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  2. Negative: 2 out of 30
  1. You won't find an epic amount of unique content here (perhaps throwing the full price tag into question for some), but while it lasts, Speed Racer: The Videogame is a thrilling, futuristic race experience that succeeds with stylish visuals, incredible speed, and addictive combat.
  2. Speed Racer is a movie that assaults your eyes with colour and the game does its best to bring that to gamers.
  3. If you should spot Speed Racer in a bargain bin, and fancy a few hours of simple, entertaining arcade racing, it's worth a look.
  4. 83
    Unlike the vast majority of videogame adaptations designed to further boost Hollywood's already bulging coffers, Speed Racer doesn't overreach by trying to justify its existence with masses of unnecessary gameplay fluff, convoluted storylines and flashy worthless extras. Instead it keeps its focus solely on fun-filled Car-Fu racing, not needing to swamp the gameplay with star likenesses and vocal performances in an effort to paper over any developmental shortcomings.
  5. Speed Racer is a good racing game. The key to the success of the game is its simplicity, so it is suitable for beginners and pros.
  6. Speed Racer at its core is an amazing game, with great depth, control, and nice difficulty progression. Perhaps Sidhe Interactive will use this great engine (and maybe even the Speed Racer license) for another title with more inspired track design, better graphics, and a more fully-featured package overall.
  7. Quite simply, Speed Racer works while it lasts. It is not an exceptionally long or difficult game, but while it lasts, it is unusually awesome, managing to distill many of the greatest elements of the original "Speed Racer" series and movie into one manic whole.
  8. 75
    Speed Racer: The Videogame excels at multiplayer, allowing two people to play split screen across a variety of Championship races.
  9. I was pleasantly surprised and then challenged at how well a game based on a movie was playing; good controls and level design make this a good find.
  10. 70
    A surprisingly adept and entertaining racing game. The fundamental gameplay mechanics are strong, the control well done, and the visual presentation more or less perfectly in tune with the film.
  11. 70
    Speed Racer is a very solid movie game tie in that does justice to the film. In fact, it's easily the best movie game tie in of the year, aside from the lack of content the game is a lot of fun and makes every other racing game feel slow.
  12. Speed Racer is definitely a rental unless you're a fan of the television series or the newly released movie.
  13. The flimsy core betrays a bevy of neat ideas nabbed straight from the film. [Aug 2008, p.63]
  14. It is unfortunate that the movie performed as poorly as it did, as the game is one of the better arcade-style racing games that have come out in a long time.
  15. 75
    For what it is, with voiceovers from the actors, what I imagine is probably movie soundtrack, and some excellent-looking, swift racing with seriously fun combat stunts, Speed Racer: The Videogame is awesome.
  16. Speed Racer the Videogame, much like the movie it's based upon, is a resounding victory of style over substance.
  17. And so Speed Racer: The Videogame offers a solid, if unremarkable experience.
  18. It's a novel idea that works, yet despite the fun racing action, Speed Racer suffers from limited tracks, a short Championship Mode and no online play. It's worth a few hours of your time, but don't spend $49.99 for it.
  19. Excite Truck meets F-Zero – entertaining future-racer, but too short.
  20. While it represents a modest improvement over Enter The Matrix, it still shares a vital similarity in that it feels unfinished and rushed to market to meet a deadline.
  21. 60
    Speed Racer is a decent racing game, but it never gets your adrenaline pumping. Even the movie connection doesn't juice up the show. Also, unlike most racing for Nintendo systems, only two players can race in split screen mode, and there's no online mode at all.
  22. Races are frantic and the controls are a pleasure, and the only regret is that there isn't much in the way of track diversity.
  23. Despite having some great gameplay, SR: TVG is ultimately let down by its serious lack of depth.
  24. If you are a fan of the Speed Racer label then you will have a good reason to go check out Speed Racer: The Videogame.
  25. Overall, Speed Racer is a very solid F-Zero clone with a few niggles dragging it down. Mainly, it’s the lack of a real sense of speed that disappointed us, which is something we adored about the F-Zero series.
  26. If you are a fan of racers and are looking for something other than Mario Kart then this is certainly a game worth looking at.
  27. When all is said and done, Speed Racer: The Videogame is a licensed title that is actually a fun game, but it's just not complete.
  28. It has lackluster graphics, awkward controls, and just doesn't make a memorable or worthwhile game experience.
  29. 42
    It is fun ripping around in two player mode trying to trash or out pace each other in your favorite ride, which is probably the best time to be had in the game. However, all this can't really justify putting up with the horrible AI ramblings, poor graphics and awkward controls that make this game so frustrating and monotonous at times.
  30. Not a bad portable racer by any means, but there has been better. I'd suggest this one more for the younger crowd, due to the simplified controls if for no other reason.
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  1. Jun 16, 2014
    You complain there's no fzero game on the wii....we'll here it is! It's more easy but still good. The car-fu is the only car compat I actually like in racing games. It's a awesome game that racing fans should play! Full Review »
  2. Dec 16, 2012
    This is a very good racing game; in the leagues of Mario Kart perhaps. While the movie was terrible, this is one of the exceptions to the common law that "movie video games suck." There are only five main racetracks but they courses are altered so you can get 6 different tracks out of one scenario. There are also a wide array of characters to choose from and they all have their own unique race car. One thing that I surprisingly liked was "Car Fu", which is doing Karate and Kung Fu moves with your car on other racers. The points you get from these moves can are turned into energy in a bar. When the energy fills up, you have a speed boost. The nice thing about these speed boosts though, is that they can stack upon one another (to a max of 4) and releasing all 4 simultaneously will turn you into an unstoppable speed machine. If you were uninspired by the movie, don't let that influence your decision to play this game. BUY. Full Review »
  3. Jun 7, 2012
    Speed Racer!!!!!!! The movie is a funny disaster, but the game OMG is amazing and funny, have all the cars that appear in the movie. Speed Racer is a great game. Full Review »