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  • Summary: [Metacritic's 2008 Wii Game of the Year] Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the next installment in the Smash Bros. series for the company's Wii console. Among the new characters playable in the game are Meta Knight, the sword-wielding nemesis of Kirby; Pit, the angelic archer from Kid Icarus; Zero Suit Samus, the powerful Metroid series heroine minus her versatile armor; and Wario, who demonstrates a noxious attack of gastronomic proportions. Also Snake, the gritty soldier from Konami's hugely popular Metal Gear series. [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. 100
    From the fighting mechanics to roster of players Brawl is a well-rounded game that I just couldn't put down. The only downside to Brawl is that it doesn't do anything to reinvent the series. It takes elements of past SSB games and refines them, which is great, but players expecting an entirely new experience won't find it here.
  2. The character models and animation are absolutely superb, the backgrounds seamless works of art and the gameplay easily the most diverse and enduring of any “fighting” game to date. I wouldn’t even classify it as a fighter. This is an action masterpiece.
  3. Brawl is easily the most fun I’ve had on a Wii, and could be the most fun I’ve had with a game in ages. It’s just that good. There is just so much to do, and so many different and refreshing things added that it would be a crime not to at least take a look.
  4. 95
    It’s impeccably presented, lovingly crafted and absolutely incredible value for money.
  5. The combat is all very smooth and familiar, and feels like a return to an old friend. But, when placing this combat into the intensely long Subspace Emissary mode, it doesn’t quite mesh.
  6. Yeah, the graphics don't really go too far forward, the online options could've been less strenuous, and the load time could've been cut back. Regardless, there's still far greater good here than we could've ever expected from the game.
  7. 65
    It's certainly a game that can kill a bit of time between a group of friends, and it's not like there'll be many negative memories associated with the game afterwards, but I just don't feel it's that good.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 47 out of 497
  1. Sep 20, 2010
    Fun as hell. If you loved Melee, you will adore this game. For some it might feel like a massive expansion pack but you just can't miss this. Completely balanced characters, easy to pick up controls and countless goodies and entertainment at its disposal. Get it. Expand
  2. JackH.
    May 24, 2008
    I thoroughly enjoyed Melee, so I like Brawl just as much, if not more. I'm glad that you can now create your own stages, and I only dislike 2 or 3 characters (thank god Pichu got left out). Online was a little disappointing, but overall it is one of the best games for the Wii. Expand
  3. ZacH.
    Mar 18, 2008
    This game was the fastest-selling game ever. Packed with as much content as a dual-layer dvd can hold, it has everything you could ever want from the series. The new story mode, "Subspace Emissary", the map builder mode, and being able to play online makes it that much better. Expand
  4. Apr 10, 2014
    The greatest game of the entire generation. So much love and attention to detail went into making this masterpiece, sakurai has truly out did himself.

    The content in this game is absolutely unbelievable.
  5. JettersB.
    Aug 1, 2008
    Even though I've only played the first game a few times, I still got into the game once I got a Gamecube and Melee to go with it. Brawl is one of the best games you can get for the Wii in a slew of terrible games that seem to pop up for the Wii every week. The controls are basic, so even people who don't play fighting games much less any video games can learn the basics. The new adventure mode, called Subspace Emissary, is one of the many interesting features that's been put into Brawl. Even though it's pretty fun, it get's repetitive going through maze after maze fighting enemies made specifically for this mode. It's not all bad, but the plot, enemies and levels could've been better. Multiplayer is likely what the Super Smash Bros. franchise is so well-known for. Brawl took it up a notch by adding Co-op modes to many of the previously one-player exclusive modes, like Home-run Contest (where you try to send a Sandbag flying for the longest distance) and Event matches (where you fight under certain conditions). Another new feature is playing online, where you can play other people across the globe. Only problem is the online support: It takes a while to find other people and matches also have disconnecting lag (not that other online games don't, but Brawl has them more frequently). Aside from that, multiplayer still rules. Many people here might say that "Brawl is just like the other games, but with more features and characters" or some other reason. Brawl is still the way it is because that's the basis for the gameplay, like the Mario games, yet I don't hear people complaining about Super Mario World being just like the earlier games. Most of the other complaints from these reviewers are complaints from non-gamers who don't read the manual, Half-baked complaints over the stupidest things, or Xbox fans who've likely never played it and are deliberately giving it bad reviews just to promote their egos. All in all, whether you like fighting games or not, whether you're a fan of the Smash series or this is your first game, whether you're a long-time Nintendo fan or a newcomer, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is definately worth trying out. Expand
  6. bradkeena
    Mar 16, 2008
    alright, first of all, crazychief112, you are an idiot you were doing it wrong, hold the wiimote sideways ya dummy. Second of all, you can see your hp, if your playing stamina which is the only mode that has hp

    The game is superb, ridiculous depth and a bajillion million unlockables such as stages, trophies, charaters, and stickers make the game have very high replayability.

    Classic mode is fun is always, but mutiplayer with friends is the main draw. But online play, as in all nintendo games is horrible. The subspace emissary is fairly enjoyable, but it is much better in coop. Great game, worth $100 dollars, but its only $50 :-) Only the second game on wii that ive loved
  7. JaredChristenson
    Aug 26, 2007
    After I went to a special gameplay viewing I found myself...dissapointed, its a really bad game. Its actually overall the worst game ever, you know why, I will tell you why. The games characters have moves that are too powerfull that each level is over in less than 20 seconds, its so hard to play, find out the controlls, and follow. It doesn't flow with any other game of Nintendo, and the Wii doesn't do anything to this game but make it a bigger product because you don't even use the numchuck for cripe sake. To me its big popular waste of money, its a letdown that I wouldn't even buy for free. It sucks. Expand

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