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  1. Nov 21, 2011
    Absolutely amazing game, which affords a new control scheme which makes interesting new gameplay options possible. Negative reviews are reprehensible given that the game's usage of motion controls was announced originally --- people who want to sit down and play games by mashing buttons should re-play the old games, or choose to purchase games which cater to that. People who played Wii Sports Resort and wanted more freedom and control (and interesting puzzles) or Red Steel 2 and wanted a longer game will be well-rewarded by this game. Expand
  2. Nov 21, 2011
    Magical. Minor complaints here and there with motion controls and pacing, but this game is captivating from beginning to end. Would expect nothing less from a Zelda game. Easily crack my top ten of all time.
  3. Nov 21, 2011
    This is not only an incredible Wii game, but an engaging game on any platform. It pushes the graphics on Nintendo's little white box, utilizing an excellent art style that feels perfect for the series. If Zelda was upscaled to high definition, this would be on par with a good looking XBOX360 or PS3 game, and that's exciting, yet simultaneously disappointing considering no other Wii games, save one or two, achieve this. This is the greatest Zelda game made, and a wonderful swan song for a console that has been greatly underappreciated. Expand
  4. Nov 21, 2011
    I'm playing SS for about 23 hours and here are my thoughts:

    + Memorable Story
    + Character design
    + World design & size
    + Controls
    + Humor

    - Getting used to the controls took me a while

    Check it out guys, it's one of the last Wii gems!!
  5. Nov 24, 2011
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is one of the greatest games i have ever played. The near perfect pacing of when you are just starting to get bored of something you change directions and start doing something else. the controls are near perfection. i am sorry gamespot but i dont know what you were playing but i have had nothing but pure enjoyment from the controls. i have played every zelda from a link to the past up and this i will with no problem say tops ocarina of time in my book as best in the franchise. This is the perfect gift from nintendo for zeldas 25th aniversery if you have a wii get this game and if you you dont im sorry because you are missing out on a great game Expand
  6. Nov 21, 2011
    My favorite Zelda game has been The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for as long as the game has been out. I tried playing Twilight Princess several time but just couldn't get into it. I bought Skyward Sword yesterday and I am pretty deep into the game. I think I may have a new favorite.... The atmosphere and the controls are my favorite parts of the game. The controls are almost perfect so far. I've had zero issues with registering jabs or swings and have only needed to recenter the cursor a couple of times while looking at the map. I'm guessing that the people that are having issues aren't use to the motion controls, have a broken controller, or haven't played the game. It looks like all of the COD trolls are trying to avenge their user metascore. Expand
  7. Nov 21, 2011
    People who say this is "dumb" or "boring" don't know how to play video games then. It's not the same. It's everything we love about Zelda, but in a different way. Half of you probably say that, then give Call of Duty or some sports game a 10/10. Stupid hypocrites.
    Pros: This game is amazing. It's well worth the 10/10 and is way more fun to play than Skyrim or Battlefield 3. I haven't
    touched either since I've gotten the game. Skyrim is decent, but leaves the player left doing nothing with tremendous power and is barely a challenge. The only challenge I found were the OHKO bosses and Giants. But even then, after you get the ebony stuff, it's too easy. BF3 is okay, but idc for shooters anymore because gameplay wise it's not changing. I like BF3 a little more though because it's squad base, granted if you find a squad who does squad things. The reason I threw those two games in here is because it's to make a point, both games are not revolutionizing gameplay. The main thing is your stuck using a controller and it's not like your actually doing anything, just watching. Like a movie with choices to choose your adventure kinda thing. Then comes along BF3, where it's still your point and shoot shooter. yeah it's overly harsh and you have to go into more detail, but lets face it, the only thing seperating BF3 and MW3 are a few gameplay differences. What makes Skyward sword different is the new motion controls that make you feel more like Link. That alone makes the game a 8/10. Getting more into the game, there's tons of neat little references to past Zelda games, epic music, a vast world(s), and for a first, a pretty good story to boot. This game also proves a game doesn't need great graphics to be great. That reminds me, How's that swimming coming along in Skyrim? Compared to Skyward Sword's water physics, Skyrim looks like jello or something. Horrible in Skyrim. Worst part is Bethesda doesn't know how to do bug fixes and leave it up to the fanbase to do it. Nintendo takes pride in their games at least and fixes those bugs so the player doesn't have to do anything except enjoy.
    Cons: The controls are a bit annoying, but that's because I usually play laying down :P This just means I need to get my lazy butt up of the couch more or less. Nothing has made this a game a disappointment and anyone who thinks it does is just a nintendo-hater who thinks only good games are the violent ones.
    Nintendo proves again you can make a great game with just gameplay. I can't wait for the next installment in the Zelda series, it'll be tough to beat this one.
  8. Nov 21, 2011
    Well, this game has the best controls ever seen in a game. The story is awesome and the swordplay is simply perfect. I think this is a game that will pass through generations... it's really a masterpiece.
  9. Nov 21, 2011
    Awesome! The characters feel real! This is what gaming is about! The interface is perfect! The motion controls are accurate and smooth. The story is well-told by a cast of believable characters.
  10. Nov 21, 2011
    Perfect in every way, definitely the most enjoyable Zelda I've ever played. Packed full of plenty of side missions as well as a very well-done main quest, it's a non-stop ride of pure joy and excitement. Anyone who enjoys gaming should definitely pick this up, a must-buy for sure.
  11. Nov 21, 2011
    Amazing game. I've been waiting for this game for over a year. You know what I say, it was worth it. It has really good controls. Spaced out enemys. You can even adjust how to point the wii remote, so you can sit at any angle you want. 11/10
  12. Nov 21, 2011
    This game makes new standard for all motion games. If you like Zelda games then you'll love it and won't even want to go back to old control scheme. This is probably last worth game for the Wii but really, it's a must to own it and play it. The game is getting everywhere positive reviews from critics (this is rather confirmation that in 90% bad reviews are made from fanboys here..). I've played almost all Zeldas and I like them all, but for now this is one of my favourites. Hope you will have also the same good time as I had playing it. 10/10 ! Expand
  13. Nov 22, 2011
    Un bon 10/10 pour ce jeu magnifique , sa rachètera certaines notes pourris et injustifié comme celle de kickinit525 , qui lui colle un 0/10 car il aime pas la jouabilité .... alors qu'elle est très bonne , m'enfin bon il faut savoir utiliser ses mains ... Puis encore un pro X-box qui colle son 10/10 a Skyrim et 0/10 a Zelda , tellement pathétique que je vais faire la même chose sur son jeu adoré , en pestant sur la jouabilité ... j'espère qu'il lira mon test , et se rendra compte de sa connerie ^^ Expand
  14. Nov 22, 2011
    El mejor zelda?ni de coña. Si esto es el mejor zelda, entonces no se que seran Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time y Majora´s Mask, patrañas?y un huevo. Nintendo se ha dejado la pasta en la prensa para que le pongan dieces a esta mierda llamada Zelda Skyward Sword. El conjunto del juego es una jodida fusion de Wind Waker, Twilight Princess y Spirit Tracks, el mundo mas vacio incluso que Twilight Princess, el Boss Final mas facil de derrotar que el emo de Grihaim o como se llama, el efecto acaurela es otra mierda mas del juego, de tocarse los huevos el equipo desarrollador. Collapse
  15. Nov 22, 2011
    This game is so **** epic. **** off these stupid haters, ****
  16. Nov 22, 2011
    ZELDA GAME THIS MEETS EXPECTATIONS THAT THE GREAT MAJORITY OF FANS LOOKING FOR SAGA, THE CONTROL IS VERY GOOD, history and character interaction and the appearance visual and musical, though not COMES MASTER IS OOT It alone can SHINE
  17. Nov 22, 2011
    This game is a Masterpiece!!! I have beeb playing for 25 hours and is wonderful and awesome. My favorite Zelda was before Majora's mask but after playing Skyward Sword I need to think about it.jajaja

