Generally favorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 14
  2. Negative: 1 out of 14
  1. While 8-Bit is Enough is comically not as complex a game as some of the earlier entries, it delivers non-stop laughs that the gaming community in particular -- especially those who are also Homestar fans -- will find truly humorous.
  2. 90
    Telltale Games and the Chapman brothers have ended the first Season of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People on a major high, with this last episode proving to be the wittiest, most engaging and laugh-out-loud hilarious of all five outings.
  3. 86
    This episode is truly bizarre, but still very funny.
  4. 8-Bits Is Enough offers a satisfying conclusion rife with gaming nostalgia and Strong Bad’s trademark ridiculousness. While it’s hard to say whether Telltale and the Chapman bros will eventually cook up another batch of gaming episodes, surely there are plenty more absurd adventures worth exploring.
  5. Shows an obvious fondness by the game’s creators for classic videogames, but that’s not really represented in the gameplay, which has sadly run its course here.
  6. Strong Bad Ep.5 is also the least linear of all the games in the series.
  7. 100
    The episode is brimming with pop culture references that range from The Color Purple, Se7en, The Shining, and even Samuel Adams beer.
  8. 83
    Maybe it's the spot-on humor based on the industry I work in, or perhaps just accumulated experience from the earlier episodes, but whatever the reason, 8-Bit Is Enough certainly embodies the maxim of saving the best for last. Well, until the assumedly in-the-works second season rolls around.
  9. As a season closer, 8-Bit is enough is all that you could want from a Strong Bad game. Filled with references to earlier episodes, better and more polished gameplay, and as epic of a story as could be expected.
  10. Episode 5 is about videogames – that can really only mean good things! It’s not longer than any of the other episodes, nor is there more to do, but it’s got more jokes than any other entry in the series, plus we finally get to see Trogdor in 3D – what more could you want?
  11. A great end to a great series - we hope there's more but if there isn't, at least it's gone out on a high. [Feb 2009, p.86]
  12. 80
    A fine finish to Strong Bad's Cool Game, and a fine videogame parody in its own right.
  13. It’s still a little shallow in the gameplay department, but right down to the closing credits, it’s a lovingly thorough ode to retro games, and an amusing final adventure with some of the most colorful, acerbic, and silly characters you’ll ever virtually meet. If you can appreciate those things, then consider this game more than worthy of its pixels.
  14. 85
    It offers a strong finish to some great episodic gaming. Not Trogdor strong, but pretty close.
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  1. Jan 5, 2012
    Great game, superior to the last one, way superior. It's witty humor and unique gameplay has returned with an update, and it uses it well. A great and well told follow up with a 'cliffhanger ending'. It is easily the second best in the series behind the second. Full Review »
  2. JacobR
    Jul 30, 2009
    I am a huge fan of, so of course, I am LOVING these games. Episode 5 was my favorite in the series for a few reasons. Its little inside refrences and jokes were hilarious, and The story and fluidity were the best yet. The only bad parts was some of the logic was hard to figure out, and many puzzles I had to look up to finish. The story and the trademark H*R humor made this game a winner. Full Review »