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  1. Aug 12, 2010
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an excellent game in all kinds of aspects, the gameplay is all perfect and responsive, the variety is impressive not only on the different gameplay mechanics encountered, but also on the environments and ideas implemented. Graphics are the best on Wii, even more polished than its predecessor`s superb engine and the animation is fluid. Best of all when talking about presentation is the overall soundtrack of the game with full orchestrated tunes that sound beautiful and suit perfectly on the different levels. Those are the basics of what makes this game great, but going into more detail the real reason for it to be a true masterpiece comes thanks to the overall brilliance implemented by Nintendo with the level designs. This are all incredibly creative, varied and best of all, almost every one has new mechanics and ideas to show, the first hour of this game has more new things than almost all other entire games. A lot of the levels are also very challenging, if there was something wrong with the original Super Mario Galaxy was that it was pretty easy as a whole, but this sequel fixed that, and as a result it is a much more balance and satisfactory game. Galaxy 2 is also much more streamlined for the better, the new hub is just a spaceship shape like Mario`s face, its very little and to access a level all is needed is press a button on the ship and a map with all the unlocked levels will unveil, there, it is as easy as point and clicking the desired level, its all very organize, so there`s no worries about starting the game after a break and dont knowing where to go. This design also makes the game a much more fluid experience since its easy and fast to go to any level, making sure to always be in the action and not traveling long distances from hub to hub to access different levels like in the original, this also makes the game all the more addicting.Galaxy 2 is also more Mario like, theres lots of references to past Mario games coming from tunes enemies and even some of the levels unlike the original which concentrated soley on the space theme most of the time. The implementation of Yoshi also expands on the game since controlling him is much more different and he has different abilities than Mario, the levels design specifically for him are really fun and approach very well those new mechanics that he introduces. Closing down, it is also fair to mention how huge this game really is with a total of 242 stars, those include the classic and basic 120 stars that consist of showing all the levels and ideas, classic Mario, but the other 120 is a very rewarding challenge that Nintendo included, if theres something to know about it is that it is extremely hard. Completing that challenge will unlock the last level with the two remaining stars which are as hard as they can be, but ultimately makes up for the most satisfactory completion of a game on recent memory. That would be an approximate of 30 hours depending on the skill, which is just truly perfect. Consider this game the ultimate Mario experience and the most fun of this generation, a perfect and reliable contender for Game of the Year 2010. Expand
  2. Oct 25, 2010
    not a great game but not a bad one after i played it i felt like i wasted my time it's not bad and i think i am seriously underrating this game the game gets tedious after the 2nd level but this is what i truly think.
  3. Jan 1, 2012
    To be honest, 10 out of 10 doesn't even come close to doing this game justice. Best Wii game and best platformer ever made, no question. Managed the impossible job of improving upon its predecessor.
  4. Aug 17, 2010
    This is one of the greatest games I've ever played. The graphics are so vivid, the game play is great with the controls, also it just brings back Mario in another awesome game! I think it's the best game that I own for the Wii besides the first one.
  5. Nov 8, 2011
    I've briefly played "Super Mario Galaxy 2" and although it was brief, I still remember the epicness from the game. Not only does the game look clean and good, but the mechanism was simple and familiar. Mario couldn't look better in any other Mario games than this one. The brilliant, pure creativity of the product was also a blast. BUY IT!!!
  6. Oct 22, 2012
    Super Mario Galaxy Expansion Pack is a copy/paste sequel of the original. Aside from a few new powers and Yoshi which are around for less than a quarter of the game there's really nothing this game adds to the formula. Most of the levels are slightly upgraded from the originals or the exact same, only a few songs in the game are original, and the difficulty was nonexistent. This was thanks to game holding your hand the entire way through. I hate to see Mario's image for innovation dragged through the dirt, but Miyamoto apparently doesn't care. Instead of a great sequel that expands on the original like Super Mario Sunshine, we're given a slightly touched up version that fails to convey the sense that you're in space like the original, to provide a fair difficulty level, or any difficulty for that matter, and to provide any originality. Expand
  7. Sep 4, 2011
    Absolutely spectacular! I love how they included some of the original music from the previous game, and even made more better music for the galaxies. I love how the graphics are perfect, rather than the original, and the puzzles are very original.
  8. Nov 27, 2011
    Super Mario Galaxy was innovative but his second game was one more of the same. The only thing that was new was the Yoshi and even then it can only be used at some stages. There are many bosses who were the first game and were reused in this game which is disappointing when you expect something new. It's a fun game but expected more from him.
  9. Aug 28, 2011
    Improves on the original in every way, and ways you wouldn't know possible. The addition of Yoshi, new power-ups and millions of stuff besides that makes this a huge leap forward from Galaxy 1. A must have.
  10. Aug 23, 2010
    A content packed game, with a stunning soundtrack, stunning visuals and some of the most fun you will get on Wii. This is by far the best Wii game, few other titles, if any, come close to the imagination, playfullness or perfection that Galaxy 2 achieves.
  11. Jun 24, 2012
    Lots of people gush over this game, but it is nothing special.