    Sorry for my English! is not my natal lenguage.
  18. Nov 22, 2011
    As I sit only about 15 hours into the game I'm not in a position to write a full review of this game. What I can say is that so far the experience has been simply excellent starting with the most important aspect... the controls. Let me start by saying that there is still room for improvement as the controller doesn't always do exactly what you want it to but for the most part it works as advertised and really adds a level of immersion to the game that has never really been part of a Zelda game before. The sword fighting is fun and they even have found clever ways to work all the Wii Sports motions we have been doing for years into the game without it being gimmicky. Bowling bombs need I say more? Another great thing about this game is the challenge. There hasn't been a Zelda game this hard since Zelda II on the NES. While this game is still not as hard as that game it is defiantly more difficult than any other Zelda and that is a most welcome change. I grew up with Zelda so I will always love it but it is nice to play a game that doesn't feel like it's difficulty was designed with 8 year olds in mind. Graphically the game is as beautiful as anything I've seen on the Wii. It may not look quite as sharp as Super Mario Galaxy 2 but it makes up for it in art direction and style. The perfect marriage between Wind Waker's Saturday morning cartoon feel and Twilight Princess's more mature feel. The music is also excellent and for the first time completely orchestrated. The story I will not go into great detail on as I have not seen it in its entirety. I will say that so far it has been one of the strongest narratives I've seen in a Zelda game yet. The emotion and character on display is unmatched in the series and Link despite being silent as always has never had so much personality as he does here. Zelda herself even makes much more of an impact then usual. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the story takes me. All in all it is an excellent title from Nintendo and worthy of the praise that has been lavished upon it. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but the 0's I've seen given to this game are just ludicrous. Don't listen to the naysayers. Even if you don't end up liking the game as much as I a doubt that you will find it to be a 0 experience. Expand
  19. Nov 22, 2011
    This is the game we were dreaming of since the conception of video games, since we were little kids we have dreamed to be a character on a video game, this game, brings us closer to virtual reality, this is the game that will change the way you play a Zelda game.

    The good: The story, The gameplay, the length of the game, and the difficulty (not extremely hard, but has a lot of
    challenges), the dungeons
    The Bad: the graphics look jagged, THIS IS A MASTERPIECE
  20. Nov 22, 2011
    This is a game worthy of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the best video game franchise ever. This franchise has come a long way from its humble gold cartridge casing days on the nes. The mechanics are great with the wii motion plus guiding our blades and other gadgets. the look with the watercolors is beautiful, the story keeps us yearning for more with each dungeon, and the music done with a full orchestra sounds better than anything we have heard!! i love this game and its going in my never return it pile with my other favorites Expand
  21. Nov 22, 2011
    Good orchestrated music, a fine difficultly for both new and experienced gamers (provided you can be bothered with Hero Mode), probably the best use of Motion control I have ever seen in a Wii game. Also contains Groose, the greatest Zelda character of all time!
  22. Nov 23, 2011
    Since Ocarina Of Time, no game has ever brought me the same amount of pleasure and emotions that it brought me at that time. Some say the "Zelda magic" is not in Skyward Sword. I disagree. It is there. In fact I think it is more present than ever before, AND it is a more unique one this time. This game keeps surprising me without end. I had extremely high expectations for this game but they kinda disappeared once I started playing the game. It is so different than what I expected. And in a good way. From gameplay, to music, to story, to dungeons and...hell, everything in this game surprises me. Controls works like charm. Believe me when I say the controls work perfectly well, at least for me, they work perfectly well. Just take your time, get used to the controls and everything will go smooth and it is tons of fun. Definitely better than pushing buttons, and I don't say this lightly. I wasn't sure about a lot of stuff in this game. But I decided to jump positively in the game. And it turned out extremely well. This is the first Zelda that I believe outclass every other Zelda in a lots of ways. I've read people saying Skyward Sword graphics are worse than Twilight Princess which is absolutely wrong. The level of detail in SS is so much better than in TP. The art style is different, sure but I think this new art style is probably the most suitable for a Zelda game. Colorful and more pleasant looking than TP which is dark and sort of has a empty feeling to it. But that's just me.

    I had a good time with TP but SS... is SO SO SO SO much better. It didn't take long I could already say TP is boring game compared to this one.

    But hey I like hating on TP because it's my least favorite 3D Zelda but I know I shouldn't really. Each Zelda game is its own experience. Its own feeling. And OOT was the best feeling to me. But then, I was a kid back then. And now I feel like this is OOT all over again. But so different, I actually cannot say it is OOT again. It is a SIMILAR feeling, in the sense that I'm constantly smiling at how awesome this game is. The weird thing is that I have some Super Mario 64 feelings sometimes... I am extremely happy that this game is what it is. I'm a Zelda fan so I thought the game would be great but... this is just so different than what I expected. I'm repeating myself but I'm glad I was wrong.

    I love this game. I just love it so much. Don't listen to haters. Nintendo isn't dead. This game is the proof. It is an amazing experience. I also play other games such as Skyrim, Batman, etc, so that you know I'm not just a Nintendo fanboy. I am being honest. No one should miss this, not even Nintendo haters. EVERYONE should play this. :)
  23. Nov 23, 2011
    Skyward sword is a fantastic title. A little slow to begin with, (but then again show me a zelda which isn't). This slower start is important though because all the characters you meet will have a big impact on you. characters and locations are memorable. The game elegantly gets around the wii's SD capabilities with the new art style. Jagged objects are avoided by the watercolour effects on objects in the distance. It works a little like the focal point blurring that wind waker used to avoid jagged scenery etc. The first few hours feel a little like more traditional zelda, but as you progress, it becomes clear that skyward sword is a fantastic addition with many new ideas and features! Truly brilliant. Expand
  24. Nov 23, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm one of many people that grew up play the Zelda series and I'm probably one of the few that doesn't own any nintendo products besides the gamecube. After watching the gameplay videos, walkt-hroughs, and features I have to say this: GET IT. I planned on getting the Wii just to play Skyward Sword because of the textures, the presentation looks magnificent. I love how they combine the cartoon look from Windwaker and the detail from Twilight Princess. Now if your like me who owns a 360 or a PS3 but grew up with Zelda. then it'll be hard having to adjust to the Wii Motion controls at first try. The story is intriguing, because not only is it a prequel to Ocarina of Time but this also sets up how Hyrule came to be, and the origins of our favorite couple Link and Zelda.

    Overall this game is really worth the money to both Casual and hardcore Zelda fans all over the world. Like I mention above if you grew up with the Zelda series during your childhood but own a 360 or a PS3 instead of the Wii I highly recommend getting one just to play Skyward Sword. I'll admit I own a PS3 and play shooters like BF3, MW3, and other PS3 exclusive games but that doesn't change my love for the Zelda series. I have no doubt in my heart that the moment I get the Wii and this magnificent game, I won't be disappointed even though I've only had a few minutes playing this at my local gamestop.
  25. Nov 23, 2011
    I think the good vote for this game is 9.7
    It's good. It's very good. I think the people who give 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 simply can't play Zelda, and they excuses whit sentences like "The control are bad", "Zelda doesn't **** with Link" "blabalablablabala"
  26. Nov 23, 2011
    Spoiler-free review

    This is the greatest gaming experience I've ever had. I am a huge Zelda fan. I've played Ocarina of time, I have it for the N64, virtual console, and gamecube collector's edition disc. OoT was my favorite game up until Skyward Sword came out. Skyward Sword has the best plot and character development out of all Zelda games. I've seen some reviews that are saying they
    don't like the beginning set-up. I agree that it does drag on at parts, but it was fun overall and the game needed it for the story. The story is not only amazing, but it explains events in OoT and other zelda games.

    The 1:1 sword controls are perfect for the most part, the remote will need to be re-calibrated every once in a while, but it wasn't much of a problem for me. The controls make the combat much more difficult, diverse, and puzzle-filled than most Zelda games. Every single dungeon in game have been my favorite out of all the games so far, and the bosses are superb and difficult, especially the last two. Those are the hardest boss fights out of any Zelda game so far. The overworlds in the game aren't as open as in OoT and Twilight Princess, but they're large and work perfectly for what they're used for. The graphics are amazing, especially for a Wii game. The art style is by far the most beautiful I have ever seen in a game.

