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  1. Feb 25, 2011
    Yeah, It's more of the same, but who cares.
    They are giving us more of what we love.
    Everything that can be said has already been said.
    the game is as perfect as possible. If you haven't bought this already, what the heck is wring with you.
  2. Aug 12, 2010
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an excellent game in all kinds of aspects, the gameplay is all perfect and responsive, the variety is impressive not only on the different gameplay mechanics encountered, but also on the environments and ideas implemented. Graphics are the best on Wii, even more polished than its predecessor`s superb engine and the animation is fluid. Best of all when talking about presentation is the overall soundtrack of the game with full orchestrated tunes that sound beautiful and suit perfectly on the different levels. Those are the basics of what makes this game great, but going into more detail the real reason for it to be a true masterpiece comes thanks to the overall brilliance implemented by Nintendo with the level designs. This are all incredibly creative, varied and best of all, almost every one has new mechanics and ideas to show, the first hour of this game has more new things than almost all other entire games. A lot of the levels are also very challenging, if there was something wrong with the original Super Mario Galaxy was that it was pretty easy as a whole, but this sequel fixed that, and as a result it is a much more balance and satisfactory game. Galaxy 2 is also much more streamlined for the better, the new hub is just a spaceship shape like Mario`s face, its very little and to access a level all is needed is press a button on the ship and a map with all the unlocked levels will unveil, there, it is as easy as point and clicking the desired level, its all very organize, so there`s no worries about starting the game after a break and dont knowing where to go. This design also makes the game a much more fluid experience since its easy and fast to go to any level, making sure to always be in the action and not traveling long distances from hub to hub to access different levels like in the original, this also makes the game all the more addicting.Galaxy 2 is also more Mario like, theres lots of references to past Mario games coming from tunes enemies and even some of the levels unlike the original which concentrated soley on the space theme most of the time. The implementation of Yoshi also expands on the game since controlling him is much more different and he has different abilities than Mario, the levels design specifically for him are really fun and approach very well those new mechanics that he introduces. Closing down, it is also fair to mention how huge this game really is with a total of 242 stars, those include the classic and basic 120 stars that consist of showing all the levels and ideas, classic Mario, but the other 120 is a very rewarding challenge that Nintendo included, if theres something to know about it is that it is extremely hard. Completing that challenge will unlock the last level with the two remaining stars which are as hard as they can be, but ultimately makes up for the most satisfactory completion of a game on recent memory. That would be an approximate of 30 hours depending on the skill, which is just truly perfect. Consider this game the ultimate Mario experience and the most fun of this generation, a perfect and reliable contender for Game of the Year 2010. Expand
  3. fct
    Aug 14, 2010
    Yet again Nintendo have pulled it off in making a wonderfully enjoyable experience, from the moment I started I couldn't stop myself from finishing it. The sense of accomplishment you get from beating any part of this game is extremely satisfying and it never got old, from the first star to the end I couldn't help myself in fully completing it.
    The story in this game is the same you've
    been hearing for decades, Bowser kidnaps Princess, Mario (and friends) save everybody. It may seem old but you won't mind as along the way you'll have plenty to smile about. As to be expected from the previous "Galaxy" game, it looks even more stunning and the level designs have been nothing less than ingenious in this game, some might say downright nasty on occasion, by this I mean that you may found yourself in gamer rage mode when the difficulty ramps up, but its to be expected and if anything it makes it just a little bit more satisfying when its over.
    I don't want to go into detail about what you'll find in this game as that 'll just spoil the surprise, but you'll find yourself in some pretty rad worlds with some fun toys to aid you along, and along the way you'll find a specific galaxy in the game that 'll bring a smile to your face if you've played the classic 'Super Mario 64'.
  4. Sep 10, 2010
    i like this game. Mostly because of the moustache to be honest.
    I also like the bits where you jump from one bit to another and that. Those bits are pretty good too.
  5. Aug 22, 2010
    Galaxy 2 is even better then the first! With cool new worlds and new insane power ups including rock mario and cloud mario, this game is by far better then the first. And yoshi's back! The only down side to this game is the co-op the second play should be able to be luigie. Overall i give it a 9.8
  6. Aug 23, 2010
    A content packed game, with a stunning soundtrack, stunning visuals and some of the most fun you will get on Wii. This is by far the best Wii game, few other titles, if any, come close to the imagination, playfullness or perfection that Galaxy 2 achieves.
