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  1. Positive: 59 out of 60
  2. Negative: 0 out of 60
  1. Trying to improve a masterpiece is surely not an easy task: risks are many and the comparisons are always dangerous. Yet Nintendo and Treasure fully reached their goal by making Sin & Punishment 2 a game that's better than the original in every single way. Nothing to object to, this is an epochal landmark within the history of the genre, a product that will be remembered for years.
  2. 100
    Treasure has created a shooter beyond all shooters, mixing together so many different styles, throwing in a plethora of engaging stages and gameplay techniques that set the imagination on fire.
  3. 100
    But it's fun, and that's not just because Treasure has made another challenging, robust shooter that makes grown men weep -- at times it's certainly able -- but because they've turned Sin and Punishment into a supremely natural Wii action game.
  4. 100
    This is not a game to relax with after a long day at work. This is a game to play if you want to get so amped up you start typing in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  5. 100
    As in their previous games, specifically Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun, S&P:SS relies on a couple of evasion gimmicks and limited but flexible weapons that give the skilled player a slight edge over the thousands of bullets headed their way.
  6. 92
    Forget bullet hell - Treasure has created an awesome slice of bullet heaven.
  7. There are so many standout moments in Sin and Punishment 2 that it would be criminal to describe any more, as they're best experienced first-hand. [Issue#91, p.122]
  8. We hate using the word 'hardcore' but if we had to attach it to any game it would be this one. [May 2010, p.73]
  9. Nintendo and Treasure fully reached their goal in the making of a better and longer action adventure - Sin & Punishment 2: Successor to the Sky's one of the most beautiful games that you'll find on the Wii console. It uses an interesting score system that hardcore players will love, not only because its playability, but also for the online ranking system. Shame there's not a WiFi coop to share with players around the world.
  10. Treasure are at the top of their game in this endlessly inventive master class in on-the-rails shooting.
  11. Here the rewards are rich, satisfying and threaded in the design. The compulsion to play through the game has not been found in manipulative shortcuts, but in graft and execution and a plethora of ideas. It is expensive game-making, for sure, but it is game-making at its absolute best.
  12. Fingers are now firmly crossed that this sublime title finds the audience it so clearly deserves.
  13. Those who expected a game as good as the Nintendo 64 original will be happy to see Treasure has delivered.
  14. Sin & Punishment 2 is a little gem and a great lesson of how to successfully use motion controllers.
  15. Treasure, of Gunstar Heroes fame, are back to show us that they still know what it takes to make a great on rails shooter experience. Few got to experience the original Sin and Punishment title but luckily Treasure delivered with this sequel, boasting beautifully rendered graphics, intense and challenging gameplay, varied action and solid controls. Though it's a bit on the short side and there's really no plot to experience this is still a fantastic experience for those who aren't deterred by a challenging masterpiece.
  16. It's quite funny that one of the most hardcore games of this year appears on the most casual console available; but if you have grown up with scores and 1up's, this is something like a true nirvana.
  17. One of the most imaginative games Treasure has ever made. The care and though spent on every stage and boss encounter is impressive. The gameplay is tight although quite not as polished as Treasure's best. The only true criticism can be leveled at the length of the levels which often feel too long for such intensive action. [June 2010]
  18. Who said rail shooter is a long-dead genre? Action madness catches anyone who tries – everything here fits and excellent controls make it ultimate mayhem. [Issue#192]
  19. For those willing to give it a chance, it will take no time at all to realize that there's a remarkable gem of a game inside the box, and one that should be experienced by every Wii owner. For fans of the series, it's a brilliant sequel, more fantastic than they likely ever expected to see.
  20. 90
    Nevertheless, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is a worthy successor to the N64 classic, and probably the best shoot 'em up on the Wii period.
  21. 90
    It should be in the library of every shooter fan. This is one of the most intense games you'll play this year. We missed out on the first Sin and Punishment, so don't let this amazing sequel pass you by.
  22. For a certain type of player, the game's deep scoring system and online leaderboard will give ample reason to keep coming back for more. [Aug 2010, p.86]
  23. An essential purchase for arcade shooter fanatics and a showstopper for Ninty's console.
  24. It's exactly what a sequel should be; it takes an established formula and improves upon it in every way.
  25. 90
    A spectacle of sights and scores. Treasure has committed the best of sins to ascend to shoot 'em up heaven. Why not join them?