    The items in this game are extremely amazing. There's many new items and returning classics. Almost every item can upgraded to be more powerful, have new functions, and look even cooler than they already do.

    I haven't finished them all yet, but the game has many side-quests and collectible items to upgrade your gear and potions with. Skyloft is the best town in Zelda so far, it's large, has a lot going on in it, and every NPC in the town can be talked to have have their own personality.

    The music in this game isn't quite as amazing as OoT or WW, but it makes up for it with how beautiful the fully orchestrated songs are, especially the songs from past games that are now fully orchestrated.

    The mode of transportation in this game, the loftwing, is my favorite so far. It works perfectly for the kind of overworld it is used in and is extremely fun to control. The main quest is about 40 hours long. There's many hours worth of sidequests and collecting treasures. And after you beat the game, there's a hero mode that is more difficult than the normal game. This game has at least 100 hours of play time.

    To sum it all up, this is by far the greatest Zelda game, no, the greatest game I have ever played. Story - 10/10
    Graphics - 10/10
    Music - 9/10
    Replay Value- 10/10

    Overall - 10/10
  27. Nov 23, 2011
    This game is the game of the year 6 years in the making. Everything The Legend of Zelda has stood for is all put together in this game making it the ultimate Zelda experiance ever. The dungeons, bosses, characters, and RPG elements are the best the zelda series has had. Every temple was refreshing and unique and the bosses were all very random and surprising! The wii motion plus made the game feel less like a grind during combat and made every fight feel special. Anyone complaining that it was not exact or was hard to use was doing it wrong i swear. This is the best game i have ever played in my life and ive never given a perfect ten to a game in all my life but this game easily decieves it if not even more. I have been a hardcore gamer for the passed 14 years and Ive never had a more enjoyable gaming experiance. I hope this helped in anyones desision to ignore the negative reviews and buy this amazing game! Expand
  28. Nov 23, 2011
    Breathtaking! People that complain about the controls clearly haven't spent much time understanding them and their nuances. They expect everything to automatically work without any learning curve.
  29. Nov 23, 2011
    Amazing game! Great art, story, characters, and gameplay. Ignore all the zero scores, etc. Trust me when I say they haven't played the game. If you are looking for a great gaming experience like no other then i would highly recommend trying this game. Does have a learning curve, but once you get past it you will never want to go back
  30. Nov 23, 2011
    I expected this game to be good, but you know what it is? Its great!! The graphical style is the best that the Zelda series has to offer, IMO. Plus, the motion controls work excellently. The only problem that I have with the game is that you have to recenter the pointer thing a little too much. Oh yeah, I forgot about the story of the game. To be honest, this is the most plot centered Zelda game ever made. There are also many cinematic parts to this amazing adventure. And for all these reasons above, this is why the game deserves a 10 out of 10. Expand
  31. Nov 23, 2011
    What are these "games" that you have honored in recent years? The one true sword master chief is back, or rather he has always been there. Matrix, navel and center of gravity of the video game, this new Zelda reference everyone and all claims satellites in orbit. The wind in the sails, at ease.
  32. Nov 23, 2011
    This is the best game on the Wii period. Best Zelda game period. Best game this year? Maybe.
    The graphics are cell shaded :/ but it works well, actually looks alot better than I thought it would. Sword controls take only a couple hours to master, if you dont like them or think they're laggy it's because you suck.

    Lots of cut-scenes, interesting characters really gets you into the
    Lots of Zelda de-ja vu.

    Awesome game all around definitely a must play.
  33. Nov 24, 2011
    It's got a Twilight Princess brain, a Wind Waker heart, and the adventure of Ocarina of Time coursing through its veins, but at its soul is a brand new game, and Nintendo aren't afraid to show it.

    Skyward Sword is a game that FEELS right, in every sense of the word. It flows effortlessly and, as the game progresses, immerses the player beautifully into its world.

    For 35 glorious hours,
    you won't just play a video game - you will become Link, and embark upon your own fantastic adventure, high spirits and sword (Wii remote...) in hand. Never mind the brown/gray/dark brown color-wheel of Call of Duty or Battlefield - the watercolor pallet of Link's latest outing is majestic and, indeed, beautiful. This game simply radiates with character and cheer.

    Accompanied by a soaring soundtrack and ingenious, satisfying controls, Skyward Sword sits proudly in the ranks of one of the finest games in the series.

