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  • Summary: Go pick on someone your own size! After bullying an innocent ant colony, a young boy named Lucas is magically shrunk down to ant size and embarks on a remarkable adventure. Play as Lucas, experiencing the dangerous and thrilling life of an ant as you battle, explore and forge new friendships with natives and other species in his new ant world. Based on exciting moments from the upcoming digitally animated family adventure The Ant Bully, and featuring all-new challenges created especially for the game, help Lucas evolve from recluse to hero in his quest to save the colony from extermination. [Midway] Expand
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  1. Whether you are defending the colony from a hornet invasion by manning goo cannons, racing an obstacle course with a team of ants, or foraging for food, the game keeps things fresh. Too bad none of it is exciting.
  2. Flaws and all this is a great game for the preteen audience. It does bear on the repetitive side, but in light of more recent licensed game, at least there is more than two hours of game.
  3. Another action/adventure with the same objectives found in games 10 years ago. The Ant Bully’s fun doesn’t come from its tiring missions, but from the unique control features that open new possibilities for the way we game.
  4. Overall, the game just attempts too much and doesn’t follow-through on it.
  5. Simply too generic in pretty much every way, a collection of ideas done hundreds of times before in other games, offering nothing new to excite or surprise the player. A wholly unremarkable and totally avoidable game.
  6. Its gameplay is niggling and its humour is trite and stale.
  7. Adults won’t like it, children don’t like it and absolutely no one should pay money for it—not even as a rental. Heck, we got our copy for free, and we still feel cheated. Stay far, far away from this trash.

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  1. SezB.
    Aug 28, 2007
    I didn't mind this game i actually like it and im 20, so ignore the reviews i don't know what there talking about some games with high reviews i think and crud so its all on personal view don't take reviews as face vaule. Expand