Super Castlevania IV Wii

  • Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Dec 25, 2006

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  1. Jul 19, 2014
    Super castlevania 4 was originally released for the SuperNintendo back in 1991. And holy hot damn was it awesome. The Wii virtual console portSuper castlevania 4 was originally released for the SuperNintendo back in 1991. And holy hot damn was it awesome. The Wii virtual console port didn't change anything so yeah. But before I fanboy gush over why is love this game I need to address some complaints from me.

    1.The lack of multiple chracters.
    I loved the partner system in Castlevania 3 but here you have to play as simon the whole way through

    2.Too linear
    I loved the multiple pathways of levels in Castlevania 3 but only one path in this game just felt like a step back nut still it didn't have that much of an impact on the amount of fun I had with this game

    3.Its too easy
    Ill explain why it is in a bit

    Okay now that we have those out of the way lets discuss why I cant get enough of this amazing game. Due to the jump to a sixteen bit system the graphics got a major overhaul and must I say the look freaking amazing even till this day I cant stop staring at this game. Each area has it sown uniqe identity because of this. Very well detailed, lots of variety, make this a great looking game for the SNES.

    Next the controls and gameplay have seen a massive overhaul. For starters Simon can whip in all 8 directions, and if you hold down the attack button and **** about with the d-pad you can dangle your whip to take care of tiny enemies. It looks goofy but really helps. Sub-weapons are back in full force along with the double and triple shot plus pot-roast. If you choose to use sup-weapons a lot then you will make this game ridiculously easy. And last but not least THE CONTROL FEELS AMAZING. You can now influence your jump in mid air, yes it still feels a bit stiff but its much better then Castlevania1-3. You can also move while crouched. So the gameplay while a bit easier has gotten a huge upgrade since the nes Castlevania games.

    And now for what is probably the best part of this game THE MUSIC OH DEAR GOD THE MUSIC IS AMAZING! Each piece along with the graphics set off a certain atmosphere for the game and set the overall tone. The theme of Simon Belmont (or Dance of the Holy Men) has become one of the most iconic songs in Castlevania history. The also for the first time remixed Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears, and Beginning in this game. (those remixes play in the final areas of the game) AND THEY SOUND AMZING. I love this soundtrack its atmophereic pieces really bring the whole scary tone of the series to a whole new level. I love this soundtrack short sweet and to the point.

    Overall Super Castlevania 4 is a game I will always love to come back to. Excellent graphics and atmosphere, amazing music, great controls, and an easy to use password system plus unlimited continues make this game worth every second of time you put into it.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.6/10
    (its just shy of perfect due to knockback issues in later stages and the game being a little to easy for my tastes)
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  2. Mar 14, 2014
    A classic. The best Castlevania game. They improved everything in this game since 3. The graphics are brilliant, however there was no need forA classic. The best Castlevania game. They improved everything in this game since 3. The graphics are brilliant, however there was no need for them to improve as they were good before, but in this game they are just brilliant. Full Review »
  3. May 4, 2015
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Okay, so, unlike Hitoshi Akamatsu's Castlevania:I-III, S-Castlevania IV is done by Masahiro Ueno, who only did this game. which proves that he did a crap-shoot of a job. Super Castlevania is highly regarded as a so-called 'masterppiece' by Jon tron, and ESPECIALLY AVGN. To this dumbfound as I cannot understand it.
    This game, doesn't limit your reach to about a foot or to whipping forward only and doesn't have fixed jump strength. You now can whip in nearly all eight direction. Now..this is the biggest problem I have with this game. Why overpower the whip? I mean think about it:
    The reason items exist is because your whip has that slow-startup and is not built on hitting at angles. Know that the 'crappy' whip in I,II,&III were intentionally made this way. IT's the sole purpose of why the sub-weapons exist. The axes make upper-floor enemies hittable when you're scaling stairs, and among other things. It was much easier to get through certain situations by being able to throw these sub-weapons in whatever was deemed appropriate, from axes to holywater. In CS1-iii whipping WAS NOT the optimal solution to getting the job done. IV however, threw this aside.
    The items did not change to reflect the differences in the game mechanics and the overall design was built on only the whip. Hell, I bet anyone who duked up this game didn't even give a crap that they accidentally picked up and item and it replaced their cross or axe. Hell, if this game was the first ever in the series, the subweapons wouldnt even exist and the stages would be built upon the whip. There would be more swingin hooks in each stage. The reason Akamatsu was unavailable is because after III he vanished completely. The Konami team even did some digging and found that when working with Time Pilot he filed a patent regarding it which listed his home address. It was missing the postal code, so they checked it against the city and found 5 possible codes. They sent 5 letters, with slightly different addresses. All returned back undeliverable. It seems he doesn't live there any more. Bottom line is, he vanished from most-known existence and his name Hitoshi Akamatsu is a pseudonym that was used to protect his identity. Bottom line, They didn't plan out the game like they should have. If I were ever to play this game again, I will NEVER touch the directional attack for the whip, just straight forward.
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