Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Wii


Generally favorable reviews - based on 55 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 55
  2. Negative: 1 out of 55
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  1. 83
    About the only moments of real tension I had were when I spotted an herb or other valuable item, and frantically tried to grab it before the camera swung in the other direction. Not to say the game is boring, though, because even though it's a little more passive, this will probably be the closest thing to a complete RE2 remake in our lifetime. Darkside Chronicles looks great, has a good amount of content, and is mindlessly fun without the mindless gaffes of its predecessor.
  2. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is an amazing "on-rails" shooting experience.
  3. 84
    Improved gameplay, dark atmosphere, unlockables and several surprises await purchasers of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. This is yet another solid railshooter – after Dead Space Extraction – with some horror elements. Graphically, this is one of the better titles on the Wii console. Not getting any room to move is only a minor setback. If you’ve enjoyed The Umbrella Chronicles, this title won’t disappoint. Must have for Resident Evil fans.
  4. AceGamez
    Darkside Chronicles is definitely the best Resident Evil themed Arcade Shooter for a long, long time.
  5. In essence, what the game may lack in exposition or narrative complexity it makes up for in nostalgic capital, a refined weapons system and a classic Resident Evil feel
  6. In the end it's just a rail shooter, but the campaign takes about eight hours and there are plenty of reasons to play it again.
  7. Games like Darkside Chronicles and Dead Space Extraction are evolving the genre in a fantastic way, and that's something you might not want to miss out on.
  8. For fans of twitch-gaming this surely ranks up there with the best that this anachronistic sub-genre has to offer.
  9. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is an entertaining on rails-shooter that will wind Biohazard fans in a vortex of fun and nostalgia. If you live for Resident Evil just go for it, but if you're searching for the best exponent of the genre, Dead Space: Extraction is always the best in its genre.
  10. Here you can find a consistent and long challenge to fans of arcade-type action.
  11. A great game for Resident Evil fans, as it provides the best bits from Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica with a more direct and frantic approach.
  12. An old style On-Rail Shooter, with a nice direction a good replay value.
  13. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles acts as a fantastic primer for those who started with the more action-centric Resident Evil iterations, while simultaneously providing fan service and fun for dedicated followers. Novices and veterans alike would be doing themselves a disservice by passing up this game.
  14. Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles is a fun game despite its short length. It doesn’t come anywhere near the scare or gameplay calibre of Resident Evil 5, but the visuals and replay value of this title are decent.
  15. Altogether, Darkside Chronicles is a solid package with loads of content. The combat is satisfying, sprinkled with interesting boss fights and fun visual and gameplay tricks to keep the usually stale light gun formula fresh.
  16. Even though there’s no online play, only leaderboards, this game is a great way to spend a night or weekend with a friend.
  17. Games Master UK
    A very nearly excellent on-rails shooter that revisits some of our favourite horror games. [Christmas 2009, p.74]
  18. games(TM)
    A testament to what the Wii is truly capable of in the hands of a skilled developer that understands the strengths and limitations of the hardware. [Christmas 2009, p.112]
  19. Resident Evil: the Darkside Chronicle is more than we’d expected: a strong improvement since Umbrella Chronicles. The camera is far from being perfect and the level of details is poor. Yet it offer an enjoyable gaming experience.
  20. It has a great level of fan-service for RE fans, and on its own is a solid, thoroughly entertaining game that deserves to be played.
  21. The latest Resident Evil spinoff is full of nostalgia and insight for dedicated fans, and it will provide anyone who isn't a zombie sympathizer plenty of 10 to 20 minute chunks of simple-but-satisfying light gun shooting.
  22. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a good on-rails shooter, but it’s only a decent sequel.
  23. It's definitely worth checking out even if you were disappointed with Umbrella Chronicles, as I think the improvements made here actually work.
  24. 81
    Even with my complaints about the bouncy camera, I believe this follow-up is a significantly better experience than the original Umbrella Chronicles and one fun ride from start to finish.
  25. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles has some nice moments, especially when you are playing the game in co-op mode. We like the idea that you are going back to Racoon City, but the game is far from perfect. The camera is annoying and some bosses are just plain stupid.
  26. 80
    This is one of the finest examples of how on-rails shooters can put gamers into the action without having them always in the driver seat.
  27. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is the best shooter on rails available on the Wii. Excellent graphical section, intense and spectacular action, filled with extras that increase their duration... It's impossible not to exhibit a smile when returning to Resident Evil 2 and RE: Code Veronica to play in a totally different way.
  28. The Darkside Chronicles is a nice improvement over the previous game, adding length and depth to a solid on-rails shooting experience. Story and characters are really outdated though, and aiming through the Remote is a real pain at times.
  29. Far tighter than the original, an indispensable bit of fan service takes a good shamble closer to being an indispensable lightgun gem.
  30. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a worthy sequel to Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. It nicely fills in the story gaps of the first collection and presents a very good-looking and deep light-gun experience.
  31. Nintendo Power
    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, on the other hand, is just level after level of old-school point-and-shoot. [Holiday 2009, p.86]
  32. It's got a lot of style and the substance shows up eventually but it's well short of classic status.
  33. 83
    Spread across a progressively challenging 10 to 12 hours of game time, Darkside Chronicles is a genuinely decent thrill ride that, if your arms and eyes can suffer the mounting strain, delivers a worthwhile experience that sits somewhere between retro distraction and gory tour de force.
  34. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is one of the best rail shooter to play on Wii. The replay value is very high because the game offers more than just the typical on-rails shooter style of gameplay and there are many extra like online leaderboards, higher difficulty modes, and collectibles. The co-op is very fun to play for hours and the graphic is great.
  35. 80
    This game improves many of the aspect of the previous one, although it takes a step back in other areas. The most serious problem is the seldom sensation of lack of challenge; quite often we won't feel any pressure to keep advancing.
  36. 80
    A solid experience that fans of Resident Evil's twisted tale will love because it fills in so many gaps.

