Roogoo: Twisted Towers Wii


Mixed or average reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 13
  2. Negative: 1 out of 13
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  1. 85
    All in all, this is a great game for a casual gamer who loves a good puzzle. Roogoo: Twisted Towers is fun for the whole family, and it is highly recommended.
  2. With an interesting concept and a lot of content, this title makes a worthy addition to any puzzle fan's library.
  3. A quick and original puzzle game that quickly becomes repetitive.
  4. A solid puzzler that might garner some fans thanks to its compelling gameplay concepts and interesting character designs. Unfortunately, its sometimes overcomplicated gameplay causes it to fall short of greatness.
  5. This puzzler had potential, but a few stumbling blocks suck out much of the fun.
  6. Roogoo: Twisted Towers feels like a bunch of missed opportunities hanging out on top of a really great puzzle game. The great idea is there, it just never makes its way down to earth where players can get a piece of it.
  7. Roogoo: Twisted Towers is a puzzle game that is functionally broken. The camera and control layout all conspire to work against you in what would otherwise be an insultingly simple concept. It takes a boring concept and manages to make it annoying. You will have more fun playing with your marsh mellows in a bowl of Lucky Charms then you will with this game.
  8. It's worth checking out, and it's certainly a unique take on the puzzle genre.
  9. Roogoo: Twisted Towers will surprise most people as it is not strictly a puzzle-only game. The story will be entertaining for younger gamers while the puzzle action will satisfy everyone. It is disappointing that the multiplayer options were not more enjoyable, but for those looking for something to distract them on the Wii, even for a short play, this should do the job.
  10. Nintendo Gamer
    An engagingly simple puzzler rendered a bit clunky by the motion-controlled bits. You'll keep playing, though, and the multiplayer's a good laugh. [Oct 2009, p.61]
  11. If you don't have the means to play Roogoo on PC or Xbox LIVE, then Twisted Towers will do in a pinch, but prepare for a huge dose of overstimulation.
  12. Roogoo: Twisted Towers isn’t a terrible puzzle game; in small doses, it can be entertaining, especially if you have friends nearby to play with. However, it never feels especially challenging, nor did I feel any desire to go back and improve my scores.
  13. 60
    Overall, RooGoo Twisted Towers adds a unique perspective to the puzzle genre for the Wii, but it lacks the exciting and addictive nature of puzzle games.

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