  7. Aug 27, 2010
    The question that is asked a lot is whether Galaxy 2 is better than its predecessor ?in every respect. I can say yes, however there is an element of no in the answer as the impact this game has on the industry is not going to be as strong as the original. Nintendo has truly delivered a sequel of epic proportions as it is more difficult (the original was a bit too easy in my opinion), more colorful and much more imaginative than ever before. With a host of new power ups such as the cloud and rock suit your going to have lots of fun and the originals return as well to a good measure. The biggest addition which is also the big game changer , is the inclusion of Yoshi. He's more than a power-up ,he is an extension to mario impressive abilities and he even has his own power ups to make him even more durable for example the hot pepper which allow Yoshi to dash at speeds that could match sonic is a joy to play with. I could go on about this game and how much it has improved, how the level concepts are strong enough to be fully fledged games, how responsive and tight the controls are, how much more streamlined the experience is, and how the presentation of this game is out of this world and how much more challenging the game is now. I Can only say that you must play this game and trust me you would not be disappointed. Nintendo has once again moved the mario platformer closer to gaming perfection. The question i am now asking myself now is what next for mario? Super mario universe? I hope so. Until then this game in my opinion is Mario's finest hour and one of the best if not best the year 2010 has given us. Expand
  8. Oct 8, 2012
    Consider me "wowed." Again. Yes, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is more of what made the original so amazingly good: brilliant gravity platfoming. Incredibly tight and responsive controls. Fantastic musical score. But it's not a "me too" experience -- a significant majority of this sequel is brand new.
  9. Aug 31, 2010
    Put simply... Nintendo crafted a masterpiece. Epic music, amazing designs and so much fun in this intensely fun game for everyone and anyone. I would recommend ANYONE out there who has a Wii... but does not have this on their game shelf to scrape up the money and buy it now. You will NOT be sorry.
  10. Sep 4, 2010
    Better than its predecessor in every way, shape and form. This game is a master peace; filled with pure, unadulterated joy. Make no mistake, this is Mario's greatest 3D adventure to date.
  11. Sep 4, 2010
  12. Sep 9, 2010
    This game is awesome. That's a generic comment, but it's literally the best way to sum up this game. I would often say to myself: "Wow, that's a brilliant idea," or "This level design is amazing," and eventually I realized that I was saying these things for every single area of every single level in the game. It stays fresh ALL THE TIME and the ideas are brilliant and executed well. This is a game that doesn't try to be art, doesn't try to be different, but it doesn't need to be. It's pure fun. Expand
  13. Sep 29, 2010
    After I saw this on E3, the first thing that came on my mind is that how the hell could they top Galaxy, one of the very best games on the Wii system? Consider my question irrelevant as Galaxy 2 is a complete and total superiority over Galaxy. Gameplay is completely improved with more variety, the level design is more creative, the orchestral music is more grandiose and epic and it is a more challenging, difficult game on its own. BUY IT NOW! Expand
  14. Sep 13, 2010
    Nintendo has topped themselves again. Redefined what a true 3D platformer should play like. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is simply the best game of 2010. Play it, enjoy it, love it. It is the masterpiece you've heard it to be. A modern classic. 10/10.
  15. Sep 16, 2010
    I told myself that i would get every single star in this game cause i havent yet in the first one, and I spent about 30 hours playing this game. First of all it is extremely harder than the first one plus, I love how they put yoshi in this game. Nintendo's greatest game ever Besides Ocarina of time (Zelda) and maybe the first one.
  16. May 30, 2011
    I have had dreams about this game. It's that good. Every level offers so much creativity and vision; this really was a game made with love. The soundtrack is stunning, the visuals are gorgeous and the controls so so tight. This is one of my favourite games :)
  17. Oct 30, 2010
    I dont mean any offense, but if you think that this game with so much variety, ease of use, amazing sound, and lengthy gameplay time to get a bang out of your buck is anything less than as perfect as games can possibly get, then there is something wrong here.
  18. Sep 25, 2010
    This game is an example of epicness. Do not listen to what people say, because they are fanboys and they are mad at this game because its the second best game in the world. so stop reading my review and go buy this game.
