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  1. Aug 6, 2014
    What can be said about The Daring Game for Girls other than the fact that it's a true masterpiece? TDGFG is the perfect example of a perfect game. I'll break down the game in a few categories.

    THE GRAPHICS: Never have I faced perfect graphics. They are not cartoony, nor are they realistic. It is a perfect blend of the two. It's realistic enough to prepare your child with daring tasks
    and building crafts, but it's cartoony enough for your daughter to have an enjoyable time with the game. It's a truly stunning world.

    THE GAMEPLAY: This game is definitely daring. It's set up is comprised of playing with the friendly locals, to crafting and selling, to spelunking, and more! It will keep your daughter entertained for hours on end! I know it kept me busy.

    THE STORY: It's a simple premise that works. You are getting Daring Badges to do the most fun things with your character. It's simple, but it's possibly the best gameplay/story chemistry I have seen. I never once thought that the story was too dumb, nor did I feel that it was too cheesy. If it was at any point, I laughed as it was cute and cheery.

    Overall, I say this is the perfect game for girls. I'm a fifty year old man, and this is possibly one of my favorite games to play.

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