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  • Summary: As Shiren, a wandering adventurer with a penchant for exploration, monster-slaying, and item collection, you trek across a beautiful and varied countryside with your companion, Koppa, a talking ferret. Randomly-generated areas, intense boss battles, extensive item customization, and a cast of intriguing and unpredictable characters translate into a satisfying RPG experience. [Atlus USA] Expand
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  1. 91
    But whether you love, hate, or are indifferent about "roguelikes" of the past, this charming and addictive adventure may just hold your mind and body captive for a few days.
  2. Shiren the Wanderer for the Wii is a great game for beginners. Its difficulty may be a bit low for some of the most extreme fans of the genre, but for newcomers, there is a lot here to make the experience more pleasant.
  3. Roguelike fans will also like the depth they will find beyond the basics that will keep them busy throughout the campaign. Its $40 price point is well worth it for the amount of content you’ll find here. Basically, if you’re interested in roguelikes, this is one that you need to check out.
  4. This Wanderer may have strayed a bit from its roots, but for some players, that's reason enough to welcome it home.
  5. An accessible glimpse at an obscure yet captivating sub-genre. [Issue#95, p.128]
  6. Regardless of the things that I found unsatisfactory, I'm quite glad that Atlus took a big risk in bringing Shiren the Wanderer to our shores.
  7. 30
    Shiren the Wanderer tears the heart and soul out of everything that makes games in this subgenre fun or even bearable, leaving a very basic, uninspired randomized crawler with no personality or bells and whistles, then wraps it into an interface that's awkward at its best, and slow and frustrating at its worst.

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