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  • Summary: Mario is super in a whole new way! Combined with the finest 3-D graphics ever developed for a video game and an explosive sound track, Super Mario 64 becomes a new standard for video games. It's packed with bruising battles, daunting obstacle courses and underwater adventures. Retrieve the Power Stars from their hidden locations and confront your arch nemesis - Bowser, King of the Koopas! Expand
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  1. Oct 31, 2010
    I have to with TheStranger! This game is probably the best game I have ever gotten! The Boss Stages are the best, especially the Bowser levels. All of the levels each have there own variety and that what makes mario mario!One of the N64's best! Rock on NINTENDO! Expand
  2. Sep 20, 2012
    One of the best 3D platformers that have ever existed. Super Mario 64 stays true to the Mario series by giving you the usual objective of rescuing Princess Toadstool/Peach. But, this game, is very unique compared to other Mario games. First released in 1996, it was immediately a huge success! And It's no wonder. As it includes, 15 amazing levels with 120 different objectives to collect all 120 "Power Stars" and defeat Bowser. The 3D graphics are wonderful (Even compared to games of our Era, it still presents wonderful, colorful graphics.) Amazing, addicting gameplay keeps you at it for hours and hours. Days and days. Weeks and weeks. And that's a very nice thing about the game. If you're one for wanting to collect ALL the stars in the game, it may take weeks to finish. The game is still a gem even after all these years. And the Wii hasn't made any alterations whatsoever. It receives a very high 9 from me. Expand

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