    The finest game on Wii. A must-buy.
  34. Nov 24, 2011
    This is why i am a zelda fan. For me this is the best zelda ever made. My favorite was marjoras mask but this one beeds them all damn i realy love it .
  35. Nov 24, 2011
    I've never been so engaged in a game in a very long time. Everything from the dungeons to the bosses are absolutely fantastic. It's and extremely amazing game. 10/10
  36. Nov 25, 2011
    A wonderful, colourful and epic celebration of the rich 25 year history that is "The legend of Zelda". Don't be fooled by the console it's on, Skyward Sword pushes the wii and manages to pull off a timeless and artistic look that does the series justice. Motion controls feel precise and intuitive, story is top notch and gameplay is at its best. Fan or not, do yourself a favour and give Skyward Sword a go. It will not dissapoint! Expand
  37. Nov 25, 2011
    A great game for an under used system. The only reason I have a wii for is super mario and zelda games. Nintnedo always delivers when it comes time for the show and this game is no exception. The changes are refreshing, the story is a nice change of pace, and the motion controls add total immersion to the experience. It started off a bit slow but picked up. Im about 10 hours in and cant put it down. I recent picked up Arkham asylum (another great game) but have no urge to play it due to how much fun zelda is. Expand
  38. Nov 25, 2011
    An amazing game; The creators have improved upon all aspects of the gaming adventure that is Zelda! It's been a number of years since I've played a game that's simply so much fun I find myself not being able to put the controller down for long. I highly recommend Skyward Sword!
  39. Nov 25, 2011
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is one of the best games of all time and certainly the best of the year. It has a great story and great graphics for the wii.
  40. Nov 25, 2011
    This such a beautiful, addicting, awesome Legend of Zelda game. The characters are so diverse and you like them so much. Flying is fun and the music is epic. The motion controls are absolutely perfect, don't believe those people who say it sucks. Rarely, you have to calibrate Wii MotionPlus. It's very rare that it happens to me, so I don't care. I have played it for 5 days and have already played for 21 hours. The best game on the Wii and quite possibly the best Zelda game off all time. 10/10. Expand
  41. Nov 26, 2011
    This is the best love letter that the developers could have possibly written to fans of the Zelda franchise and the best send off that Nintendo could have given to Wii owners. I have played the game every night after work since it launched. The bundle package with the $20 golden Wiimote+ and incredible soundtrack was worth every penny. The controls respond flawlessly except for when I am using my bug net, but I learned to compensate. The camera will go off a bit once in a while, but a quick press down on the directional pad fixes that right up. The levels are amazing in both design and feel, while the music is the perfect accompaniment. You could argue that this game is a 9.5, or even a 9.0 for the super elitist, but anything less than a 9, you are kidding yourself. If you really have to have HD graphics, learn how to transfer the game from disk to your hard drive and emulate through Dolphin. This, like most Zelda games, is a must own if you are a fan of the Adventure genre or just love video games. Expand
  42. Nov 26, 2011
    So much hate for such a great game. Sucks that most of people giving this a 0 cant even prove they have played the game (outside of talking about things which were shown in the preview videos). I guess this is just what happens when something this good comes around. The hipsters and Nintendo haters will come out in drones and vote it down. I'm just giving this game a 10 to help boost it to the score it rightfully deserves. Expand
  43. Nov 27, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After starting it up, I was a little disappointed by the new controls and look of the game. But after about 5 min, I was loving it. The golden remote that came with the game works perfectly and the game looks stunning(for the wii). I'm not concerned with the graphics cause those don't make a game anyway, I mean, how awesome are all the bad graphic games from the nineties? Back to Skyward Sword: The story was really a let down at first, but after I heard about the three flames, I new just what was a coming. THE GAME IS A PREQUEL!!! The way the story all ties together is amazing and blew my mind. i don't think there is a better 25 year anniversary for anything ever. Expand
  44. Feb 24, 2012
    This appears to be one of those games you either love or hate. Unfortunately no matter how much I WANTED to love it... I just couldn't. Going into the game I had a hard time sticking with it I was so bored... Then suddenly everyone started reassuring me "Oh no it get's good about 20 hours in". 20 hours? A Zelda game that doesn't get good until 20 hours in? I'm sorry where is the memo that said Zelda would be taking lessons from Final Fantasy. But even with that I trudged through hoping to get to the promised "good" that was oh so deeply buried under a mountain of trash. Sadly almost at the end of the game... it just never came. Everything seemed like a big out of the way wild goose chase and nothing really flowed all that well at all. The flying controls were "wonky" at best for lack of a better word. Displaying every damned item I'd seen a hundred times before stopping in the middle of everything to show me picking it up, the explanation of the item and showing it being deposited in my bag just seemed so very needless... And Fi, don't even get me started on Fi. After being told where something is by the various goofy characters in the game of course Fi has to pop up and say THERE IS A 95% CHANCE THAT THING IS WHERE THEY JUST SAID. Oh... oh wow thanks, what ever would I do without you? Oh what's that? I'm low on hearts? I should probably find some? MAN, so THAT'S what that constant annoying beeping was! Ugh... I can't think of too many redeeming features of this game... I really can't. The entire thing just seems like a big chore. After the one point where I have to collect all those things under water I just stopped. I just couldn't take the monotony anymore. I'm glad there are many people that got more joy out of the game than I did, but it's still no Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess... or hell even a Wind Waker. It's just not Zelda in my eyes. Expand
  45. Apr 8, 2012
    Worst game ever. Why the fu** do you have to fight that fu**ing black monster 3 times... first time "i really did not like that" second time " I fu**ing hate Nintendo" third time i stood up, took the game out went to the street, put it in the street, and ate popcorn as i watched it get run over by a car. I stopped the car and gave the driver 20$. I Hate Nintendo. They ruined the one game I was addicted to. If your addicted to LoZ play this game if you want to get over it, if you don't well its to late for me. Expand
  46. Jul 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When I was six years old I got an N64 and OoT for my birthday... to put it lightly I have a major fan of the The Legend of Zelda games since. To be blunt I was not impressed by SS. Peope have said that we who are negative of SS are blinded by our nostagla from past Zelda games, to that I agree to an extent. The Zelda franchise has been a constantly evolving series, that has change many core gameplay mechanics, but stayed true to what Zelda has always been about; adventuring the lands, finding badass items, wicked boss fights, and a deep and convaluted story that grips you and pulls you in from start to finish. Pre-N64 games aside, OoT (ALttP was fantasic for its time as well) achieved all of these elements with a high degree for its time becoming one of the first great 3D adventures. It is now the model to which all of us hardcore "Zelda fanatics" hold all future installments to. SS is a paradox, despite being hailed as the greatest Zelda game ever, it is a major step back from the progress made since OoT. Each game brings its own special flavour to the medley, and despite never being "perfect" they represent progress for the franchise. SS throws away many successful and exhilarating aspects of past games, for new greener ideas. I cannot fault Nintendo for this, for without innovation the franchise wouldn't be in the same place as it is today. Nevertheless, I dearly miss the open worlds of WW and to an extent TP, interesting races like the Gorons or Zoras, the epic boss battles that *ALWAYS* required the unique item from the given temple, and finally... you can quote me on this, "a complelling story". As a self rebuttle I did greatly enjoy the new crafting system, the development of many secondary characters on Skyloft, and the new puzzles using the Wii MotionPlus. These are keepers in the Zelda franchise as far as I'm concerned, although the sword fighting with MotionPlus was at times...infuriating. Despite this the things that made LoZ so special to me, are spat on and frankly thrown out the window as far as I'm concerned for the following 3 reasons:
    1. Adventuring: Essentially none existent - 3 seperated linear areas, and a large sky that apart from skyloft has very little to offer. In WW there was a wide open world to explore that was deeply interconnected and possible to travel at anytime, even if some islands secrets were item specific. Even the original OoT was open, and Hyrule could be travelled freely other than a free choice exceptions. The main complaint is that the progress that was made in WW and not so much in TP towards a more open and interactive world was not existent in SS.
    2. Boss Fights: Just Awful - Apart from Koloktos, the huge beast with 6 arms (who was a blast to fight I should say), and Demise, the rest get to big thumbs dowm. Ghirahim is a huge pain to fight not to mention that you battle him 3 times instead of a boss that is unique to the temple, and the rest are fairly lame. One of my favourite part of the past games was the massive boss fights and how satisfying they always were. Its not a matter of difficulty, but how satisfying it is to slay a massive beast...SS misses the mark in this category.
    3. Story: Weak - this is a very subjective category I admit, but its been said before and I'll say it again...the story of SS is awful with numerous plot holes. For one who the bloody f*** is Ghirahim! yes he is the demon lord pledged to Demise, but come on! no detailed reasons for his motives, what makes him demon lord? where does he come from? In TP there was a great backstory on Zant, his background is blurry, but it is obvious he is usurping Minda as Ganondorfs pawn and is conquering the world of light. Its easy to work out that Demise has the evil, destroy everything that is fresh and sweet goal, but some more to go on would be nice espeically for Ghirahim. In every Zelda game I've been absolutely captured by the story, with SS I could barely finish the game! I don't even wanna start with summary I would have sold my first born child to get one chance to strangle her! To sum up, weak secondary characters, terrible races (the kwikis...come on...), far to linear and repetative plot, and most importantly a lack of connection with the world depicted in SS. I want to jump in to the world's created in Zelda! if you don't feel involved in the plight of the world why bother saving it?

    Skyward Sword is a step forward for the Zelda francise in terms of controls, and systems, but 2 steps back for the key elements that any Zelda fan should sit anxiously at the edge of their seat for. SS represents a new era for the Zelda franchise, I may not like it but the 93/100 speaks for itself. Old schoolers like myself may be sidelined as Zelda moves into new, uncharted waters disregarding past innovations. I can only hope that LoZ can move forward while respecting the past by bringing about positive change, while staying true to its roots!
  47. Nov 26, 2011
    Best zelda to date. Most fun that the crap that the put out there right now like COD, BF3, and even skyrim. The gameplay is amazing, graphics are beastly (on dolphin) and the cinematic storyline is mind boggling. I havent felt so excited about a zelda game since ocarina of time. This is the new standard for a zelda game and it will only get better knowing nintendo. To the haters, go back to playing your non cinematic skyrim. Just because a game has voice acting, doesnt make it any better, a perfect example of this is Dragon Age , where they literally killed the saga by adding voice acting along wiht many other flaws. Some argue nintendo is living in the past, but the past is doing a hell lot better than the present and this game is a masterpiece. Expand
  48. Mar 4, 2012
    My first Zelda game was Twilight Princess and I have some really fond memories from that adventure! So that's the Zelda game I can compare this too, but generally I have been playing video games for over 20 years. Skyward Sword is a mixed range from pretty to blurry mess..story is typical fairy tale no one really cares about...gameplay is great..motion controls work most of the time but are far from perfect...difficulty level is just right...I love: the sense of adventure, the music, the dungeons, the anime style animations and jokes...I hate: repetitive tasks, limited areas, fetch quests, unskippable dialogs that go on forever, no voice acting, annoying sound when hearts are low... Really, this game is worth a playthrough but Nintendo really need to modernize this franchise...the way this game is presented, it's only saved from being mediocre by the Zelda name...if this was the first Zelda ever, compared to other modern would be a failure..please Nintendo don't let Zelda die like this...bring it into the 21st century! Expand
  49. Nov 21, 2011
    I can see a problem and It's that this game is the greatest Zelda game, so ,the greatest game of the history, and this is the reason why the trolls or haters were giving bad notes, and it's fine, but in their interior they know that this Zelda is a Masterpiece, the controls, the gameplay, the story, all in this game is fantastic.
  50. Nov 22, 2011
    I'm feeling a bit... I don't know. I fondly remember playing the very first Zelda, dying... a lot. I've played every Zelda from that point on. A Link To The Past changed my entire outlook on gaming. It, along with Super Metroid were what defined that era. Then welcome the N64 and the new 3D Zelda... I felt empty. Maybe it was all the yapping, maybe it was the goofy characters, the stupid expressions, the repetitive phrases, the silly grunts and groans - but it lost me. I tried playing through OoT, MM... but I never ended up getting an N64 and tried it much later. I felt lost, there was no connection. I found my way back on the GBA releases and fell in love again, so of course I snapped it up when Wind Waker released on my recently purchased Game Cube... meh. It was okay, better than the previous games, but still with the goofy expressions, no vocal work, silly translations, characters that don't fit what you'd expect in real life (really, that's how kings/leaders speak?). But I finished it, even though by the end I wanted to take the boat and set it on fire.

