good deal at $30.
  18. Even for a budget title, Real Heroes: Firefighter is unpolished and sloppy. The experience picks up toward the end, but it's too little too late when you consider the monotonous trudge that leads you there.
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  1. DragonD
    Sep 3, 2009
    As always, gametrailers doesn't get it. as a budget title they dislike it? holy crap, have they played wii budget titles before? this is better than many games on the wii that are fully priced! yes their comments, while harsh, are correct, they're missing the point. this is a fun game and blows away the minigame crap all over the wii. VASTLY superior really. Full Review »
  2. DiegoM.
    Aug 25, 2009
    This is a taste of how the controls of the Nintendo Wii can really make a game more immersive. Give the guys at
  3. StevenW.
    Aug 21, 2009
    Who said real life was dull? this is a WAY more engaging game than metroid prime corruption that I just finished forcing myself to play for a couple of weeks after spending way too much money on it. firefighters is far more fun and interesting and varied. Full Review »