    Like its predecessor, the game, while ostensibly a 3D platformer, is missing what makes 3D platformers special - exploration. Instead, the levels are quite linear and very often, the fact that the game is 3D is rather irrelevant. Oh boy, there was a 90 degree turn in the linear path, which then continues on linearly! How
    awesome! This is the "3D" of this game for much of its gameplay, and there are sections which don't even pretend to be 3D, limiting Mario to a 2D environment.

    As such, all we have are the levels, and the level design is not amazing. It isn't terrible - some of the levels are pretty fun - but it is often bland, the levels generally have a very unappealing appearance (looking quite boring), and there is usually only one path through any given level. The "secret stars" are never well hidden and are basically gimmes, resulting in many hours of bland gameplay with the occaisional really interesting bit.

    This game, like its predecessor, is a step back from Mario 64. While it is better than Super Mario Galaxy, having much more interesting levels from a gameplay standpoint, the overall ugliness of the game, the lack of cohesion, and the linear levels make it feel like just a random grab bag of ideas rather than any sort of exciting or interesting whole.

    This game is not terrible, but it is mediocre. There are many better games, and this game's high metacritic scores are soley due to the fact that it has the name Mario in it..
  12. Sep 13, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mario was so great in level architectures, Sound and Gameplay in the Last Years. But The both galaxy Games are not so good as Mario Sunshine or Mario 64. The Levels are very boring, nothing to discover, like in the N64 and Gamecube Games. And the Levels are too short and many of them too difficult. Graphics are good for Wii and the Sound ist good to, but the Gameplay istn´t as good as in the Games before, I prefer New Super Mario bros. Wii. Expand
  13. Aug 24, 2012
    Great game in theory, with excellent controls, beautiful levels, and quite a bit to lengthen the experience. The thing is, this game is just a little too similar to the first Mario Galaxy. The few new power-ups don't add too much, and several level mechanics are re-used from the first Mario Galaxy. Also, Super Mario Galaxy 2 feels a little too easy until the very end, the space theme isn't used nearly as well within the levels, the camera did not work very well at all for the Green Star missions, the gorgeous and expansive Comet Observatory has been replaced by a small and rather boring ship, and the great character Rosalina has lost her position as guide to an unfunny Luma with no backstory or anything. Basically, Super Mario Galaxy 2 tries to expand on the excellent formula of the first Mario Galaxy, but worsens it instead. Expand
  14. Sep 13, 2011
    I really don't know what all the fuss is about. It's a great game, yes, but not nearly the best for the console, as its score would suggest. The graphics and sound are excellent. Sometimes gameplay fails at the controls (Mainly while you walk on planets and round surfaces), but it's generally solid. The story is nonexistent, which is good since Mario should be all arcade.

    What really,
    REALLY makes this game's score go down is tha awful amount of hand holding. I mean, halfway through the game they're still telling you how to spin with the wiimote, some of the bosses are awfully easy to beat, and you'll find yourself just blasting through the game.

