Super Swing Golf Wii

  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2006

Mixed or average reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 44
  2. Negative: 1 out of 44
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  1. Fans of Pangya on the PC will find it over-familiar and somewhat hollow without the online community aspects, and for anyone else the random and entirely unexplained Korean fantasy setting might be a distinct turn-off.
  2. Great characters, original courses, loads of items, and an intuitive control system, what more could you ask for? [JPN Import]
  3. Super Swing Golf is all about a deep, lengthy single player experience (although the multiplayer portion is quite robust) and a swing mechanic that feels incredibly realistic.
  4. 80
    While the game itself suffers from a number of faults, especially in terms of putting and overall A.I., the experience itself is one that is truly exceptional and fun, even if you have to sit and watch a shot.
  5. 73
    It’s a mix of less-than-desirable visuals, gameplay that is either love-it or hate-it, and the simple fact that this game is designed for online and isn’t getting it at launch.
  6. Super Swing offers a lighthearted, quirky experience that may strike a chord with some players, but will probably turn off anyone looking for a traditional round of golf.
  7. 65
    Pangya is a fun golf game that brings just enough new to the table to be worthy of a look. Golf game nuts will certainly get a kick out of it, but for those that aren’t big on swinging their virtual club at the TV; this game is probably better served as a rental.
  8. 55
    Slim on modes (no online), the storyline is poppycock, and the lone minigame requires multiple controllers (while stroke play and match play don't). Still, there's plenty of good here, but for every bit of it, there's a spoonful of frustrating (sounds like real golf, doesn't it?).
  9. 90
    If you don't need real world licensing or scenery, if you're willing to power through some gratifying RPG advancement with your duffing, and if you don't mind the cloying kiddie graphics, Super Swing Golf is the definitive fantasy golf game.
  10. 80
    I just have to issue one small warning: if you're out of shape, you'll find that swinging the Wii Remote through 18 holes of virtual golf can actually be a workout. It didn't take long for me to realize that quitting the gym was a big mistake. I was tired, I was sore, but I still wanted to keep playing. That's a good sign.
  11. games(TM)
    Super Swing Golf offers the best of both worlds - the fantastical setting for those who loathe real sports, but the physical demands of a game that continually pushes you to improve. [Mar 2007, p.124]
  12. The control mechanics feel more like the real thing than anything on a console that's come before and the presentation, while over-the-top, is just the kind of thing people look for on a Nintendo system.
  13. Although Super Swing Golf has various mechanics of a serious looking golf game, the actual style itself will put many gamers off, which is a shame. As for those of you who like golf and own a Wii, this really is a must-have.
  14. The absence of online play stops Pangya obtaining the score of a great game, but if you want an interactive golfing experience, it's hard to be beaten.
  15. AceGamez
    Super Swing Golf might be one of the hardest games to size up on Wii thus far, with its mixture of less-than-desirable visuals, gameplay that is either love it or hate it and the simple fact that a game designed for online play and is relegated to local multiplayer only.
  16. Tecmo hears your cries and produces a decent and fun golf game that takes full advantage of the Wii's unique controls.
  17. 70
    Simply put, Super Swing Golf is an extremely solid golf simulation title.
  18. It may be harsh to call Super Swing Golf terrible, but it does have a lot of flaws. The poor controls, badly designed courses and an unneeded level of wackyness provide nothing more but a few hours of distraction.
  19. Super Swing Golf provides a nice alternative in between Zelda marathons, but still has enough depth for a player to become deeply involved with it. While some players may be put off with the game’s design and/or controls it’s all a matter of personal taste in the end.
  20. There needs to be a way to adjust the computer’s level of perfection to make swing mode usable outside of multiplayer games.
  21. Super Swing Golf's controls work very well under the Wii set-up, and it's a good choice for new and veteran duffers.
  22. I do like that Super Swing lets you earn special shots if you’ve got enough Pang. Throw in some crazy locations around Pangya Island (including some wind tunnels) and you’ve got yourself a good enough time to keep you shooting birdies all the way to the 19th hole.
  23. Anime characters and special shots may not be for everyone, but it's a fun diversion that features enough style, varied courses and a solid enough control scheme to be another strong step for sports on Wii.
  24. Super Swing Golf offers all the challenging gameplay of a game like Hot Shots Golf, and mixes that with charming and colorful Japanese characters and stylized locations that will delight kids and challenge adults.
  25. Nintendo Power
    Super Swing Golf takes the same arcade-style approach as titles like "Mario Golf" and "Hots Shots Golf", yet it manages to stand out thanks largely to the controls. [Feb. 2007, p.94]
  26. With an engrossing story mode and challenging gameplay physics that really do require you to learn proper golf-club swing techniques to be successful, as long as you can get past the anime-inspired, girly-game graphical presentation, Super Swing Golf is worth a round on the virtual links.
  27. Swinging the remote with such precision will give her a better idea of what the Wii is capable of than anything else on the market right now.
  28. This is a solid game, and beyond multiplayer, not meant to be played casually. If you want to see how precise the Wii controls can be you need to check this out.
  29. Nintendo Gamer
    The cuteness may drive away sports gamers, and the realistic gameplay may drive away others, but this is surprisingly deep. [Mar 2007, p.56]
  30. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    The best dedicated golf game on the Wii so far. [June 2007, p.82]
  31. Just like the real thing, it takes a strong constitution to keep from wrapping the seven iron around a tree in Super Swing Golf, but when you do make that one perfect shot it makes it all worth it.
  32. Silly storylines, generic characters, and shady rules aside, Super Swing Golf does a solid job of creating an enjoyable golf simulation for all ages.
  33. A decent game that could have been much better if the developers took just a little bit more time refining the controls and working on the AI to make sure it doesn’t “cheat” as much as it does.
  34. Games Master UK
    The Wii-mote was built for this, but it's hard to recommend with "Pangya" available for free. [Sept 2008, p.77]
  35. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    A must for anyone looking for something a bit different to "Tiger Woods." [Issue#25, p.78]
  36. 69
    There is a fairly deep single player mode, and a lot more courses and personality to this game. However, Tecmo is just a few steps away from nailing the Wii-Remote controls, and a character-creator and a few more multiplayer modes could have benefited this game greatly.
  37. It is essential to try the game out before purchasing, because ultimately the deciding factor will always be the swing controls. If a player enjoys the controls, then they can not find a better suited golf game, especially with so much replay potential. However, if a player despises the swing method, all that is left of Super Swing Golf are awkward controls, mediocre graphics, and an unsatisfying golf game.
  38. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    But a lack of feedback to help you understand what caused an errant shot makes it more frustrating than fun to perfect your motion. [Feb. 2007, p.87]
  39. Super Swing Golf is obnoxious, gimmicky, featureless, and, despite its best attempts otherwise, humorless.
  40. 80
    If you’re willing to put up with the whacky nature of Super Swing Golf, and you’re ready to accept a new approach to swinging, then you can’t go wrong with this game. There are lots of courses, neat items and equipment to buy, a long “Story” mode, and solid multiplayer.
  41. The cartoony look might turn off mainstream sports gamers, but anyone who can stomach it will be treated to the best -- and most challenging -- round of Wii golf yet.
  42. It might look childishly simple, but Super Swing Golf has great control and a ton of courses and content to offer. So many launch titles offer interesting controls and minimal longevity, but this is a club you can swing well into next year.
  43. Super Swing Golf is a cute golf game with an interesting story mode, but does not add anything new to the genre aside from the Wii-mote gameplay. It’s primarily for arcade golf fans, but it’s definitely worth a rental.
  44. 60
    The multiplayer modes are certainly good for a competition amongst friends, but the time consuming campaign and lackluster graphics will wear pretty thin for the serious gamer.

