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  • Summary: Developed in close collaboration with Shaun White, Olympic Gold Medalist and eight-time X Games Gold Medalist, Shaun White Snowboarding allows players to enter a world of total freedom, where they can create their own experience and choose how, where, and with whom they want to ride. Everybody loves a road trip! You and your crew travel the world to participate in a variety of the largest and craziest events to become a world-renowned athlete. Life on the road to success wouldn’t be the same without the support of your friends, who will always be there to help you out and keep your head on your shoulders. Stand together with your friends – both in the game and in the living room – and you will be able to conquer the madness that fame brings. Go on a globetrotting adventure with Shaun White as your partner – Ubisoft worked in close contact with Shaun White in order to infuse the experience with the most authentic elements of his riding style, personality and sense of humor. Shaun will act as a good-natured friend and mentor to the player, hooking him up with the right friends to conquer challenges together, introduce him to new locales, or simply be around to share in a laugh. Wii Balance Board Integration – Get yourself into the game like never before by using the Wii Board to control your rider. Control your carves, jumps and grinds with the intuitiveness and fun of having a snowboard in your own living room. Engage in a seamlessly integrated multiplayer experience for two to four players, where every player is active in the game at all times. Getting your name out there by doing well as a pro snowboarder is bound to get you some recognition. As your fame grows, so too does your ability to take on bigger and bigger challenges, from new mountains to more prestigious events and competitions. Fame, however, isn’t everything. You’ll need to gain your friends’ respect by riding with style in order to gain their support; they will help you find hidden areas, share their favorite music tracks and keep you laughing. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. 100
    Shaun White will probably draw comparisons to the Wii's other snow-topped mountain experience, We Ski, but Road Trip throws out that title's kiddy aesthetic for a cool anime look with a great licensed soundtrack. The game does so many things right, it's almost hard to believe that the same company developed both this and its PS3/360 counterpart.
  2. 84
    A kid-friendly, motion-controlled version of Shaun White Snowboarding could have been a disaster, but this turns out to be a truly slick edition of the franchise. Not only is this one of the best-looking Wii games available, both remote and balance board controls feel really nice.
  3. This version also contains a rider/cameraman feature that lets you select two different characters (one to film, which adds a special ability, and one to board) to enhance your overall performance. That is yet another dynamic that makes Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip for Wii the best version available.
  4. Road Trip is surprising. On paper it reads like a cheapened, cut-down version of its PS3 and 360 cousin but Ubisoft has really done the Wii justice with this one. Everything from the cartoony, charismatic art style to the well put-together motion control system just fits the console perfectly.
  5. This is a very forgiving title that makes cruising down virtual slopes with friends a joy. Fortunately, it emphasizes the strengths of the Wii without completely dumbing down the final product. As such, a wide range of players should enjoy this whimsical tour through the boarding world.
  6. It can't reach the heights of SSX or the first and second Amped, but what it lacks in precision, it makes up for in slightly mindless fun.
  7. Wii has plenty of other titles that offer a few hours of undemanding fun. The abandoned potential of Road Trip is proof of what a wasteful approach that can be. [Christmas 2008, p.103]

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  1. NateL
    Nov 23, 2008
    By far...the best snowboarding game I have ever seen.
  2. scottp
    Nov 24, 2008
    very nice snow boarding game indeed. Played it so much on the balance board it wrecked my legs! :O
  3. jareta
    Dec 20, 2008
    fun, enjoyable experience. makes the balance board a must own
  4. TomasS.
    Nov 17, 2008
    Brilliant game!
  5. MattW.
    Nov 22, 2008
    I read some reviews here and decided to go out and buy it as I had been craving a real snowboard game for the Wii balance board. This game does not disappoint and the reviews on here are pretty much spot on. The graphics are crisp, colourful, and very entertaining even if they aren't photo-realistic. The cartoony characters are cute and make the game pretty fun. Since most people are probably interested in knowing how the game performs on the balance board let me just say that it's very responsive and very enjoyable. I actually can't imagine playing this game on the Wii-mote. As a snowboarder IRL it's not 100% accurate or how it would be on the mountain, but it's pretty close and really gets you into the game. It can be a bit frustrating trying to do everything on the board, but you have so much fun just playing around on it you don't really notice if you're not making all the goals. I don't buy a lot of Wii games but this one was definitely worth it. Expand
  6. FrankiR
    Aug 16, 2009
    I just bought this game today, and so far it's great! The song track is good, and it satisfies my snowboarding needs. I live no where near snowboarding/skiing places, and this pretty much helps satisfy my craving to snowboard. Collapse
  7. JamesR
    Jan 2, 2009
    This game is a lot of fun. The art style really suits the Wii, as well. It's nice to see Ubisoft stepping up. The Balance Board implementation is really good and adds a lot of depth to the game. Expand

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