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  2. Negative: 3 out of 65

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  1. Aug 15, 2010
    Just off the bat sin and punishment 2 is one of my favorite games ever, it is fast paced, fun, addictive, and easy to control, sadly that does not mean that it is perfect. sin and punishment is graphics and story are its only flaws, the story make no sense and when anyone speaks it sounds like they purposefully made it funny. The graphics are its second problem, the are fuzzy and look overall bad, but the art design was very good and the graphics had a lot of potential. Sin and punishment also is a very hard, but it wants to be, so you will die possibly 1000+ times a level before you beat it which for me was never annoying because the levels are so much fun. The game also has a addicting multi-player were a second person also shoots, but its not great but its ok. the online leader boards are also a lot of fun, you will spend hours trying to beat a high score which will most likely adds another 3 hours to the 6 hour single player. so overall sin and punishment is very close to perfect and everyone should buy it. Expand
  2. tce
    Sep 24, 2010
    One of the most astonishingly insane, fluid, imaginative games of this generation and an absolute joy to play. Treasure understand what games are supposed to be about, and Sin & Punishment 2 shows they are still on top form. The controls are perfect and the action is wild. Treasure's innate creativity doesn't let up from start to finish as they heap on more and more awesomely absurd setpieces, never reusing an idea. One minute you're running along a train detaching its carriages to smack them into a boss. The next minute you're trying to lift up two elevators to keep them out of rising lava. Flying midair swordfights. Onslaughts of giant eels. Fighting a giant monster up a scrolling block maze. A massive mechanical seahorse shapeshifts into a school of killer whales. IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS. Who gives a crap about story or graphics? Expand
  3. Oct 20, 2010
    Sin and Punishment 2 is here and it is awesome. Some gamers will not get, what the big deal is about this game. Too bad, this gem will blow right over their heads. I grew up, in the tough gaming age of arcades. The age where if you wanted the best that gaming technology creativity and intensity had to offer, all you need is a pocket full of quarters or tokens. After Burner 2, Space Harrier, Smash TV, House of the Dead; if you wanted something intense that you couldn't get on home consoles, you grabbed 5 bucks and went to the best arcade you could find. Now that spirit of gaming adrenalin, brought to the modern age, is birthed at home from developer TREASURE, in the form of Sin and Punishment Star Successor. Not only is this my favorite Wii game, and my choice for game of the year, but it is a game that embodies why the Wii pointer controls are supreme. I bought the first Sin and Punishment for N64 and it was tough and exciting, but the aiming system using analog took some effort to enjoy. The Wiimote makes aiming the most easy and painless thing to do. That, plus all the added fight moves, character modifications, and increased intense boss battles, seperates this game from being merely a sequel. Graphics are amazing with bump-mapping , specular highlights, art in a style of Castlevania meets Tron, and a story that will leave you knowing there will be a third game. 2 player Co-op was a nice simple touch. Rail shooter/run and gun, this is a one of a kind thrill, and any game that attempts what TREASURE has done to this gaming genre, doesn't even compare. This is the high mark of arcade gaming, no other game will do it better, that's all there is to it, and so sad it may be miss by so many. Pick it up, NOW! See a review vid about Sin and Punishment 2 on my Youtube channel.
  4. Oct 19, 2010
    I don't get it. This game is okay, but nothing GREAT. It feels like a remake of some 90's game, or arcade you played 20 years ago. Graphic average, music sucks, and its the same thing over and over again? This should be a $5 wii virtual game.
  5. Nov 6, 2011
    Sin and Punishment 2 is a major step up from its predecessor in terms of both graphics and gameplay. Shooting is a breeze using the wii remote, and the game is full of non-stop action. The only flaws with this game are the texture details of the character models, and the extremely bizarre story, and while the game is quite short, online leaderboards should increase the replay value of the game.
  6. Dec 9, 2010
    You get your controller, and shoot. Nothing gets in your way when you turn this blast on. Satisfication: Hell yeah! Ready for more: Hell yeah! Overall: Too short! This game ends like as if you finished playing a game of paintball which disappoints me when I had the pleasure of asking for more.
  7. Yax
    Oct 26, 2010
    Very cool game for the Wii. Great job using the pointer and the pure rail-shooter goodness really calls me back to games like House of the Dead and LA Machine guns. I've had a lot of fun with this title.