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#18 Most Discussed Wii Game of 2006
#16 Most Shared Wii Game of 2006
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 15 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 2 out of 9
  1. DanielR.
    Jul 8, 2007
    too cute, too slow, and despite what others are insisting (and I doubt any of them have ever picked up an actual golf club) nothing like a too cute, too slow, and despite what others are insisting (and I doubt any of them have ever picked up an actual golf club) nothing like a real golf swing 'mechanic'.... is a golf swing mechanic sort of like a quantum mechanic?. All in all after two hours of ownership of this game I am wishing I had tried it out by renting it first. Shows you what I get for reading and believing ohter peoples reviews. Full Review »
  2. MatthewC.
    Mar 8, 2007
    This great is incredibly hard, but very fun! I can attest to the fact that you DO get better and "used to it". No, this isn't "golf" This great is incredibly hard, but very fun! I can attest to the fact that you DO get better and "used to it". No, this isn't "golf" exactly as it is in real life. This is more fun. The swing mechanic isn't exactly like real golf, but Super Swing Golf is SO much closer to real golfing than Wii Sports Golf. Super Swing Golf does take some getting used to... and does incorporate somewhat of a learning curve, but I think once you get the hang of this game, TRUE fans of golf will LOVE IT. In conclusion, Super Swing Golf is very hard, but very fun as well. Full Review »
  3. ZanzibarTRG
    Jan 26, 2007
    I really want to like this game. And it's not bad. But where it is bad, it is real bad. No way to speed up opponents turn make 18 holes I really want to like this game. And it's not bad. But where it is bad, it is real bad. No way to speed up opponents turn make 18 holes go by very slowly. I'll just save. Nope. No, midgame saves either. But I could even look past this. What I cannot look past is the, well let's call it what it is, AI that is either all out dumb as a box of rocks or an Eagle-ing master, the latter happening more often than not. The swing mechanics wouldn't be so bad if it actually worked. Even the slightest deviation from a perfect hit and it's an all out guess as to where the ball drops. I really did want to love this game. But, it's only for people who apparently aren't capable of feeling frustration. I know of several instances where I wanted to throw the thing through a wall simply because of the gut wrenchingly frustrating gameplay. ZTRG Full Review »