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  1. Sep 8, 2016
    After the commercial success of Umbrella Chronicles Capcom decided to bring another rail shooter in the Resident Evil franchise, was itAfter the commercial success of Umbrella Chronicles Capcom decided to bring another rail shooter in the Resident Evil franchise, was it better, worse or identical that Umbrella Chronicles ?

    Graphically the game looks pretty good for the Wii, of course it"s easier to make good graphics in a rail shooter that a RPG but it's still a good point for the studio, there's no bug, the motion controls works perfectly, technically it's a very professional job, nothing more to say.

    Concerning the gameplay it's almost the exact same formula that Umbrella Chronicles (that wasn't a revolution in the rail shooter genre) except the change of weapon system that works way better, and a better solo experience (in the first installment there were moments that almost needed a second player), the game is still very generic but they did improve the game.

    The story tells the events of Resident Evil Code Veronica, and Resident Evil 2 but also adds an act of original story that tells the back-story of Leon and Krauser from Resident Evil 4, it's not really important for the license or the fans but at least it adds some value if you already played all the other games. The game will last around 6 hours for the first run, which is a bit short but not outrageous for the genre.

    In conclusion Darkside Chronicles is better than Umbrella Chronicles, Capcom did good use from the feedback they received in the previous episode and correct all the major issues to offer a better product, even if it's not perfect a very advisable game if you're looking for a rail shooter or if you like Resident Evil.
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  2. Apr 9, 2017
    One of the ebst wii games. As a die hard fan of the resident evil games I can safely say that darkside cronicles is one of the best in theOne of the ebst wii games. As a die hard fan of the resident evil games I can safely say that darkside cronicles is one of the best in the franchise. By the way play umbrella cronicles to. Full Review »
  3. Oct 18, 2013
    one the best game of nintendo wii
    an excelent spin off.
    im really impressive. it has a good gameplay and its has solid graphics for a Wii
    one the best game of nintendo wii
    an excelent spin off.
    im really impressive. it has a good gameplay
    and its has solid graphics for a Wii game
    its a good game
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