  26. Players who love incrementally improving their best score should not hesitate to buy what is one of the best retail-released shooters in recent memory.
  27. 90
    Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is a nice follow-up to the cult classic from the N64 days. If you are an old-school Treasure fan you may be turned off by some of the casual changes to the core experience, but it still retains that classic feel.
  28. When it comes to Shoot-em up options on any console, the selection has always been pretty slim. Thankfully, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor does a fantastic job in offering a fun and frantic adventure.
  29. The easy respawns also add to the game's biggest issue: it's incredibly short. Then again, I'm not sure Treasure could have crammed much more insanity into this game without needing to put in a break from the exhilaration that makes it so awesome. [July 2010, p.95]
  30. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor does exactly the same thing the original game did: Provide a devilishly fun experience under the guise of a simple but difficult shooter.
  31. A rollercoaster straight to Bullet Hell. [Christmas 2009, p.58]
  32. Impressive, imaginative and never less than exciting. A great blast on Wii. [Mar 2010, p.63]
  33. Sin & Punishment 2 is a splendid shooter. The continuous changes in the perspective adds a strange taste to a classic experience, while the wiimote is just perfect as a control device for this frantic instant classic.
  34. Addicting and impressive. A great blast on Wii.
  35. No matter your origins, you owe it to yourself to at least give this one a shot (or, more accurately, several thousand).
  36. This satisfying and energetic on-rails shooter impresses with its relentless variety.
  37. The story is a bit confusing and the levels are quite difficult. However, after a little while playtime, you could easily become addicted to the fast-paced action and the great level-design.
  38. It's an amazing game, one that I see myself playing for years to come.
  39. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor's brilliance is in its simplicity.
  40. To say that Treasure has done it again is a bit redundant at this point. Treasure always does it again. And Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is no exception.
  41. As a demonstration of how control mechanics can be designed for the Wii, Sin & Punishment 2 is pure brilliance. And in those moments where everything comes together, there's really nothing quite like it. In brief bursts, you'll swear it's the best shooter ever made, but taken as a whole, it's simply too much of a hybrid for its own good.
  42. The game isn't beautiful, but its otherworldly aesthetic is wonderful because it's so muted. Still, the tale and the graphics aren't a reason to play this game. It's worth playing because it's good.
  43. While Star Successor suffers greatly from a few shortcomings, the utter challenge and tight gameplay should be enough to keep the most hardcore gamers pleased for a while.
  44. Sin And Punishment 2's real value lies in the (now online-enabled) hi-score tables and a brilliant risk/reward scoring system. [Christmas 2009, p.94]
  45. Unique, hardcore and immensely satisfying, Sin and Punishment hits all the right weak spots.
  46. Twice as long, twice as intense, twice as maniable, twice as good-looking, Sin & Punishment 2 didn't do the job halfway.
  47. Using the Wii Remote to point to anywhere on the screen is liberating and a big reason why Sin & Punishment it's so fun.
  48. A lot of frenetic action and absurd boss fights make for one of the Wii's best action games.
  49. The best lightgun-shooter on the Wii, and that's saying a lot. The graphics are a little dated, even for the Wii, but the gameplay is all the more satisfying. Hardcore gamers who want to perfect their high scores might be offended by the long levels, but everyone else will really enjoy themselves here.
  50. It is undeniable that Sin & Punishment: Successor Star is a quality title, and perhaps one of the most action-packed that can be found on the Wii. But it, like its predecessor, will fall in many concepts to the extreme by trying to be a coin-op on a console.
  51. A bullet hell shooter that's just sane enough for anyone to enjoy. The action is nonstop but manageable, and the bosses are freakish and challenging enough to warrant a few repeat plays just to figure out how to totally destroy them the next time around.
  52. 80
    Above all, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor once again proves Treasure's mastery of making games in which lots of things explode. The action is fast and furious and the game's super-short length makes it perfect for several playthroughs. Even if it can be a bit too difficult for its own good.
  53. The pacing of this game is relentless.
  54. For the genre fan, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor will be a sublime, smoothly controlling treat. For the novice, it's a fairly gentle introduction to a classically hardcore experience. For Treasure, it's a great chance to addict a vast new audience to their style of game.
  55. It's a fun shooter, but it lacks innovation and polish – two things we generally expect from Treasure. Diehard fans will enjoy besting their top scores, while casual fans will likely run through the game once before moving on.