    Then I fell back in love with the Minish Cap, got the Wii for Metroid Prime and snapped up TP... same problems, same dislikes but worse, I had to waggle the heck out of my arm to play.

    And now, this, with Motion Plus, and my RSI due to all the work I've done in these many years, I end up sore from swinging my sword, annoyed from the flying, sick of the stupid characters, the powdered cheeks, the goofy look of the salesman, the offensive flamboyant Beedle? Really? This is compared to the complex characters in almost every other video game out there?

    I don't get it. I may finish it, but I just don't get it any more. I'll go back to play LTTP, and all the awesome GBA games, skip the stylus-focused NDS.

    Zelda to me isn't this. For a lot of you it is, and although I don't understand that and know it's my own fault constantly trying... but this just isn't my thing. I'm very disappointed, how could I not be? This is something I grew up on from its very first incarnation - but how does everyone just shrug off the weirdness and sillyness, just that... it's so.. Maybe that's why people like it. I don't know. Sigh. I don't get the overwhelming praise. I mean, I want to, but I just don't feel it. It's not a "terrible" game, but I just don't feel I have the desire to finish it. If I do, I fear I may need to spend 5 times the price of the game on physio for my arm, stupid waggle controls...
  51. Nov 21, 2011
    It's Nintendo. It's Zelda. It's Wii motion control done correctly. It's a ten! ;)
    There is no doubt in my mine, even after just 12 hours on it, that it's the best 3D Zelda ever made!
  52. Nov 21, 2011
    10/10. A sublime and magnificent work. A clear sign that it is not strictly necessary to have 1080p graphics to make a great (although it is true that evil does not come into the game). A title that focuses on the prequel to this great series, which Zelda is not a Princess, Link is still far from being a hero and a traveling companion that moves by its particular sense and objectivity, even while she is something fun and calculator. The control of the sword is the evolution we expected to see 5 years ago. Hours and hours of exploration, unexpected, exciting story. In short, a memorable milestone of Zelda in its 25 years of existence. Expand
  53. Dec 7, 2011
    Okay, so it's not the best Zelda game. But with it's Motion Controls and restructured Zelda formula, it's worth a try for any gamer at all. It may lack in areas that shined in past Zelda games, but the game has obviously taken big steps for the series.
  54. Nov 21, 2011
    I'm having a lot of trouble understanding the negative reviews complaining about controls and fetch quests. There's always side quests in any sort of RPG, but they are OPTIONAL. Unless you count items and flames that you obtain in dungeons as fetch quests? Regardless, I've decided the control complaints are simply because you suck at the game. I've had no problems, and this is my favorite Zelda game yet. The perfect blend of homages to previous games and new, imaginative elements and design. A must have for any gamer, Wii owner, or Zelda fan. Expand
  55. Nov 21, 2011
    Sound -> 10, it's Zelda, and sounds so good!
    Graphics -> 10, it's not HD, but it's beautiful, amazing design and colorful.
    Gameplay -> 10, 1:1, nothing more to say.
    Story -> 10 too.
  56. Nov 22, 2011
    This is a really really good game, the controls work very well after you get used to them, you can NOT waggle your way through, people who say you can obviously didn't make it out of Skyloft before doing their reviews. It's a really good story, the relationships feel less forced this time around and the characters are creative and come to life throughout the game. The people who have been giving this game a 0 are idiots, some named good points meaning the game to them obviously was somewhat good to them, they are just giving 0s to be trolls. I personally believe this game deserves a 9.5 I wouldn't give any game a 10 but this game comes close to it. Expand
  57. Nov 21, 2011
    Es genial, todo es sobresaliente. La música , los gráficos, la historia , las quest secundarias, volar...
    Es un paso evolutivo en la franquicia , las mazmorras. El control perfecto con el wii motion plus.
    La duración es buena.
    Lo tiene todo
  58. Nov 21, 2011
    Simple as this its a good as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and for people who never played that this is your chance to play a game as good as it and its GOTY for me hands down
  59. Nov 21, 2011
    It will make use your head until the end...It's one of the most difficult Zelda compared to the last Zeldas; excellent gameplay associated with a perfect game design. The Legend is back!!
  60. Nov 21, 2011
    This is one of the best games i have ever played. the visuals are stunning and the motion controls feel like it was meant for zelda. it has been receiving some of the best reviews i have seen on the net, getting a perfect 40 from FAMITSU magazine which consists of four different reviewers that review the game and give it a final score. only16 games in existence have achieved this before, Oot being the first. This is truely a game for the ages Expand
  61. Nov 21, 2011
    Fantastic game! Great ideas, new experiences and a story that honors the entire legacy. The graphics are incredible for Wii's capacity and maybe you have to choose wisely your TV and it's configuration before start playing. Orchestras sounds are terrific and the controls REALLY work if you wanna play it correctly. Congrat's, Nintendo. Nobody does it better.
  62. Nov 21, 2011
    Nintendo is trying to innovate instead of creating another OoT clone; In my opinion, they've succeeded. The controls are well done, the story is great, the characters are nicely developed and likable. Instead of vast open unfilled areas they've condensed it to three areas that you visit multiple times, unlocking a new area each time. Some might consider this a 'lack of content', but that is just not true.
    I've heard a lot of people complain about the controls, but they are just waggling the wiimote like an idiot; It's very responsive and adds to the immersion.

    I give this game a 9/10 with the only actual gripe I have with it being the amount of fetch quests.
  63. Nov 25, 2011
    A lot of skyward sword is either love or hate. I love the new graphics style as well as the new gameplay elements, however I can easily see why someone would not. The stamina bar for example, could either be seen as something that adds to movement strategy or simply another useless meter to worry about. The graphics could either be viewed as laziness or nintendo's way of creatively using the limited power of the aging wii. Speaking of graphics, they are probably (as was with wind waker) the most criticized element of the game. However, I think they're beautiful. Just look into the sky in Faron Woods, or take a stroll through sky loft at night, the impressionist influence really pops. If the graphics style was too realistic, the whole game would lose its whimsical and colorful atmosphere, which could potentially break the game. Combat is excellent, swordplay is now longer just mashing b. Almost all the enemies (save the generic keese/chus) require a special element to defeat them. To provide an example of the depth motion plus gives to combat, remembering OoT when the skullutas just turned around for you? Now you have to horizontally slice them to get them to spin, and then thrust to hit the center. If you thrust first, they just knock into you. All in all, the best time I've had on my WIi in a long time. Expand
  64. Nov 23, 2011
    From all the perfect 10/10 and the hype of the last zelda game on the wii, I would be expecting an incredibly awesome game. Instead, I got a game that is just "fine" for the wii. And, in comparison with all the great triple A releases on the ps3 and xbox, a game that just doesn't measure up.

    The game is easy, really easy.You never actually have to die in this game. All the
    enemies can be beaten without any challenge. The wii sensor always has its usual issues(not comparing to the usual button controls) Some of the boss fights were allright, but nothing special.

    I am really disappointed with them. I don't understand how they managed to make a game that looks worse than both twilight princess and wind waker. They tried blending the styles, but did so in a way that just doesn't mesh.

