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Critic score distribution:
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  1. Ultimately, it's a good version of a good game that originated on a very different platform — an even better game, really, just as Resident Evil 4 for Wii is the definitive version of an already excellent title.
  2. Games Master UK
    Still great fun. Looses out graphically but gains with interactivity. [Dec 2007, p.80]
  3. From a Wii-friendly point-of-view, Table Tennis succeeds as a hardcore title that lends itself to Nintendo's console with a clever approach to the control setup. It's slightly disappointing to find no new features beyond a mundane Training option, which leaves the long-term appeal slightly questionable. Nevertheless, Table Tennis on Wii manages to retain many of the qualities of its 360 predecessor, providing you've got a couple of Wii Remote's lying around.
  4. The ideal alternative to Wii Sports. It's a highly enjoyable, well-designed game with simple appeal and real depth. It's the game the Wii's been waiting for - well, one of them, at least.
  5. The game makes great use of the Wiimote controls yet a lack of game modes and online play will leave you wanting more.
  6. games(TM)
    With some of the best motion control yet seen on the console, accessible but deep gameplay and beautiful character animation, Table Tennis Wii is the machine’s premier sports title. [Dec 2007, p.114]
  7. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    In the grand scheme of things, Table Tennis won't set the world alight. However, taken as the hugely-playable and addictive arcade sports game it is, it's good stuff. [Christmas 2007, p.82]
  8. Pelit (Finland)
    Table Tennis Wii is the same game as the Xbox 360 version. Nothing’s changed apart from the controls. Rockstar has done fine job adapting the controls to suit Wii’s nunchuk and Wiimote. The game is at its best when played with friends. Because of the lack of career mode single play gets boring quite fast. All in all Table Tennis is a great party game even though the single play is lacking. [Dec 2007]
  9. 78
    The real deal, tons of fun to play, and wonderfully simplistic. The game could have used an overhaul, and if Rosktar decides to keep the series alive it could use more options and far more content – a career mode and mini-games are nowhere to be seen – but as it stands it’s still just as strong of a game now as it was a year ago.
  10. There's no online play, so loners will have to leave the house and make some friends if they want human opponents.
  11. While the controls help to show a continuing evolution of how we use the Wii’s motion sensor technology, it falls far short of excellence thanks to an annoying timing glitch. All in all, you’ll have a good time with either version of this game that you pick up, but the 360 will present a more robust, challenging and rewarding experience.
  12. It is worth re-emphasising that the core game is still intact, and is still better than you might expect had you not played it before. It’s just such a crying shame that the control system, as functional as it is, does absolutely nothing for the gameplay.
  13. It boldly straddles the line between pick-up-and-play and hardcore simulation in a way that's nothing short of refreshing on a system that's currently caught under an avalanche of mind numbingly simplistic "casual" games.
  14. 70
    A decent effort by Rockstar. More could have been done, and it doesn't have the tangible appeal of Wii Sports in the control department, but for a more traditional sports release with some motion based bells and whistles, it's not too bad.
  15. As a multiplayer game it's an incredible amount of fun, but lone players will suffer from the lack of online gameplay.
  16. It’s a fun game and the new ways to control the game are nice, but Table Tennis on the Wii has an air of missed opportunity about it, and the game fails to set itself apart or improve on the 360 version.
  17. If you think of it as a kind of a spin on Wii Sports Tennis, then you might enjoy elements of this. Unfortunately, with the disappointing controls you should probably give it a miss.
  18. If you don’t have any friends to play with steer clear, but if you live with a group of buddies or have a lot of siblings it can become incredibly addictive.
  19. If the controls had worked slightly better and there had been some more play modes, especially online multiplayer, this could have been an exceptional title. As it stands now, it feels incredibly short and somewhat unfinished.
  20. Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis on the Wii feels like some kind of parable for developers porting existing games to the Wii. Even if your game seems tailor-made for the platform and the genre in question has seen previous success there, as was the case with Table Tennis, it's never a sure thing.
  21. The jettison of online play significantly hurts this game. Playing multiplayer with a friend can be hours of fun, but if you don’t have that friend, the replay value on this game plummets.
  22. The controls are functional, but they don’t nearly take full advantage of the Wii’s motion sensing technology, and without online multiplayer the shortcomings of the single player game are that much more evident.
  23. I don’t feel this game is the best Rockstar has to offer.
  24. If not for the tragically lackluster presentation, the limited replay incentives, and the fact that it costs more than twenty dollars, it could have been a must-own. It’s an entertaining distraction, but unless you’re a fanatical collector, this one’s strictly a rental.
  25. While it contains some cool features in the form of three unique play styles and finely tuned audio, the game's timing is almost completely off, even with such simplicities as a serve or a ball return. The visuals also took a step backward.
  26. While it’s still a passably good time, it’s not even close to the fast and precise feel that this title achieved on the 360.
  27. 60
    If you hadn't played or owned the Xbox 360 previously, you're getting a rather short, mostly entertaining table tennis game. However, for those of you who've played the 360 game, double-dipping would be a mistake. You're paying the same price the 360 version released for to get a graphically downgraded and stripped version of what was a rather exceptional 360 game.
  28. Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis is a real mixed bag; on one hand the game's sound and structure is sound, but it's hard to get over the poor play mechanics and the disappointing graphics.
  29. 60
    My initial enthusiasm for the game quickly waned and was snuffed out as I realized that there wasn't much content to the game as the game is limited to just two modes: Tournament and Exhibition.
  30. It's hard to enjoy a game that offers up so little to let you enjoy it. If you don't understand what I mean, there are only a few modes in this game, none of which carry a great deal of depth.
  31. All in all, Table Tennis is just too quick, and too cheap port to really get into.
  32. Table Tennis is infinitely enjoyable in multiplayer, but there is little to do for single players.
  33. 55
    If you don't own an Xbox 360 and you're bored to death with Wii Sports' Tennis, then Table Tennis is worth a look, but the lack of any personality or features -- most notably the missing online support of its predecessor -- just doesn't give it enough gameplay to last much longer than a one-week rental.
  34. 55
    Multiplayer is definitely the drawcard of the game and could offer some fun knockout type sessions with a group of friends.
  35. The thing that really shakes me about Table Tennis, though, is that Rockstar did virtually nothing to spice up the sport. Like I said before, there are no actual players or Career-type mode. There are no power-ups, and no stat improvements. The closest thing to "technique" you’ll find is in putting spin on the ball and using your focus meter, which actually doesn’t help very much. In all, Table Tennis is a game that just screams "lack of effort."
  36. Sure, you see the box and you think, “if this is anything like Wii Sports tennis, it’ll be awesome!”, but trust me when I say this is nothing like Wii Sports Tennis. This is everything like every other crappy port the system has received – graphically inferior, feature-poor and suffering from controls that were originally meant for an analog stick but are now shoehorned uncomfortably into nonsensical hand gestures.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 22 Ratings