  56. For those who have sinned in calling the Wii a casual console, this game is your punishment. But boy does it hurt so good.
  57. 75
    Successor of the Skies does not perform well when it comes down to graphics and sound. However, the gameplay is simply great and the leaderboards offer great replay value. If Treasure listens to the feedback and changes a few key points, they can surely make a great follow-up of this game.
  58. It's the ultimate rental ride that might just bewitch you into purchasing it.
  59. The limited color-palette and massive levels make the journey less enticing for shmup score-hounds, but there is no denying that Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is one of the Wii's finest action games to date.
  60. Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies is a nice arcade game which brings a lot of action. It is too bad you see the ending credits after three hours.
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  1. Aug 15, 2010
    Just off the bat sin and punishment 2 is one of my favorite games ever, it is fast paced, fun, addictive, and easy to control, sadly that doesJust off the bat sin and punishment 2 is one of my favorite games ever, it is fast paced, fun, addictive, and easy to control, sadly that does not mean that it is perfect. sin and punishment is graphics and story are its only flaws, the story make no sense and when anyone speaks it sounds like they purposefully made it funny. The graphics are its second problem, the are fuzzy and look overall bad, but the art design was very good and the graphics had a lot of potential. Sin and punishment also is a very hard, but it wants to be, so you will die possibly 1000+ times a level before you beat it which for me was never annoying because the levels are so much fun. The game also has a addicting multi-player were a second person also shoots, but its not great but its ok. the online leader boards are also a lot of fun, you will spend hours trying to beat a high score which will most likely adds another 3 hours to the 6 hour single player. so overall sin and punishment is very close to perfect and everyone should buy it. Full Review »
  2. tce
    Sep 24, 2010
    One of the most astonishingly insane, fluid, imaginative games of this generation and an absolute joy to play. Treasure understand what gamesOne of the most astonishingly insane, fluid, imaginative games of this generation and an absolute joy to play. Treasure understand what games are supposed to be about, and Sin & Punishment 2 shows they are still on top form. The controls are perfect and the action is wild. Treasure's innate creativity doesn't let up from start to finish as they heap on more and more awesomely absurd setpieces, never reusing an idea. One minute you're running along a train detaching its carriages to smack them into a boss. The next minute you're trying to lift up two elevators to keep them out of rising lava. Flying midair swordfights. Onslaughts of giant eels. Fighting a giant monster up a scrolling block maze. A massive mechanical seahorse shapeshifts into a school of killer whales. IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS. Who gives a crap about story or graphics? Full Review »
  3. Oct 20, 2010
    Sin and Punishment 2 is here and it is awesome. Some gamers will not get, what the big deal is about this game. Too bad, this gem will blowSin and Punishment 2 is here and it is awesome. Some gamers will not get, what the big deal is about this game. Too bad, this gem will blow right over their heads. I grew up, in the tough gaming age of arcades. The age where if you wanted the best that gaming technology creativity and intensity had to offer, all you need is a pocket full of quarters or tokens. After Burner 2, Space Harrier, Smash TV, House of the Dead; if you wanted something intense that you couldn't get on home consoles, you grabbed 5 bucks and went to the best arcade you could find. Now that spirit of gaming adrenalin, brought to the modern age, is birthed at home from developer TREASURE, in the form of Sin and Punishment Star Successor. Not only is this my favorite Wii game, and my choice for game of the year, but it is a game that embodies why the Wii pointer controls are supreme. I bought the first Sin and Punishment for N64 and it was tough and exciting, but the aiming system using analog took some effort to enjoy. The Wiimote makes aiming the most easy and painless thing to do. That, plus all the added fight moves, character modifications, and increased intense boss battles, seperates this game from being merely a sequel. Graphics are amazing with bump-mapping , specular highlights, art in a style of Castlevania meets Tron, and a story that will leave you knowing there will be a third game. 2 player Co-op was a nice simple touch. Rail shooter/run and gun, this is a one of a kind thrill, and any game that attempts what TREASURE has done to this gaming genre, doesn't even compare. This is the high mark of arcade gaming, no other game will do it better, that's all there is to it, and so sad it may be miss by so many. Pick it up, NOW! See a review vid about Sin and Punishment 2 on my Youtube channel.
    Full Review »