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  • Summary: Based on the original SEGA GENESIS version, Sonic The Hedgehog was re-created as the first Sonic game for the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM. Not just a straight port, this version includes new stages, bosses, some different zones, and a level map. The most noticeable difference, however, was that the Chaos Emeralds had to be found within certain stages instead of in the Special Stages. Dash through six Zones, including special zones which were only available for the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM version, and face Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr. Robotnik) at the end of every Zone! Expand
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  1. May 26, 2011
    The game that arguably started the 16-bit console wars is a good one. Very fast platforming and neat power-ups makes the Blue Blur's debut a must-play. Expand
  2. Oct 22, 2010
    Before I played this game, i thought of how bad it was going to be, but IT WAS AWESOME! man, you should try this work of art. I wanted to play it forrrever before dad called me downstairs Expand
  3. Mar 29, 2011
    Reviewing this as part of the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection on the PlayStation 3. Sonic, the popular blue speedy hedgehog and Sega's mascot makes his debut on the Sega Mega Drive and offers a thrilling platformer experience. The graphics are vibrant and bright with attractive looking backgrounds. The levels are also well designed and offer a fair challenge although level design can get repetitive sometimes. The levels are not entirely linear and there are sometimes multiple paths to take. The games main objective is to get to the end of each level in a very generous allocated time of 10 minutes. Dr Ivo Robotnik is the main antagonist of this game, a smart obese scientist whose main motive is to obtain the all-powerful chaos emeralds and turn all the animals inhabiting South Island into robots. Dr Robotnik is an intelligent, devious character with a moustache as long as your arms. He has an egg shaped body so I guess we all know why we sometimes refer to him as Dr Eggman. The game play is fast and engaging. Even though it is a platformer and this game has all the elements that a platform game has, like obstacles to avoid and pitfalls to jump over, it's like nothing I've seen before with original ideas - a Mario clone this is not. Sonic is a speedy hedgehog but still vulnerable but a cute little thing. He has a really useful spin attack where he curls up into a spikey ball and rolls which is his only use of attacking his enemies (and Dr Robotnik's various machines). The music is memorable with music composed from simple instruments. The music is some of the best I've heard and I prefer it to most of the composed music and chart music I hear today. The sound effects are great and I like the catchy jingle you hear when you obtain an extra life. You can run like the wind through the level and the obstacles but there are parts where you do need to negotiate crushing pillars and swinging platforms safely or risk becoming a pancake or Badnik food. Momentum is sometimes key as Sonic does take a few seconds to get up to running speed and this is required to get across some tricky jumps and near vertical uphill slopes to get through the level and find hidden items like rings, invincibility TV's and extra lives. Rings are, well, rings that Sonic can collect throughout the level. In general, rings act as Sonic's health system and can grant you an extra hit from enemies regardless how many you have on you at any time but sadly can't save you from being squashed or falling down pitfalls. One hit from an enemy or projectile and Sonic's rings scatter across the level and then gradually start to disappear. It is so annoying that you are nearly at the end of the level and you then hit an enemy and lose all of your rings because you can enter a bonus stage at the end of each zone's 1st and 2nd act (except the 6th and 7th zone). A large ring at the end transports you to a bonus stage with you controlling a freefalling curled up Sonic through a colourful rotating maze with carnival style music playing in the background. Your goal is to get the chaos emerald which is located at the end of the maze, guarded by destructible diamonds while keeping away from the goal area(s) which transports you to the next level of the game. It's such a pain trying to keep Sonic's ass away from the goal area(s) and you can accidently be repelled into the goal area(s) due to accidently hitting the bouncy bumpers or because of the rotation of the maze forces you into the goal area(s). Dr Robotnik's boss battles are fun to fight with that creepy boss battle music playing in the background; they maybe simple to take down but you have to observe when is the best moment to jump and attack him as he brings all sorts of contraptions to try to take you down. At least you can call them boss battles unlike say the easy as pie boss "Bowser" battles in Super Mario Bros (although, you got to remember, that game was produced on an 8 bit console).The Drowning music (in the 4th Zone and the last act of the 6th zone) is nerve-wracking and scary as it increases in tempo as Sonic tries to grab an air bubble or submerge from the waters! This music is horrifying enough for you send you into a state of panic! I've got all of the 6 chaos emeralds and I say there is no good reason to get them. I mean you don't get anything extra like a new level to play in or enhances the game play. There were a few instances of slowdown in the game, particularly in the Labyrinth Zone when I lose a huge amount of rings in the water and everything slows down to a crawl and I encountered some glitches, one of which actually killed me and I lost a life. These problems are minor and I have to say that Sonic the Hedgehog beats the cr** out of most games I play today (7th Gen, eat your heart out). This game is a challenging platformer at heart and along with Dynamite Headdy, Sonic 2 and Super Mario Bros, is one of the best 2D platformers I've played to date. Expand
  4. Sep 10, 2011
    Its not my favorite in the sonic series but it is good and is a fantastic start for the blue blur and the rival to mario, and is one of the most innovative games at the time. Expand
  5. May 16, 2012
    Sonic the Hedgehog is a good game. It's my least favorite of the classic games, but it was a great start to the sonic series. Most zones were fun, the music is very memerable, and the game looked great, and had great levels design. Though, the game is too hard, but it was still good. I give it an 85. Expand
  6. Aug 30, 2013
    sonic the hedgehog is the first sonic game ever, and I like the game because it started one of my favorite franchises ever. The gameplay, it's not as good as sonic 2, and sonic 3 and knuckles. for one thing it's EXTREAMLY HARD. I mean really, after green hill zone, then marble zone is where the platforming just gets ridiculous. and don't get me started on labyrinth zone, and scrap brain zone, two of the most hated sonic zones ever. and the graphics are great 16bit quality and are perfect. the framerate is also fine. this was the begining of sonic, that means that there were no tails, no knuckles, and no big the cat, just sonic and DR eggman I mean dr robotnik. now the levels are all great, there's green hill zone, marble zone, spring yard zone, labyrinth zone, starlight zone, and scrap brain zone. my favorite being starlight zone. The bosses are all great and everything. one thing that I have to complain about is the fact that after you die 3 times, then you start the game from the begining which makes no sense since that the sega Genesis was capable of saving, like in sonic 3 and knuckles. and the music is great. all in all this is a classic game and i recomend it. next time i will be reviewing sonic 2. Expand