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  1. May 26, 2011
    All of Mario's greatest adventures with a CD soundtrack from almost all of the main series AND history book? THAT, my friend, is a deal you will not find anywhere else.
  2. Oct 18, 2011
    may have a big price for a snes game, but since i never played the nes/snes games on either of those consoles (though played on vc) ima give it a 94%, considering its like 20 years old
  3. Dec 25, 2011
    Four of the greatest games ever released brought together on one disc. The beginning of the Super Mario Bros. franchise is revived on the Wii. Jump into this time machine and prepare to save a princess.
  4. Sep 12, 2013
    All I have to say is that Mario still remains one of my favorite video game series of all time. Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Collection never disappoints. Score: 4/5.
  5. Nov 6, 2014
    Alright, whoever puts less than a 10 to this has simply problems with their brains, this is 11/10, only perfect games on it and with nicer graphics than the originals, ACTUALLY im getting a snes console just for this game and mario world, just those 2 im interested to have! So kids can play like it used to be, fast, no loading no cd ****

    Mario1, the only game that i can play anytime,
    anywhere, love the rest, but this is the one that got me hooked to videogames.

    Mario2, amazing fantasy world, intended to be a mario title in japan, then changed to dokidoki panic then made a mario again for the occidental market, is underrated, love it way more than the new super mario bros series.

    mario the lost levels, japan version of mario2, uses exactly the same engine as mario1 but harder and cooler!

