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  • Summary: When players take control of the weapon-enhanced cyborgs in their pursuit of a nefarious traitor, they come together in 2-player co-op to face over 35 stages of mind-blowing challenges packed with epic boss battles and swarms of enemies that only a team of two can defeat! [Capcom]
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  1. Mixing old school scrapping with 21st Century sheen, this is a really solid scrapper.
  2. 75
    If you have been hankering for a Double Dragon style game and haven't been satisfied with recent beat 'em up offerings, Spyborgs is going to satisfy that craving.
  3. Spyborgs offers some great co-op action for Wii.
  4. I don't think it's going to hold the interest of the current-gen crowd for long, and while coming out a reduced price point was probably a smart idea for Capcom, you might want to hold off on a purchase until it drops a little bit more. Still, it's worth playing, but only as a rental.
  5. In the end, Spyborgs is occasionally amusing in its mindless cooperative combo-driven combat, but it simply seems too unbalanced—and even unfinished—to unconditionally recommend.
  6. Spyborgs serves up competent two-player cooperative action on a nice-looking platter, but the dish is bland and unappetizing.
  7. Spyborgs is like a blind date: clumsy and confusing, but promising some nice moments in the future.

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