  19. Oct 10, 2010
    Super Mario Galaxy was, at the time of it's release, the best Mario game out there. It was obvious that, after Super Mario Galaxy, it would be hard to have a Mario game as memorable as that one. Being obvious was never so wrong. Super mario Galaxy 2 is the best Mario game out there. Tons of contents, stunning Graphics, even if the Wii is not the most powerful console of the generation, and the best soundtrack yet (in a game, at least). Super Mario Galaxy is almost a mix of the best sategs in the Mario history... with a twist. GRAVITY!
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 brings back the amazing gameplay from the 1st one and implements the most adorable DRAGON (Yes, Yoshi is a dragon, as said by himself in the game) in space. Every mission will present you a different concept. It's either having to think very carefully before spinning so you don't make wrong jumps, or simply bouncing of fruits midair. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a game as addicting as drugs. You'll finish it, and then you'll start it all over again. The game actually challenges the hardcore players with things like the Grandmaster Galaxy, and the Prankster Comets. There is also one boss that can be quite a surprise (AND annoying). Is Super Mario Galaxy 2 the best Mario game EVER? Why yes, it is. Is it the best Wii Game EVER? Yup. Is it worthy of perfect score? Yes,. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is even worthy of being called one of the best games in the history.
  20. Oct 27, 2011
    One of my favorite games of all time. It has all the features of Super Mario Galaxy 1 and still is so much better. It does not get repetitive compared to Super Mario Galaxy 1. I completed 1 and 2 100%. Both were awesome but Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a lot better. The levels are all different compared to 1 and power ups either return from 1 or are all new. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are both awesome but 2 is so much better, Expand
  21. Apr 26, 2011
    10/10 = Masterpiece = How did Nintendo manage to make a better game than Super Mario Galaxy?? Unbelievable!!
  22. Nov 4, 2010
    One of the most creative games Ive ever played! It does not let up at all from start to finish. It is constantly throwing something to new your way. This game is why i am still a Nintendo fan and why i refuse to be anything else. It is what all games should be. fun. pure and simple this game is fun from start to finish. It never gets old and keeps throwing fresh ideas at you. My only minor complaint would be there should be a little more Yoshi. Expand
  23. Oct 8, 2013
    The greatest Nintendo character of all time gets the best game series ever created in the form of Super Mario Galaxy.

    These games are so well crafted and fun that it might be the closest thing to a 'perfect rating' a game could ever get. Everything from the fantastic level design, worlds, characters and beautiful graphics to the breathtaking scope and Bosses makes this one of the very
    best games of all time! It well deserves the attention it gets and as always, I can't wait for Nintendo's next instalment in the Mario franchise. Expand
  24. Nov 11, 2011
    Words cannot describe the genius of this game. This game is a testament to the creative spirit of humanity. It's hard to fathom how a Mario game can achieve such technical, artistic, and gameplay perfection, yet this game does everything right. It's charming, jam-packed with content, and simple to learn but hard to master. Just when I though Galaxy 1 was perfect, Galaxy 2 supersedes it! All other platformers, as good as they may be, pale in comparison. Expand
  25. Nov 15, 2010
    An amazing entry into the Mario series. It delievers a brilliant platforming experience and I highly reccomend you play this. There are brilliant level and some good enemey designs, which provide good action. If you were annoyed with the toned down difficulty level in the original, rejoice, because you'll find it difficult, peitcuarly in the later levels. Although the original, in my opinion anyway, music track was slightly better, you'll still be blown away by some masterful pieces, and a testament to Kondo's glorious career. The only two faults I could find was the lack of thought that went into the storyline. It seemed EAD forgot about it until last minute and rushed it. A very lazy storyline which basically repeats the original. The other fault was the recycled boss fight. Still, doesn't really detract from an amazing platformer.
    If you own a Wii, you need to own this. A true Mario platformer with some new, ingenius ideas mixed with some other brilliant ones from predecessors. A brilliant experience.
  26. Nov 16, 2010
    This is a simply fabulous game to play. Nintendo have utterly surpassed themselves with this game, which builds on everything Galaxy 1 started on and improves it too.