    mario3, nes masterpiece, if you havent played this, never say you're into videogames.
  6. Dec 13, 2010
    Gameplay is what counts in this limited edition re-release of the first four Mario classics. As soon as you are running, jumping, and finding secrets you will know this is where platforming perfection originated. Happy 25th Mario...maybe your 30th will give us the next four games! And I will surely buy it!
  7. Dec 18, 2010
    READ THIS FIRST. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PLAYED SUPER MARIO ALL-STARS INSIDE OUT THEN SKIP THE FIRST THREE QUARTERS. IF YOU HAVEN'T THEN KEEP READING. THANK YOU. Still here? Good! Now think back to your childhood. You had an awesome S.N.E.S. in your house and had an awesome game package called Super Mario All-Stars. A nice looking 16 bit rehash of the four games that made Mario famous that eventually led to Super Mario World which is one of the best platformers of all time. The best one of the package was Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. It was new and one tough cookie to beat and it even had "FOR EXPERT PLAYERS" on the Japanese package. It's the true sequel to the very first Super Mario Bros. and was better than the Super Mario Bros. 2 the Americans and Europeans got because it was only originally released in Japan. All the cool kids of the block talking about it and talking about who would beat the game first. But let's not leave out the other games. The Super Mario trilogy I like to call it. We all know the very first Mario Bros. game. One of the best selling games of all time and the game that pretty much started the whole gaming genre on.....well everything! An awesome game that nearly the whole world has played. Brilliant addition. Now the second Mario Bros. game is actually known as the "black sheep" of the Mario family to many people but to me it's actually not that bad at all. It's different but here's why. There was a Japan only game for the Famicon (the Japanese N.E.S.) called Doki Doki Panic. It was the first version of Super Mario Bros. 2 and played exactly like it. had the same music, graphics, bosses and enemies. Then Shigeru Miyamoto though that the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 (which was The Lost Levels) was too hard for European and American gamers so he rehashed Doki Doki Panic and the result was just Super Mario Bros. 2. It plays differently so here's how. You pick enemies and vegetables off the ground and throw them at other enemies for them to die. The enemies are nicely detailed and the Birdo bosses are awesome! You go throw different world and places defeating a boss at the end of each one and then you finally get to Wart a gigantic toad like king that controls all the enemies and Birdos. And Mouser's his top henchman. Defeat him and then you get the scores of each character. You could be four characters in the game now and they're Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad. They have different stats and abilities. That's all I have to say about Super Mario Bros. 2. And at the end of the game you find out that it's all just Mario's crazy dream! Kind of funny to tell you the truth! Now to the final and best Mario game of the lot. Super Mario Bros. 3. Officially the best platforming game of all time. It introduced new Enemies, Power Ups and had the best music of the series. There was 8 worlds and at the end of each you had to fight one of Bowser's offspring. The last one was Bowser himself. The worlds and places were brilliantly made and I think are the best. One of my favourite games. Now this is 2010. Nintendo have announced a 25th Anniversary Edition of Super Mario All-Stars. You think it's going to bring back all the memories it should do and still stay the same in their 16 bit glory. And this lovely packaged game does just that. Nothing more, nothing less. The game isn't by itself though. As well as the box you get the game and the instruction manual in there's another one. A history box which is titled "Super Mario History 1985-2010". In it is a Soundtrack CD which contains one song from each main console game of Mario from the very fist Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Galaxy 2. Then there is a history booklet based on Mario and it has some splendid, unseen artwork and quotes from Miyamoto and other people on each Mario game. All of this game package has KICKASS written all over it. Apart form one tiny flaw. The effort. No offense to Nintendo when I say this but you could have put much more effort in this. You could have included Super Mario World at least! Or Super Mario Kart! Or even a graphical update! AT LEAST!?! But then yet again those are very minor things and the reason I'm giving this game a 9/10 is because the games in it are still the awesome ones you remember. The booklet and CD are cool from core Mario fans to hardcore Mario fans. Overall a splendid way to celebrate Mario's 25th birthday! Bye now! Expand
  8. Dec 16, 2010
    Let's put it simply: This is a collection of the greatest games of all time. If you've played these games before, you obviously know what you're getting into. If you haven't, you're in for the best platforming that has ever graced a console. Yes, these games are all available on the Wii Shop Channel, but the packaging of this product is exceptional. While I haven't listened to the soundtrack CD, I looked through the Mario history art book and was mesmerized by the amount of detail and polish of the booklet. The outer packaging made out of sturdy paper with a velcro flap on the cover. Inside of the box are two dvd cases: one for the actual game compilation and another for the soundtrack cd and artbook. If you've ever been a fan of the Super Mario Series, this is absolutely worth owning. These are some of the best games ever released and they look and play incredibly well on the Wii, despite being a 17 year old compilation. Expand
  9. Dec 18, 2010
    Pretty cool, this games is wonderful! Outstanding! You buy this game and you no regrets. Really guys, buy this game, all best games of Mario 2D, in one CD! It's Amazing!
  10. Dec 18, 2010
    The Game has aged like a fine wine. Beautiful and it will always be one of the Finest Compilations in the history of Entertainment, not just Video Games.
  11. Jan 8, 2011
    A masterpiece, re-released with great packaging and Collector's items. These 5 (Yes, 5, "Super Mario Bros", "Super Mario Bros. 2", "Super Mario Bros. 3", "Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels" and "Mario Bros", they don't list Mario Bros. in the packaging for some reason) games are perfection, and it's simple as that. For $30 you get 4 of the greatest games of all time, the games that inspired today's games. Some people say it's not worth it because you can just either buy the original SNES Super Mario All-Stars on eBay, or buy them all on the Wii Shop Channel, but the fact is, you can't. The original SNES Super Mario All-Stars on eBay with box and manuals, usually goes for 40 to 50 dollars. And these games aren't on the Wii Shop Channel, these games are remastered versions for the SNES, they are remakes of the original games. Nintendo re-made these games back in the day as Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES, and those 4 games are not on the Wii Shop Channel. Also, I want to mention that if you buy the original versions of these games separately on the Wii Shop Channel, it'll cost you $19 and that's not including tax. In addition to the games, however, you get a superb collector's box, with gold embroidery and great design, a CD featuring a song from each of Mario's console games to date, and a booklet showcasing Mario's history, it really is a great package. So, basically, you're paying an extra $11 for a great box, a soundtrack CD, better graphics, and a collector's booket. Is it worth it to you? It definitely is for me, I don't regret it one bit and I'm very proud of have it. In conclusion, I want to mention that anyone who reviews this badly, is both arrogant and a hypocrite, because everyone should agree that these games defined gaming. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. Jan 30, 2011
    For a very low price you will be able to get four classic games that will make the older gamers very nostalgic. The old Mario games are as great as ever, even after almost 25 years.
  2. Jan 28, 2011
    Contains some of the best platform games in history. Nuff said.
  3. Jan 18, 2011
    No surprise : Super Mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition aims to the biggest fans of Mario, who are keen to buy and play games that they've already finished some years ago, just for a few more goodies.