  8. Nov 9, 2010
    This game is ok i give it a sad 7, i though it was fun i honestly thought it was going to be better than it was but i was toatally wrong oh well. hmmmm
  9. Jun 1, 2011
    Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is the sequel to cult legend Sin and Punishment, an N64 game that never got released outside of Japan during the N64 era. Despite not being released outside of the Japan the original Sin and Punishment is often on top 10 N64 game lists and is highly influential for shooting games. S&P2 happens years after the original S&P starring Isa, the son of Airan, and Saki from the first in as he tries to escape Earth with a strange alien girl with a cat tail called Kachi who the "Creators" dislike and send the Nebulox, an elite military group after them and.... Needless to say the story is just bat **** insane and makes little or no sense and only provides a reason to visit far out locations and make the last level epic beyond imagination.
    Since the story is paper thin the game relies on the game play to draw the players in. The original Sin and Punishment was full of insane gun battles, twisting levels, tough bosses and more. S&P2 ups the ante with even better graphics and game play variety. The goal of the game is to shoot anything that moves. And there's a lot to shoot at. From weird flying eyeballs to robots to giant eels and dolphins to more. The boss battles get switched up, same with perspective. Some bosses rely on you using only your sword/fist, not your gun.
    While the 50 dollar price might be a little steep for this game, it is an instant cult classic and great for blasting away hoards of whatever moves.
  10. Jul 26, 2011
    This is a hardcore game. Anyone who gives this less than a perfect score should go and play Wii Music in the meantime. S&P:SS is full of fast paced action, that mixes tense gunplay with swordfights, in a flawless "on rails" experience (the game is not ENTIRELY on rails, the boss fights turn arenas into full areas, and you're always able to control your character's position). This game was the one reason I held onto my Wii after Super Smash Bros Brawl, and any hardcore gamer with a Wii (oxymoron, I know) is doing themselves a disservice by not playing this game. S&P:SS also contains some of the greatest boss fights of all time, and as soon as the credits roll, you'll be blown away at the sheer depth behind the game you just played. It may be 3-5 hours long, but has a high replay value, and the leaderboards are a nice feature (I ranked 16th place in the full game, easy leaderboard). The graphics aren't anything to write home about in this HD era, but remember, this is the Wii. The sheer art direction behind this game is only rivaled by a set few on the Wii. All in all, this is a great package, but one that most casual wii owners (the majority of them) will not enjoy. Expand
  11. Dec 27, 2012
    This game reminds me alot with the StarFox series, but it has its unique playstyle. Sin and punishment 2 is one those games that age extremely well, focusing gameplay over narrative and story. The graphics are well made for the wii, but it does have a lot of underpolished sprites. The ost is fine, not amazing nor bad. The gameplay is very well crafted with a lot of action and intense shooting. Altogether, its a nice little gem for the wii. Expand
  12. Dec 29, 2013
    I bought this game a few days ago, so it's almost retro, you could get it for a bargain price. it's a lovely game, I've only played stage 1 and 2 and they're both cramped with stuff. gameplay is simple, graphics are imaginative and stylish. I wish it had some arcade, non saving mode(house of the dead style) it would have been even better to me. nonetheless it's a great, old school, game. you should buy it especially if you're into mecha design. Expand
  13. Oct 17, 2012
    My second favorite game on Wii, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is a cobal shooter done perfectly. Starting with the minor, the music is surprisingly well done, but unbalanced with songs like War, Blackheart and Morph sticking out. As for the story, it's not that great. It's somewhat basic and doesn't instantly reveal itself to the player. Instead, you're given hints as to what happened in the passed and must piece them together yourself, though it's not as bad as it sounds. There are a couple of localization errors here and there, particularly the ending, and the voice acting isn't very precise. On the other hand, the gameplay. HOLY CRAP, the gameplay. This is easily the most fun I've had in a video game. Like any cobal shooter, you control an avatar with one controller stick while separately aiming with another. With the Wii, however, you can aim directly at your TV while moving around with the nunchuck for superb accuracy. The level design is great, difficulty is determined by the player, and there are a plethora of great bosses in each level. I'd recommend it for anyone looking for an extremely fun, fair challenge. 9.2 It has its flaws, but fits for the type of game it is. Expand
  14. Dec 21, 2012
    This game is one of my favorite games, and pretty much my favorite for the wii. I have never played the original one, so therefor I do not know the story. But what I do know is that this game is without a doubt fantastic.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 60 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 59 out of 60
  2. Negative: 0 out of 60
  1. For those who have sinned in calling the Wii a casual console, this game is your punishment. But boy does it hurt so good.
  2. To say that Treasure has done it again is a bit redundant at this point. Treasure always does it again. And Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is no exception.
  3. Trying to improve a masterpiece is surely not an easy task: risks are many and the comparisons are always dangerous. Yet Nintendo and Treasure fully reached their goal by making Sin & Punishment 2 a game that's better than the original in every single way. Nothing to object to, this is an epochal landmark within the history of the genre, a product that will be remembered for years.