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  • Summary: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love combines the epic battles of an RPG with the character interaction and development of a sim game in the free-roaming environment of 1920s New York City. Pilot mechs, perform in plays, and experience action and adventure in this Steampunk Extravaganza.
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  1. The worst part about So Long My Love is that awful feeling when you realize that there are at least four other Sakura Wars games that have never come to America. I desperately need to return to the warm and happy world of Sakura, but the best I can hope for is a second (or third) playthrough that takes advantage of Sakura's branching storyline.
  2. It's a coming of age story that seems aimed at a younger crowd, but that didn't stop us being captivated by the characters and ultimately moved by the sentimental dramas played out.
  3. 85
    This is one of the few times when a game does something so different it will make or break the game entirely, but if it is your thing, it will be hard to beat when it comes to overall quality.
  4. Sakura Wars So Long My Love is an interesting Visual Novel fused with strategic Jrpg elements. The cast is well characterized with so many different girls to interact with. Battles are always challenging but with a good Jrpg degree you can overcome any hardships. The bad thing is that the game lasts just 15 hours and the control system has not been rebuilt for the Wii version.
  5. Even if it's not suitable for everyone, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love really deserves a chance. With his astonishing artworks, good amount of variety and entertaining battles, the game will certainly make any otaku happy. Despite the poor 3D and the unbearable sound effects, it definitely is one of the best visual novels so far.
  6. Sakura Wars: So Long My Love might be one of the most unlikely western releases of recent years, but the very fact that an English language version of such a niche title exists at all is cause for some cheer.
  7. Sakura Wars' goofy premise isn't enough to save the hybrid dating sim and role-playing game from feeling like an interminable slog.

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  1. Aug 19, 2011
    As much as I love this game, I am going to keep this review short and simple: This game is incredible. The gameplay is innovative and fun, the story is engaging, and the characters are unbelievably real and fleshed-out. The replay value is beyond anything I have seen in a game in a while. A single playthrough will last about 15-20 hours, but believe me: you will want to play more than once. Branching conversation paths, multiple endings, and plenty of hidden secrets will keep you busy for far longer than you might think. Don't let the critic reviews fool you; as long as you are okay with the Anime art style (which is very well drawn, by the way), this game is well worth your time and money. Expand