    I give the game a 6 because while the game is not terrible, it just doesn't compare to the competition. OOT released today would garner an 8, and this game is decidedly inferior to that.
  65. Nov 26, 2011
    A simply brilliant game from the creative minds of Nintendo. The motion control is great fun and the art style really fits Zelda. The characters all have unique personality traits as well as looks. Small details and little changes to the zelda formula make this a refreshing change of pace for the series.
  66. Nov 26, 2011
    just amazing... one of the best games i´ve ever playd...... its beautifull and full of feelings the advernture, the characters, link, zelda, the places, the dugeons... everyting its so amazing... i just love this game.. its a "must have" and... game of the year....
  67. Nov 26, 2011
    A phenomenal effort that showcases great strides for the Zelda series and how to do motion gaming right.

    Though it will be prone to exaggeration, the controls are extremely solid enough to sway gamers that think flailing is the answer; its at a point where if one has to overly swing or exert too much effort (a common exaggerated gripe of many Wii games), the problem likely lies with the
    player or the player's position. The controls are very accurate and it shouldn't take any trouble for anyone to master, whether its swordplay, item usage, or flying the Loftwing.

    Adding game play aspects, like upgrading, further add to the series, enabling and setting the stage for further progression. Even the menu screen lists the current objective, making it easier for players to remember where they had left off, should one have to leave and not play for awhile. The combat, this time around, actually requires more thought and strategy, giving a sense of vulnerability that hasn't been experienced since Zelda II.

    This game represents a major step in the right direction for the Zelda series in the coming years. All aspects of the game, including lore, have been vastly improved, further pulling you into its world and taking you on a journey of legendary proportions. This title is more than worthy of standing side-by-side with Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past, two games that are held to lofty, and deserved standards. This step is also one that many developers need to take note of. This is the right way to make a great motion oriented game. Not to use gestures to replace a button press for the sake of being different, but making it a natural fit to the game utilizing it.

    Its a shame that people will simply work toward finding too many worthless faults with this epic, instead of embracing it for what it accomplishes. This is a worthy contender for Game of the Year, no doubt about it.
  68. Nov 27, 2011
    A tip for those playing Skyward Sword on HDTVs: turn your sharpness setting all the way down, along with shutting off edge enhancement. The game's art style is gorgeous, but on a TV made to run at 1080p those jaggy edges don't do it justice. These settings add a subtle blur that brings out the painterly qualities of the graphics.

    16 hours in, feeling like this might supplant Wind Waker as
    my favorite Zelda title. Since I'm not done I set my score at 8, so I wouldn't impact the Zeros v. Tens war that y'all always seem to be waging. Expand
  69. Nov 28, 2011
    Zelda has never let me down and this year is no different. The motion controls, which was heavily promoted by Nintendo, is actually really good, not perfect but still manageable compared to other games. With practice, the game's controls are close to accurate and I almost felt like I am Link, fending off foes and solving puzzles. The atmosphere, the dungeons, the story, almost everything seems different, if not too different, from the Zelda games I have played. The story is not too different from the formula, but it does give me a little more insight on the future relationship between Zelda and Link, it's more personal than ever. There is no voice acting, but I think its nothing important with this game as the characters are expressive in their own way. The dungeons are completely vast despite the fact that it is not as much of an open world as previous installments. I feel good about completing dungeons because the journey is just as exhilarating as the destination. I know some might not like the things I have mentioned above, but for those who are willing to have an open mind and appreciate what this game can give, then its a worthwhile experience. Expand
  70. Nov 28, 2011
    This is one of the best games for the Wii! Maybe the best zelda game yet? Maybe! Skyward sword is another game in the long running series, a series well known for having one of the best games of all time. This is the game the Wii was built for! This game is a masterpiece. Enough said. The gameplay is incredible. Trust me, once you play an hour of SKyward Sword, you will never want to go back to controllers. Wii motion plus is what Zelda is made for. This Zelda is one of the best Zelda game ever. First of all the gameplay is great, with the wiimote plus everything you do will be recognized and its really impressive. But because it uses the gyro instead of using the sensor bar you will often of to recenter the wiimote while using items like the slingshot. Graphics are really wonderfull, its are the best you can find on wii. I believe this is as good as Ocarina of time. They tried innovating and succeeded! This game makes old gamers happy and new people to the series as well. They changed a lot of new things but in a way that did not disappoint people who loved the formula and got tired of the formula. 25 hours till now playing the game ,controls are very impressive,clever, initiative . the important part that i have the same feeling in Ocarina of time the Depth of game play the value that i want to replay the dungeons and visit the area than one Time. The graphics are the best wii can get. The gameplay with the wii controller is superb. Absolutely fantastic. It's colorful, it's challenging, and while it's reasonably accessible for new players it does none of the claustrophobic hand-holding that many other recent Zeldas have done. The combat is a massive improvement over Twilight Princess, the motion controls being precise, responsive, and making combat an actual treat. Expand
  71. Dec 5, 2011
    A fantastic game from start to finish! The one-to-one movement swordplay made me feel more powerful than any other game i have played. The aesthetics and music complement the game perfectly and give it a truly 'epic' feel. Truly the Wii's swansong release!

    Full review at
  72. Mar 1, 2012
    "The Legend of Boredo...."....ah-emm, "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword", while it could only seem an interesting game for six to eight years old guys if it weren't so boring and tiring, it's instead the perfect game for lobotomized ones. Yes, thanks Ninty for keep saying me what i have to do for the whole game, cause been lobotomized I lack that piece of brain to understand it by myself, despite this I have to give this game a 0 only to drop its rating which is actually WAY to high, otherwise it could deserve even a 2. Expand
  73. Feb 11, 2012
    The graphics and characters are incredible, the sounds and music are great. The challenges are awesome. Or would be, except...

    Nintendo has removed the features that made older Zelda games popular and successful; searching, thinking, reasoning out challenges. In Skyward Sword you're shown or told at least twice everything you have to do to proceed. Not only are you not given a chance to
    think for yourself, you're prevented from doing it. Zelda is now a movie with interminable and inescapable cut scenes punctuated with "twitch" game segments. It's no wonder Nintendo is having financial difficulties. Expand
  74. Mar 15, 2012
    Bought this on the strength of reviews. Good game- but not great. No exploration, a single town, lots of padding.. it felt like the game was sending me on fetch quests 'just because', and the storyline was really weak. The controls were good and accurate, but laggy, which often caused frustration and in the end I couldn't be bothered, and flailing worked just as often as being precise did.

