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  1. This game is really out of this world although it's not a revolution compared to the first Super Mario Galaxy. It's the perfect mixture of finest graphics and audio, smart controls, creative level-design and of course the famous Mario-gameplay.
  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a big step up from an already great predecessor. It may not be perfect but it comes ever so close to it.
  3. Mario Galaxy 2 is a game that would sell the Wii if most gamers didn't already have one. It will amaze you, it will surprise you, and most of all it will be a game that you will cherish for years to come.
  4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 won't be as fondly remembered as its predecessor--no sequel to such a groundbreaking game ever is--but there's nothing wrong with getting more of a great thing. [July 2010, p.80]
  5. Still, stellar gameplay trumps all, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 has that in spades.
  6. It is the truest sequel Nintendo has produced in over a decade.
  7. While Super Mario Galaxy 2 could easily have been a cheap cash-in with a few lackluster additional levels, it manages to be something more. It expands on the gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy and adds enough new twists and turns to feel like a full-fledged sequel.
  8. 95
    As close to a perfect game as any you will play this year, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an exuberant masterpiece of game design. Challenging yet accessible, imaginative yet aglow with nostalgia, this is a game for everyone which posits Nintendo as a master at the height of its power.
  9. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a fantastically refined title, a worthy sequel to its predecessor and a must own Wii game. Gripes about difficulty only exist in the context of the title's own simplistic tutorial system - platformers should be challenging, and so SMG2 does right by gamers on this front.
  10. Although there are not that many innovations - challenging levels, ingenious level design and a high degree of variety make Super Mario Galaxy the best Jump 'n' Run on the market.
  11. 'More' and 'better' are the key words that perfectly describe Super Mario Galaxy 2. This superb second act doesn't only offer the rock-solid gravity concept we come to know and love, but excels the first game in every way. It is fanservice at its best.
  12. Another masterpiece by the genius. Thank you, Shigeru!
  13. Super Mario Galaxy 2, just like the first, is one of those magical games that nobody is going to want to miss.
  14. 94
    There is enough here to keep you busy for ages, and the game is remarkably imaginative and fun. It was just never going to be as earth shattering as Mario 64 or the first Super Mario Galaxy.
  15. From now on this game is my personal center of the Wii-universe. What are you waiting for? Buy it!
  16. Overall, I can only recommend the game to all Wii gamers. It's a perfect game with nice graphics and sound effects, a cute atmosphere and perfect controls.
  17. Super Mario Galaxy 2 throws something new at you nearly every single level - and with over 240 stars to collect, that's no small feat. [Issue#206, p.94]
  18. More imaginative, more challenging, more fun... more of the (brilliant) same.
  19. Despite the lack of innovation and weak boss fights, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is easily a must-have for the Wii.
  20. It may look, sound, and play like the previous game, but it offers up pure, unadulterated fun like so few games can ever hope to achieve.
  21. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is largely more of the same, and that helps make it a phenomenal experience. Nintendo didn't reinvent the formula. Instead, it took what fans loved about the prequel and then jazzed everything up with never before seen galaxies, planets and a more streamlined user interface.
  22. 90
    Simultaneously more and less than its predecessor. It expands and elaborates on the gameplay in unpredictable ways, but the last one felt like a bigger, more complete adventure. That said, better core gameplay with less window dressing is infinitely preferable to the reverse.
  23. Beautiful fast-paced platformer is colorful, packed with fresh ideas, various environments and pure fun from the beginning till the last jump. [July 2010]
  24. The arrival of a new Mario title is as unpredictable as the sun rising tomorrow. It's equally probable that the game will be absolutely, unflinchingly perfect, and guess what? It bloody is. Almost.
  25. 90
    This amounts to way more than the Super Mario Galaxy 1.5 you expected.
  26. 90
    Galaxy 2 is a constant deluge of fresh ideas that are successful -- not because of its place in a franchise -- but because it is wholly willing to reinvent itself on the fly.
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  1. S.Kumar
    May 24, 2010
    I barely even played this game and I was simply amazed. Even after ten minutes, Nintendo EAD's masterpiece pulls you into a universe of I barely even played this game and I was simply amazed. Even after ten minutes, Nintendo EAD's masterpiece pulls you into a universe of incredible beauty. I won't spoil the details, but this probably has the best graphics to date on the Wii and the gameplay brings me back to my childhood when simplicity was fun. In short: Graphics: 10- The best you'll see Sound: 10- Classic Mario Music Gamplay: 10- Amazing Story: 9.75- It may be an original Mario story, but its just Bowser taking Peach Overall: 10 Final Verdict: If you're reading this and you own a Wii, you better buy this game. This is the second best game ever created by Nintendo EAD, just behind The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and is the best game on the Wii to date. As stated by IGN, its "Masterful". Full Review »
  2. Aug 12, 2010
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an excellent game in all kinds of aspects, the gameplay is all perfect and responsive, the variety is impressive notSuper Mario Galaxy 2 is an excellent game in all kinds of aspects, the gameplay is all perfect and responsive, the variety is impressive not only on the different gameplay mechanics encountered, but also on the environments and ideas implemented. Graphics are the best on Wii, even more polished than its predecessor`s superb engine and the animation is fluid. Best of all when talking about presentation is the overall soundtrack of the game with full orchestrated tunes that sound beautiful and suit perfectly on the different levels. Those are the basics of what makes this game great, but going into more detail the real reason for it to be a true masterpiece comes thanks to the overall brilliance implemented by Nintendo with the level designs. This are all incredibly creative, varied and best of all, almost every one has new mechanics and ideas to show, the first hour of this game has more new things than almost all other entire games. A lot of the levels are also very challenging, if there was something wrong with the original Super Mario Galaxy was that it was pretty easy as a whole, but this sequel fixed that, and as a result it is a much more balance and satisfactory game. Galaxy 2 is also much more streamlined for the better, the new hub is just a spaceship shape like Mario`s face, its very little and to access a level all is needed is press a button on the ship and a map with all the unlocked levels will unveil, there, it is as easy as point and clicking the desired level, its all very organize, so there`s no worries about starting the game after a break and dont knowing where to go. This design also makes the game a much more fluid experience since its easy and fast to go to any level, making sure to always be in the action and not traveling long distances from hub to hub to access different levels like in the original, this also makes the game all the more addicting.Galaxy 2 is also more Mario like, theres lots of references to past Mario games coming from tunes enemies and even some of the levels unlike the original which concentrated soley on the space theme most of the time. The implementation of Yoshi also expands on the game since controlling him is much more different and he has different abilities than Mario, the levels design specifically for him are really fun and approach very well those new mechanics that he introduces. Closing down, it is also fair to mention how huge this game really is with a total of 242 stars, those include the classic and basic 120 stars that consist of showing all the levels and ideas, classic Mario, but the other 120 is a very rewarding challenge that Nintendo included, if theres something to know about it is that it is extremely hard. Completing that challenge will unlock the last level with the two remaining stars which are as hard as they can be, but ultimately makes up for the most satisfactory completion of a game on recent memory. That would be an approximate of 30 hours depending on the skill, which is just truly perfect. Consider this game the ultimate Mario experience and the most fun of this generation, a perfect and reliable contender for Game of the Year 2010. Full Review »
  3. MattW.
    May 23, 2010
    3D platforming at its perfected finest. If you don't understand what's so special about Super Mario Galaxy 2, then you need to have 3D platforming at its perfected finest. If you don't understand what's so special about Super Mario Galaxy 2, then you need to have your brain checked for lack of the concept of "fun". Full Review »