    The story is, of course, wafer-thin at best, but the way this Mario game is set out like a storybook at the beginning is entertaining and pleasing. The graphics are stunning throughout, and the way the controls become second
    nature almost instantly gives it a great 'pick up and play' feeling. This is a game which is truly accessible to all.
    The gameplay is varied as ever, with different galaxies and planets providing the differentiation. The slightly confusing nature of the Comet Observatory in the first game is gone in Galaxy 2, replaced by a much more simplified and classic World Map.
    The 2-player mode, which was very limited in Galaxy 1, has been expanded for this game. Although your friend still plays as a Star Bit-fetching being, he/she is now a Luma instead of a generic star, and said Luma can now also collect coins, 1-Ups and other mushrooms, making this experience slightly more worthwile instead of more of a gimmick.
    My one qualm of this game is there is no form of online or battle mode, but frankly if the developers had been making up a new mode this may have affected the production of this epic game. Galaxy 2 is a quality game, and a must-have for any Wii owner.
  27. Nov 17, 2010
    Wow. Simply wow. This has to be one of the best if not THE best game I've ever played in years. Why? Well I'll tell you. After the disappointment that was the first Super Mario Galaxy I thought Nintendo wouldn't be creating another Galaxy game for Mario. How wrong I was. When this classic was announced at E3 2009 I was like, "Oh no not this again". But as time passed I decided that I should pre-order the game at GameStop so I did. And instead of being disappointed at the game I smiled and said to myself, "This is Mario Galaxy". Now you're probably thinking, "You didn't like Super Mario Galaxy?" Well I did. But as I've already said above I was disappointed. Why? Because of a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the game was WAY TOO EASY. I completed the game 100% in a week. That's including Luigi's Story was well. And all the Green Stars. And Trial Galaxies. But let's face it. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is WAY HARDER. End of story. Another problem with the first Mario Galaxy game was that it just didn't have enough. Yes it has 242 Power Stars altogether and many Galaxies to collect them in but for me the game was just too linear. Super Mario Galaxy 2 may be a bit more linear than the first but at least it has better level design and challenge. But I still adored the the music in the first Galaxy game and the bosses. Those were the things that made up to the easiness and linear style. And that's pretty much all I disliked about the first Mario Galaxy game. I would have preferred the game to be a bit more challenging. Now back to Galaxy 2. The things that make this gem so much better than the first is that it's so much more magical. The level designs in this show you how hard the developers really worked on this. The game also has an unexplainable charm to it that really makes you want to complete it. There is so much to do in this game. Yes it does have the EXACT SAME number of Power Stars as the first but half of them aren't even PROPER Power Stars. The difficulty in this game is cruel to you. Complete the game 100% without losing a Life. Not a problem in the first Galaxy but in this it'll be hell all out. Bosses, Puzzles, Gameplay and Objectives are harder in this game, fully detailed and all. It's a classic worth getting. The Grandmaster Galaxy in this is frustratingly hard. VERY. Play at your own risk. The Galaxies themselves are HUMONGOUS. Very well done. There are new Power Ups as well and they add even more fun to the Gameplay. Even Yoshi has Power Ups. Well this ends my review on Super Mario Galaxy 2. Final words? Best game on the Nintendo Wii yet. Expand
  28. Oct 23, 2011
    SMG was already real damn good. But SMG2- my god is it amazing. Improved visuals, endlessly imaginitive level design, awesome new power-ups (especially Yoshi), and more stars then ever before- you`ll fall in love all over again.
  29. Nov 24, 2010
    Perfect. All I can say. It makes me say more characters so:................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Expand
  30. Nov 27, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. ez nagyon jó játék minden benne van ami van szóval ez jó nagyon Jà Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 88 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Jan 18, 2011
    If you loved the first Super Mario Galaxy, you will adore the sequel.
  2. While Super Mario Galaxy 2 could easily have been a cheap cash-in with a few lackluster additional levels, it manages to be something more. It expands on the gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy and adds enough new twists and turns to feel like a full-fledged sequel.
  3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is largely more of the same, and that helps make it a phenomenal experience. Nintendo didn't reinvent the formula. Instead, it took what fans loved about the prequel and then jazzed everything up with never before seen galaxies, planets and a more streamlined user interface.