    And Fi, the games 'Navi', is super annoying, blocking gamplay to reiterate what you have just been told/discovered. Overall, my least favourite Zelda game, and the only one that has had me bored and begging for it to finish.
  75. Dec 29, 2012
    Weak story and character development. Although the game is playable, there was no drive for me to continue due to a lack of incentive to do so. I forced myself to beat the game because I beat every Zelda game before this one.
  76. Dec 1, 2011
    Twilight Princess for me; I've been forcing myself to play skyward sword, it's the first Zelda game i dislike. I brought all the Zelda games on there launch dates; I'm so surprisingly shocked at my hate for this game..........(MY OPINION ONLY) it feels like a dumbed down Dark cloud 2 (visuals and gameplay wise) with bad music, and link seems to be weaker than previous versions. Oh; and why are the puzzles so easy? Poor Pacing; repetive objectives, and ugly characters. on the upside i did get a gold wii remote out of it :) Expand
  77. Feb 25, 2012
    I'm doing something a little different (admitting this might not be 'right'), but I'm scoring this game with-respect to my expectations. And explaining it that way, this is the most disappointing game of my 30 years of videogaming, and therefor deserves the lowest score possible. Everything about this game is average at best, and the motion controls (even though apparently great by many reviewers) are just, well, beyond terrible. The stuff that works are nothing we haven't seen before 1000 times and the stuff that is 'revolutionary' is just, well, beyond terrible. The exploration is a chore. The dungeons range boring to acceptable. The boss battles are alright. The graphics and sound are alright. The amount of BOREDOM is really REALLY impressive. Like I said I'm scoring this according to my expectations, and that may be wrong but it feels right for me. And the most disappointing game of all time deserves a -10 if I could. I'm glad I got this using my Shoppers points because spending actual cash on this would have been a tradegy. Expand
  78. Nov 27, 2011
    While being a Zelda game makes this a fun game it is left far behind than the rest of the series. The storyline is good and all the characters are in line with what you'd expect from a Zelda game. The game however feels like it's centered around promoting motion plus. It's not so much that the controls are awful as I've read in other reviews rather than they are too much. There are no simple actions in Skyward Sword you always have to make these weird movements to achieve it. Furthermore it is the first game of the series where I found many items useless. For example the whip is only good for riddles in some dungeons, useless after that. The beetle is not usable in combat. As for the shield most times you are better off avoiding an attack rather than blocking it with your fragile shield. In many cases you'd even be better off whacking like crazy at the enemy until you accidentally hit. All in all if you are a Zelda fan you should play this game although you'll probably find it inferior. If you've never played a Zelda game you should play another game of the series first an only come back to this one if you find yourself hooked. Expand
  79. Nov 28, 2011
    How can I start this review the best I can? Hmmm... how about that this is one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life? I am not just saying that because Zelda is my all time favorite franchise. I am saying this out of confidence that this game is a true masterpiece, and trust me when I say that it is. Skyward Sword isn't just a high quality game. It's a revolution. To think that I would actually prefer motion controls over traditional controls. I've always been interested in the idea of motion in gaming, but still always chose traditional controls over it any day. Until now! When Skyward Sword was announced to rely heavily on 1:1 motion, it really caught my attention to think that this could be the game to show everyone what motion controls can do to improve your game. As it turns out, I was not only right about that, but my expectations were far exceeded. Everything you do in this game uses motion controls specifically in very unique ways at every turn. Skyward Sword is a game that can never be done with a regular controller. This game has officially gone from button mashing to swinging your arm, and absolutely everything in this game takes advantage of it. The puzzles, the bosses, the dungeons, everything relies on the direction you swing your sword. One of the boss battles actually requires you to swing upward in its weak spot, and if you swing from any other direction, your attack is blocked and doesn't do a thing. You'll come across enemies that will block from certain angles, but are left open to attack on the other, although it isn't as easy as swinging from that direction, because enemies will follow your movements specifically to block you. You have to try and trick your enemies into thinking you will swing from one direction, but then come at them from another. it requires great observation and strategy, and makes you victory far more satisfying. It works beautifully, I've never been so sucked into a game like this, I actually feel like Links sword is in my hand, I actually feel like the hero. The way this game uses 1:1 motion is proof that non traditional controls can really change the way we want to play games. Now that I've played this game, I actually want to play more games like it. I want more 1:1 motion games, I want to use it now more than my dualshock controller now. It has opened great opportunity to new kinds of gameplay, and Skyward Sword shows it done right. The story is the best Zelda has ever had. We finally see a romantic bond between Zelda and Link, and it strengthens the urge to find her when she goes missing. There are tons of twists that will make your head spin, and lots of great characters and moments that you will remember for ages. Although this game once again denies voice acting, it's actually an amazing cinematic experience. Character animations, in addition to the outstanding orchestrated soundtrack are stunning and great to witness. This game quite possibly has the best soundtrack a Zelda game has ever had. Right after you turn the game on, you are immediately greeted with the text narrated backstory, which plays the most epic war music you'll ever hear. The game is fully orchestrated for the first time in Zelda history, meaning the music is THAT much better. Never has Zelda music been so beautiful, and remember that we're talking about a franchise that is known for it's high quality and very memorable music. You will likely pause the game very often just because you want to listen to the music, the soundtrack is THAT good. The most debatable thing about this game, however, is the graphics. Many think that the graphics are bad quality due to not meeting todays standards of being HD, and to be honest, it doesn't matter. Because this game, in my opinion, is more beautiful than many HD games out there. Skyward Sword is a prime example that games don't need to be realistic and HD to be beautiful. It uses a fantastic and very original art style that embodies the Zelda universe perfectly, and will likely never look outdated due to its uniqueness. Do not let the absence of HD fool you, this game is actually the best looking Zelda yet. Skyward Sword has also replaced the open world with puzzle filled areas that you will revisit on numerous occasions. You won't be repeating too much, as you'll reveal secret areas that you never knew were there, creating a great sense of discovery. Although, this game has an overworld in the sky that you will be flying around using your awesome new companion. A giant bird. Epic with a capital E. And of course, on top of all this, it takes an amazing fresh approach to that awesome Zelda formula we've come to know for 25 years. It's like we always now it, but different. Zelda has shown once again why it's so critically acclaimed, and is without a doubt one of the franchises best games. Nicely done Nintendo! 10/10 Expand
  80. Nov 27, 2011
    The game is good. But i do have to question how many 10's you all are giving it. This is far from a 10 as Zelda games go. Skyward Sword is one giant fetch quest with some dungeons peppered in. Twilight Princess was that perfect refinement of the Zelda series up to its point in time. For Skyward Sword to feel like a true departure, they would have needed to do more than add motion controls and strip out the exploration of an overworld (a KEY hallmark of the series). Understandably, the developers still needed SS to feel like a Zelda game - which it still very much does - but they would have been wise to completely revolutionize the series with this entry instead of the next one on Wii-U. Nintendo needs a big shot in the arm right now to remind fans that they are capable of pushing the envelope with ALL of its series, as they proved so gracefully with Mario Galaxy. It really does seem to me that all the perfect scores dolled out to Skyward Sword may be the result of advertising deals, rose tinted glasses, or just pure hype. This Zelda is ultimately a disappointment and I am not excited to play it again in all it's tedium and tacked on fetch quests which extend to length of the game. I do agree that the positives far outweigh the negatives, as usual, but there are enough negatives this time around that the game feels like a chore 50% of the time. This is perhaps the Worst Best game i have ever played. (8.5) Expand
  81. Nov 22, 2011
    First and foremost, you can discount any the individuals who scored this game a ZERO, few games (if any) deserve such a non-score. Now lets get onto the people who have actually played the game and as such are fairly marking what so far they have encountered...

    I'm roughly 10 hours in and thus far can find nothing in which to fault. Stunning vistas, bold characters, innovative and
    faultless motion controls AND a beautiful orchestral score. In the last couple of month I have purchased Arkham City and Uncharted 3, both are good BUT both leave me feeling cold, Skyward Sword is another of those Nintendo games which is polished to perfection and given the added ingredient other "rival" developers cant ever replicate...that magic. Expand
  82. Nov 21, 2011
    This game is a masterpiece, and it is the closest the series has come to matching Ocarina of Time since the days of the Nintendo 64. It provides hours of game-play in beautiful scenic environments. If I were the designer I would have equipped the game with better graphics and the option to use a Gamecube controller. I however will not be one of those people who takes off marks for what I think should have been included, or for hardware limitations.