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  1. May 22, 2018
    This game is crap, it controls like it to, the easiest way to play the game effectively is to swing the wiimote around your head like aThis game is crap, it controls like it to, the easiest way to play the game effectively is to swing the wiimote around your head like a muppet. This is just a crappy version of the tennis in wii sports... the pack in title THAT EVERYONE ALREADY OWNS! If you ever see this game on sale, I would recommend you to buy it and then physically destroy it. The character models look like dead fishes and the voice acting is bad. I am being generous giving this piece of junk a 2! Full Review »
  2. Aug 6, 2013
    I know everyone was expecting a violent and gruesome game filled with profanity and sexual acts, but at the time, Rockstar was getting inI know everyone was expecting a violent and gruesome game filled with profanity and sexual acts, but at the time, Rockstar was getting in trouble because people were finding extremely inappropriate sexual mini games in Grand Theft Auto 3. So in the next game Rockstar was going to make. Everyone was ready for more mature content, though Rockstar surprised everyone with a very mellow game that came out for the Wii console. If you look at it compared to other table tennis games, it is quite good. Full Review »
  3. S.P.
    May 2, 2008
    Awful. I still regret the spontaneous move of grabbing it when I saw it in the shop. Wiimote + table tannis + Rockstar - it should be great.Awful. I still regret the spontaneous move of grabbing it when I saw it in the shop. Wiimote + table tannis + Rockstar - it should be great.

    Well, it isn't. The load times are long but I can live with them. But the control are horrible and have no relation to the on screen action. The point of the Wiimote is to mimick a realistick move, not assign butto presses to random gestures. Apart from the poor model, the delay between the move and the on screen action ruin what's left of the gameplay.

    The worst Wii purchase I've ever done.
    Full Review »