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  • Summary: The Last Airbender video game revisits climactic scenes from the film while providing the player a much more indepth experience. The game is told from the unique perspective of the antagonist Zuko, exiled prince of the Fire Nation, who embarks on a personal quest to capture the Avatar, a young boy named Aang, in order to regain his father’s honor. Players will be able to embody three playable characters – Aang, Zuko and the Blue Spirit – and participate in epic battles, hand-to-hand combat and various intense challenges throughout the game. Utilizing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, players will discover and master their bending powers by performing special hand movements that are specific to their character’s abilities. The interactive, action adventure game, will allow players to learn how to manipulate air and fire, creating destructive forces such as Air Vortexes, Tornadoes, Fire Balls, and Fire Bombs, to take down enemies and progress through the game in order to fulfill their destiny. [THQ] Expand
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  1. All in all I'm really surprised. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a pretty cool action-adventure with the original voice from the TV-Show, nice story and a cool gameplay.
  2. Outside of an epic soundtrack and a few cool graphic effects(such as displacing snow when you run through it and knocking off enemies' armor when you attack them), The Last Airbender is a pretty unspectacular action-adventure game. [Aug 2010, p.91]
  3. 43
    All in all, a very average sort of an action-adventure game.
  4. Terrible level design and boring fights is not a good formula for a good action game, but sadly The Last Airbender has all of those negatives, and a dozen more.
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  1. Nov 12, 2010
    The Last Airbender movie tie-in game is a pretty decent action adventure game, like most movie tie-ins it does just enough to satisfy the kids but depth isn't there for adults. The blue Spirit was the most enjoyable character out of the three playable, swordplay and acrobatics were executed really well. It did become a little monotonous in game play but at least the graphics looked decent for a Wii game trying to do stylized realism and the cutscenes, 2D stylized ink drawings, were actually quite interesting from Zuko's perspective and told a good story. Expand