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  • Summary: The sun is out, the fish are biting and your tackle box is filled with 20 different types of lures. With content created exclusively for the Wii, you'll motor out, find your favorite fishing hole, cast off using the Wii Remote and snag one of four types of bass. When you hook a fighter, your motion sensor will let you know, so hang on and enjoy the ride. Four fun-filled modes. Arcade, Tournament, Practice and Nature Trip modes. 15 stages. Find your favorite fishing spot in seven brand new stages created exclusively for the Wii, or re-live your glory fishing days in four classic arcade and four Dreamcast stages. Four types of bass. Hook four breeds of bass: Florida Large Mouth, Red Eye, Small Mouth and Northern Spike Large Mouth. Reinvention of a classic. This classic title first made a splash in the arcades and now the gameplay and graphics have been updated for the Wii. Authentic simulated fishing experience. New features have been created to take full advantage of the Wii Remote, including driving the boat with the control stick and reeling in your fish with the motion sensor. [Sega] Expand
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  1. Aside from the more natural controls afforded by the Wii Remote, Nunchuk and one new gameplay mode, SEGA Bass Fishing's Wii debut doesn't tread any new water.
  2. The controls and the lack of a career mode and no multiplayer options do leave quite a bit to be desired, but all in all it is a very fun game that does a good job of recreating the fishing experience in your living room.
  3. I'd happily blow a couple quid on this game down at the amusement arcades, so why not pay a bit more and own it? It's a good catch, all things considered!
  4. I really can’t believe that they didn’t include a multiplayer option. The option of competing with other people would have really made this game a whole lot more fun.
  5. SEGA Bass Fishing is actually not that bad. For newcomers the game will be tasty. People who have played the game before will not find this one anything more special. If fishing is your thing then this title will be fun to play. For a fishing game on the Wii, this is your best choice.
  6. Although publishers like SEGA shouldn't slip into a habit of shoveling their old games onto the Wii with minimal updates, SEGA Bass Fishing does provide a satisfying solo experience at a budget price.
  7. 40
    Sega Bass Fishing is worth a few quarters in the arcade, no question, but just doesn't cut it over the long haul.

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  1. Dec 26, 2010
    I've fished so la for a long time. This game is fairly realistic in the way the bass hit nad the way the bait work in the water. Once the fish is on, all reality goes out the window. You can't control your rod. Nor the speed of tghe reel. And I've never broken lines or not been able to set the hool like in this game. Nor have I had very many fish get off the hook once it was hooked. Lost 7 fish in a row to one or the other. This game needs a lot more work. Expand

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