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  1. Nov 21, 2013
    If you aren't playing Sky Kid with a friend you're doing it wrong. A very simplistic shooter with some nifty tricks up its sleeve. The most interesting feature is the ability to pull up from a crash after being shot. This is done using the button for the game's other cool trick, the ability to do a loop to swing around behind your enemies. Lacking in power ups the game has each level with dropping a large bomb, found partial way through each level, on a large target. But what really makes Sky Kid enjoyable is the co-op mode. Looping around enemies to take them out while your partner delivers a bomb provides a lot of satisfaction. Unlike a lot of other co-op shooters you can also shoot your buddy. But this can be more an advantage than fault. When either player shoots the other their plane spins in the air but it does no damage. This is useful to help your buddy out of a downward spiral when they can't pull up. The most satisfying thing in the game is to pull off a loop and fire down and backward (you can also fire while doing loops to hit enemies behind you) and shooting your friend to pull them out of a crash. Sky Kid is a really enjoyable old school arcade style shooter. Also, try doing a loop by the statue of liberty Full Review »
  2. Oct 30, 2013
    It's pretty much impossible to control your character at first but after a while I start to get used to it but not used to it enough to consider this game anything but poor. Full Review »