Mixed or average reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 28
  2. Negative: 6 out of 28
  1. It won’t keep mature gamers’ attention for very long, but kids will love it.
  2. The unique design for the Wii console brings the world of Shrek to life with a physicality unmatched by any other action platform title, and the entertaining gameplay makes this title a perfect complement to what will easily be the blockbuster box-office event of the year.
  3. The mini-games were fun for a while, but they're not deep or eternally engaging.
  4. While the little kids won’t especially notice or even care about the some of the graphical quirks and choppy animation – Puss in Boots is the main culprit – any older gamers will likely be distracted but if you’re just playing the “hard” parts of the game, it’s not so bad.
  5. Shrek the Third is a funny beat-'em-up perfect for kids that liked the movie, but it suffers from simple controls and repetitive fighting.
  6. This is a take it or leave it kind of game, and it would be good for fans, but doesn't offer anything unique beyond the license.
  7. The saving grace of this game is Shrek and the other characters. They are portrayed charmingly and just like in the movies. The mini-games are also fun. However, the game as a whole isn’t anything above average and would probably receive a lesser rating without the presence of Shrek and company.
  8. 65
    While the combat is simple, the presentation unpolished, and a clear lack of co-op hurts the replayability, the core game is still tons of fun to play and gamers looking for a mindless beat-em-up will find plenty to love in Activision’s latest iteration in the Shrek franchise.
  9. If you’re on a Shrek high after seeing the movie, by all means go ahead and rent this game. Before your rental is due back you’ll probably have had your fill with it.
  10. 62
    Overall, Shrek the Third is another by-the-numbers movie licensed game. There’s nothing remarkably wrong with this game, but nothing that great about it either.
  11. It's going to sell by the bucket-load to the younger fans of the film, and most of them will find it a diverting enough adventure. Just a shame that it throws away such a knowing premise.
  12. Utterly uninspired. [Sept 2007, p.84]
  13. 60
    The game captures the feel of the franchise, but seriously lacks any sort of depth or attention to detail, as the game is ridden with buggy areas, odd animation glitches, and an entirely linear design.
  14. The real problem for Shrek lies in those controls and the remote and nunchuck sensitivity. It seems the slightest movement of either one will initiate one of your attacks.
  15. There are several attempts at greatness, like the mini-games that can be enjoyed with your friends. Yet, the mini-games are more of a distraction than anything else.
  16. Most movie games reduce feature-film characters to kludge-y cutouts and awkward zombies; Shrek The Third finds a way to keep them alive.
  17. The biggest problem with Shrek the Third is that everything lacks polish.
  18. A grotesque abomination that should be burned at the stake. [Aug 2007, p.93]
  19. The pick of the formats, but this is still mediocre. Shrek the turd, more like. [Aug 2007, p.73]
  20. While there are certainly worse movie-license games out there, Shrek the Third still feels slapdash and thoughtless, plus its function to entertain is overwhelmed by its function to make money.
  21. The ogre's latest looks better but plays worse on the Wii.
  22. If I was forced to choose a version out of these three I'd go with the Xbox 360 version simply because it looks better and nearly matches the level of visual quality found in the film.
  23. The only group I can recommend this game to would be extreme fans of the movie, and judging from the movie's reviews, there won’t be too many of those.
  24. StT is as weak as licensed kiddie games get. It's a boring, shallow experience that features none of the whimsy and hilarity of the films.
  25. It’s possible a six-year-old could be amused by it, but at E10+, they shouldn’t' be playing it. And anyhow, there are plenty of other kid-friendly games that will challenge their brains and inspire their imaginations. And make them actually laugh.
  26. Shrek the Third's main problem is its complete lack of spark.
  27. If you value your time, stay away from this game. Go see the movie instead
  28. Shrek The Third is best left lying in the bargain buckets, and even then, that's too good a fate for what it actually is.

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