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  1. There’s only so much that a developer can do with Tetris before they expand into a different genre or create something that doesn’t even feel like the original game, which is why it’s so impressive what Hudson has done with this title.
  2. But if you dream of falling blocks, the the huge number of gameplay modes and fantastically addictive online play makes this an essential purchase.
  3. 90
    Tetris Party isn't a perfect game, but it is yet another must-have WiiWare title. For 1200 points and 244 blocks of Wii space, players can sink their teeth into a download that feels more like a packaged game, and less like WiiWare, with over a half dozen new modes to play, leaderboards for all of it, online battle, and a whole slew of options.
  4. Yes, this is still Tetris, the same game we have been playing for over 20 years, but this download is such a complete package, it could very well retail as a boxed title for double the amount of the money it costs to download it.
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  1. Oct 30, 2011
    It's hard to do Tetris wrong, and Tetris Party does a lot of things right. As the name implies, this edition of the classic puzzler is geared toward multiplayer, both local and online. Easy to pick up and play, even for the Tetris novice in your household. A handful of play options add decent solo replay value as well. One of the strongest WiiWare titles to date. Full Review »
  2. planetidiot
    Nov 2, 2008
    A fairly weak Tetris. It has the swap piece that made the N64 "The New Tetris" great, but if you actually like playing for more than 5 minutes: forget it. The speed of the game increases WAY too fast until the pieces drop before you can place them. Compounding this, if you actually like playing multiplayer marathon games without garbage (and frankly I can't imagine why you would want to play with garbage on) there's no option for it. Repeating:: There is no way to turn garbage off in multiplayer mode, local or otherwise. If I had read that sentence before buying, I wouldn't have wasted my money. Garbage is stupid, frustrating and basically punishes you for playing the game with someone more skilled than you. In "The New Tetris", everyone got the same pieces, and garbage was optional. That way you could all play the game at an enjoyable pace and see who lasted the longest. But for whatever reason instead of mimicking that perfect core gameplay that was nailed in the late 90s, Nintendo has added a bunch of idiotic game modes that are not Tetris in any way except that they feature the familiar Tetris pieces. I would give them 5 seconds of my time if the actual game, Tetris, was what it should be. I hooked up my old N64 just to make sure I wasn't being too hard on this game. I thought maybe too much time had passed and I'd just put the N64 version on a pedestal that it wasn't really deserving of. Nope. The game holds up beautifully. All it needs is hi-res graphics, online play and wireless controllers and it would be golden. Oh, and the Music is better too. I recognize that my comments about this game won't resonate with a lot of people. But for the people who know what I'm talking about, all I can say is: I feel your pain. Do yourself a favor and dust off the N64 because that's still as good as it gets. Full Review »
  3. Mar 31, 2013
    Tetris Party is classic Tetris, featuring several fun modes, but Marathon mode was too addicting and kept me from playing any of the other modes in the game. Full Review »