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  • Summary: Skate It has Nintendo players riding with the skate pros, owning the best spots in San Vanelona and pulling off the sickest tricks using the popular FlickIt controls. Loaded with all-new gameplay features, Skate It breaks new ground by introducing innovative support for the Wii Balance Board which gives players a fresh way to create their own signature skateboarding style. Skate It unleashes the FlickIt revolution on to the Nintendo platforms, letting gamers use the Wii remote or the Nintendo DS stylus to string together their best tricks for the ultimate skate line. The Wii remote becomes a skateboard and reacts to gestures that mirror actual skate flips and moves. Players can also deepen this experience by planting their feet on the Wii Balance Board. Skate It brings the Skate franchise to a new level of creative ingenuity and gameplay excellence. [Electronic Arts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 37
  2. Negative: 3 out of 37
  1. This is a must have for any Wii owner and yet another reason to own a Wii Board. The best skater in the current gen.
  2. 85
    This is a game that will appeal most directly to the Wii's casual market. But anyone who enjoys an innovative game should spend some time here. In staggering their releases on Wii and 360/PS3 EA have certainly kept Skate in the public eye.
  3. A must have title for Wii-owning skate fans, but casual gamers beware!
  4. This is an okay skateboarding game that utilizes the Wii's special controllers to give you a realistic experience.
  5. EA's latest skateboarding foray, Skate It, does a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. The only part of the formula that truly impresses is the controls, everything else is limited by the technical limitations of the Wii. Skate It does share a lot of what made the original Skate great, but if you want the full experience you're better of with Skate for the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3.
  6. While not as fully realized as its Xbox 360/PS3 counterpart, Skate It proves to be enough fun to recommend ... but only if you're willing to put the time in to get over the mountainous learning curve!
  7. As with the original Skate, Skate It manages to feel authentic and it comes with some sharp ideas. But the game's presentation and control just don't pan out, and it seems like a game that'll frustrate players more often than not. If you're a Skate fan looking for what's next, do yourself a solid and wait for Skate 2.

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Score distribution:
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  1. ABoone
    May 2, 2009
    Awsome and great with just the wii mote and nunchuck i have not tried ti with the wii balance board but it is well worth every cent i say go out and by it as soon as possibe. It has great graphics the best i have seen on the wii. Expand
  2. MikeJ.
    Nov 20, 2008
    This game rocks. nunchuk/wii remote combo is easiest.. I beat this game already with that. Wii remote on its own and board are way harder but i am definately improving at both, plan to beat this game usin all 3 control methods graphics do have jaggies, but overall yu dont notice, cause the skateboard has the focus, not th rider, you almost forget about the rider as you work on sequences and lines with the board...IGN has it right, 1up must have issues, deep hatred of skating or something. Collapse
  3. samfleming
    Jul 15, 2009
    this is a rather addicting game once you get the hang of it. the balance board whilst fun to use is very difficult unless you have heaps of practise using it. use the remote an nunchuk for best game experience. the career mode is awesome fun , as most of the challenges dont take 100's of tries to get, but only some will u get first go. i also love to take a break from career and have some fun with thrashers hall of meat. so far i have managed to break all but one bone (it was sprained) in the one fall. best place for this is dannys mega park, HUGE RAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST HAVE GAME Expand
  4. AndrewC.
    Nov 19, 2008
    If I could give this a 7.9 I would. (It's just not a perfect 8) This game is great. THERE IS A SHARP CONTROL LEARNING CURVE. I would suggest playing this game in freeskate for awhile to get past that. Once you have gotten past the controls, which work well once learned, the game is Good. Not excellent but a sturdy G-O-O-D. Even though this games multi-player modes are not incredible, I have had many great hours playing this game with a friend in career mode. The Replay feature (slow-motion, rewind etc.) and the ability to save replays adds alot to this game. Overall, The game is fun and my Wii will be seeing alot of it but the learning curve + the two horrible introlevels can be frustrating. Worth a play but PLEASE, play more than an hour. It gets very involving once you get it down. Expand