    To sum up, great graphics and sound, generally solid controls, nonexistent story and a terrible lack of difficulty (huge flaw). Good game overall, worth buying.
  15. Aug 21, 2010
    Better than the original in terms of gameplay, somehow. More user-friendly, too. However, the map system and Yoshi's controls are very clunky. These are minor and don't particularly detract from the experience, which is very immersive in levels.
  16. Aug 16, 2010
    Mario is back again in this new Galaxy game because peach has been kidnapped again, YAAY. I liked super Mario Galaxy 2 a lot, but I found the first one to be a lot better for a few reasons. In this game at times I had to change the camera angle which I never had to do in the first one, also in this game some motion control levels don't work as well as in galaxy 1, there are way too many 2d levels, and on top of all this long jumps are much harder to pull off then in the first. All these problems are here and are annoying but that is not to say the game is not good, the game is a blast to play both alone and with a friend in the upgraded co star multiplayer mode. Galaxy 2's levels are also still very varied and with great design, but they still are noticeably worse than the first Galaxy. If Galaxy 2 came out before Galaxy one I would have given it a better review, but the fact is Nintendo took a step back with this game. I don't dislike this game, I do still love it, but its worse than the first. Expand
  17. Aug 29, 2010
    Mario is back once again in space for a brand new adventure, or is it? This second installment brings back the great gameplay of the first game but with new stages, storyline and a few new power ups and extras like the addition of Yoshi. The whole adventure is a fantastic fun experience that shows once again why Mario is again king of platforming, but the problem is that the game is not as exciting as it could be due to the fact that it still remains very similar to the first game, and in some aspects it does things a little worse and too simple, which are the storyline and the ship that takes you to the galaxies. And for those that say this is actually a harder sequel, I honestly felt it was in the same difficulty of the first game and even with certain bosses, easier. Still, if you loved the first Mario Galaxy and want some more, then you should definitely check this game out. Expand
  18. RJV
    Sep 25, 2011
    I cannot come close to explaining how good this game is, but i can say that it is one of the few games that actually deserves the constant 10s from user scores. The only other game that comes close to it's level is the original Super Mario Galaxy. If you own a Wii it is a crime not to have this game, if you do not have a Wii you need to get one just so you can play this game. This game is the best there is, ( and probably the best there ever will be) for the Wii, as close to perfect as you can get. Expand
  19. May 16, 2012
    This is the best Wii game. No really, it is! If you own a Wii, your first priority should be this game. Sure, it may be a lot like the first one, but look at how many people buy CoD rehashes. I'm glad we still have games like this.
  20. Jan 17, 2012
    Definitely a great game but i just cant seem to really get into it since im playing other games like mario kart 7 and the legend of zelda skyward sword.
  21. Jun 25, 2013
    The first Mario Galaxy was really hard to improve, but with this second part you have the feeling that you are in the same magical place, and even that you are in a better adventure. More original, more creative, funnier, longer... 242 stars that will take you months to get in a perfect balance of difficulty. In my opinion, the best game for Wii.
  22. Feb 25, 2011
    Yeah, It's more of the same, but who cares.
    They are giving us more of what we love.
    Everything that can be said has already been said.
    the game is as perfect as possible. If you haven't bought this already, what the heck is wring with you.
  23. Aug 12, 2010
    this game is so fun. i really like the creativeness of it all. the vast variety of planets you can go to is so fun. you can do so much in it, and there's so much stuff to collect. i highly recommend this game.
  24. Sep 10, 2010
    i like this game. Mostly because of the moustache to be honest.
    I also like the bits where you jump from one bit to another and that. Those bits are pretty good too.
  25. Sep 4, 2010
    Better than its predecessor in every way, shape and form. This game is a master peace; filled with pure, unadulterated joy. Make no mistake, this is Mario's greatest 3D adventure to date.
  26. Sep 4, 2010
  27. Sep 9, 2010
    This game is awesome. That's a generic comment, but it's literally the best way to sum up this game. I would often say to myself: "Wow, that's a brilliant idea," or "This level design is amazing," and eventually I realized that I was saying these things for every single area of every single level in the game. It stays fresh ALL THE TIME and the ideas are brilliant and executed well. This is a game that doesn't try to be art, doesn't try to be different, but it doesn't need to be. It's pure fun. Expand
  28. Sep 13, 2010
    Nintendo has topped themselves again. Redefined what a true 3D platformer should play like. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is simply the best game of 2010. Play it, enjoy it, love it. It is the masterpiece you've heard it to be. A modern classic. 10/10.
  29. Oct 30, 2010
    I dont mean any offense, but if you think that this game with so much variety, ease of use, amazing sound, and lengthy gameplay time to get a bang out of your buck is anything less than as perfect as games can possibly get, then there is something wrong here.
  30. Apr 26, 2011
    10/10 = Masterpiece = How did Nintendo manage to make a better game than Super Mario Galaxy?? Unbelievable!!

Universal acclaim - based on 88 Critics

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  1. Jan 18, 2011
    If you loved the first Super Mario Galaxy, you will adore the sequel.
  2. While Super Mario Galaxy 2 could easily have been a cheap cash-in with a few lackluster additional levels, it manages to be something more. It expands on the gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy and adds enough new twists and turns to feel like a full-fledged sequel.
  3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is largely more of the same, and that helps make it a phenomenal experience. Nintendo didn't reinvent the formula. Instead, it took what fans loved about the prequel and then jazzed everything up with never before seen galaxies, planets and a more streamlined user interface.