    If you read other reviews you will see complaints of this game being too long, or having too much dialogue. I wasn't at the meeting where getting hours of play-through time for your money was a bad thing, but it was probably where MW3 was conceptualized. If this game can't hold the attention of your 8 year old, I feel really and truly bad for you. I played Ocarina of Time when I was 8 and it gave me hours of entertainment, and never once did I become bored simply because of the need to read, or the time it took to complete.
  83. Nov 29, 2011
    Best game of "The Legend of Zelda" saga.
    This is the game the Wii was built for! All gameplay, that we suffer in other Wii games, where designed for Zelda...
  84. Nov 28, 2011
    My second favourite zelda game. TP and OOT are joint top. This game has fun gameplay, recalibration is not irritating as people say. The cinematic direction is better than any other zelda game although I prefer TP's art style. The first area and dungeon are boring. Why then do I give this a 10 not a 9? Because although haters gonna hate, Lovers gonna love. Hehehe.
  85. Nov 25, 2011
    It took them 5 years but Nintendo has finally done it..delivering an adventure so grand yet utilizing the 'revolutionary' motion control to the best there ever is. While there may be some technical hiccups, this is truly the masters' showing how it's done. Delivering and maximizing the ability of a 'weaker' system such as the Wii to its fullest. Great graphics (not high def though), great music, immersive control and gameplay...The best game of 2011 and all time is here. Expand
  86. Dec 7, 2011
    Woops Kinda did the wrong rating there but just go towards my review - When I first saw this game I thought it would be good or something new aside from the other games like Twighlight princess. Yes it does have a long number of hours of gameplay but it seems to be just another hack and slash. The controls for it was extremely bad even with motion plus. I got frustrated with it because when my controller went off screen the whole thing **** out. The story is good and interesting but the gameplay seemed to repitive to me. Expand
  87. Nov 21, 2011
    This game definitely is one of the better Zelda games I've played.. but not the best, not by a long shot. The graphics are alright, yes they are very artistic looking, but that doesn't hide the fact that pixels are made very obvious. But hey, I can forgive graphics and graphics don't make a game (although personally TP has better graphics IMO..). The gameplay itself is as good as ever, but the motion controls really put a downer on it, as personally, I'm more of a button-masher than a motion controlled sword swinging guy, sorry but they just bug me, plus the motion control don't always work which is VERY frustrating! Anyway, the story so far isn't too bad, but I'd prefer a darker story like TP's, but hey-ho I'll see how it turns out (only at the 2nd dungeon so not really judging it yet don't worry). It's kind of obvious that I've set my standards high after playing TP, because after that I couldn't really get into WW or PH/ST, they were just too childish for my taste, lets just hope this isn't either! Expand
  88. Nov 21, 2011
    Featuring many of the series best ideas while bringing in an array of new ideas to the franchise; The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is fantastic.

    One of the best improvements come from the control system. One of the few games to truly utilize the Wii, the fighting finally feels natural and adds some depth to the battle system, which has been a very shallow area in previous instalments.
    The controls also breathe life into the flight mechanic. It could have become very tedious, alike to how some took the boat in Wind Waker, however, the one-to-one twisting of the wii remote and the speed between destinations allow it to be an enjoyable part of the game, even towards the end of the game.

    The best part of the game however comes with the exploration between dungeons. In previous instalments it was purely to get from destination to destination and could have been taken as pretty lacklustre (Majoraâ
  89. Nov 25, 2011
    Taking my time to play the game through first & keep an eye on the major gaming sitesâ
  90. Nov 26, 2011
    Great game, marvelous graphics, amazing story. The controls are not lagged as some people are saying, probably these people don't know how to use the motion plus. It's more of the same? Yes, it is, is more of the same awesomeness that Zelda is.
  91. Nov 26, 2011
    I am very hesitant about rating this game a 10. Its not a perfect game but its pretty close. I absolutely love some of the new features such as the stamina gauge and shield life but the new Hint system just sticks a knife in my gut. I hate spending 10 mins trying to open a door, when I know I can get the answer by reading hints on a stone or asking my guide. I hate having the temptation right there in front of me. I also have a problem with not reading the hints. I am the type of player who won't leave a stone unturned and its hard to avoid these things. The controls were pretty frustrating at first but I got it down sometime after the first temple.

    I don't feel like typing out everything I love about the game........its a Zelda game....Ill leave it at that.
  92. Nov 26, 2011
    Don't pay attention to the fools giving out the same excuse for why this game is bad or lacking, following Tom Mc shea's comments. Motion controls are great and fluid. Please find something better to troll. You might also say it's the same old Zelda. But that "same old" has always been sensational. Also anyone who gave this score a zero is not giving a legit review. I give this game a 9.9 which rounds up to a ten. It's not perfect but then again what is. Expand
  93. Nov 29, 2011
    Has the world gone mad???? 30 negative reviews???this is just unbelievable...the game is brilliant having a very impressive art style(even though i liked twilight princess more on regard of the art style)the games motion controls are the best I've seen yet,i think that we might be looking at the game of the year
  94. Nov 29, 2011
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As with almost any other franchise, it's hard to look at one game in a series without comparing or reflecting on other entries that have come previously. Unfortunately, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time seems to always be the precipice of all follow on entries of this series; being hailed as the best Zelda of all time. What players and reviewers often forget is that, that game too, for the most part, was a rehash of the one before it but in three dimensions. Collect three things, get the sword. Collect seven things, save the princess. It has been that design for these games that has been used for follow on entries, aside from a few exceptions. In comes Skyward Sword, a game that tries to break the mold but keep a familiar feeling to hold true to that "Zelda-esque" design. For everything that Skyward Sword does well, it has a few things that are done equally terrible. What we have here is a series that has gone from little to no story outside what was in an instruction booklet to the fullest story told in the franchise. This series is muddied by inconsistencies told throughout, until Skyward Sword. A story that within it's conclusion wraps up nicely the reason for all previous games. I will not go too far into the story in fear of spoilers, but for a fan of the series, you get that "Ah-Ha!" moment; for newcomers, it's easily followed along and makes jumping into the other games that much easier. Story: 8/10 Back in 2000, the world was shown what Zelda would look like in upgraded graphics since the time of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. A year later we were shown Wind Waker. People, myself included, were shocked; some even appalled. It took playing and seeing to believe what Nintendo was truly capable of doing with motion design and emotional storytelling. Then came Twilight Princess, the ode to Ocarina of Time. A dark dreary game told in a threatened world once again. I mention these two games because it is so hard to feel the mixing of the two together to get the graphical design we see here in Skyward Sword. An older Link in a beautifully cel-shaded world. The world is so bright and colorful, full of detail and as things move off into the distance and fade into the background, it almost looks like a Monet style painting. The art direction for this game, fits perfectly to house all of the content and people that reside in this world. It makes sense to have kooky blue haired people in a world that looks and feels like this. The gorgeous oil/guache/water color design is absolutely gorgeous. Graphics: 9/10 The controls for this game are amidst huge debate among it's fans. Almost everything is controlled with the help of WiiMotion+ to it's advantage and dismay. When the controls work, it's incredible fun to see it all being played out on the screen in front of you. It really gives you the feeling of full control. It's when it doesn't work, which is about 20% of the time, that you wish you had a standard controller. Instead of fixing their control scheme they placed a work around in the controls to reset the center of the Wii-mote. This game can be completely played without the sensor bar because it's all relative to the Wii-mote. With this in mind, I found myself not having to reset very often. It was a mindset that took getting used to because of always having to point at the screen. Is it possible to waggle in this game? Yes. If done "right" it's actually quite effective. What ends up happening if the Wii-mote is waggled too ferociously is that you have to recalibrate the motion+. After having played with these controls, however, I couldn't imagine playing a Zelda game any other way, so long as n=Nintendo keeps improving on this method. Controls: 8/10 As with almost every Zelda game out there, there is some degree of exploration. Unfortunately, for Skyward Sword, as much exploration as there is, the locales are of 4 places; granted they are huge, you feel very confined. The level design is thoughtful and intriguing, I just wish there was more of it. I am glad they got rid of, for the most part, the "overworld" design put in place by Ocarina of Time. The surface world is full of surprises and things to see and opens up more and more as you progress through the game. Unfortunately, the only reasons to ever venture down there seem like padding. This game doesn't learn that fetch quests are redundant time fillers and can be quite annoying. There's a specific time where I wanted to choke someone out in Nintendo screaming "Why are you doing this to me?!" Getting over all of the fetching, the side quests, collectibles and other additions to this game round it out nicely. It was nice to see the bug net make its return. Gameplay: 6/10 Overall, I feel like Skyward Sword was a decent entry into the series and brings about the end of the Wii nicely. Skyward Sword: 8/10 Expand
  95. Dec 4, 2011
    Sorry to give it such a low score but the motion controls did not work for me at all. perhaps this was a technical issue, but this is a serious issue since you can not play game if the controller doesn't work properly. After a lot of time spent making sure the controls where set up as best i could, the game had so much text to click through that after giving the game about 5 hours worth i got very impatient and frustrated and chose to play something else. Expand
  96. Dec 13, 2011
    Horrible controls, linearity, fetch quests galore, underwhelming sountrack, characters so utterly over the top ridiculously kiddy they make Wind Waker look like Gears Of War in comparison Skyward Sword proves yet again beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only is Eiji Aonouma a hack no talent director/producer but that the man can continually time and time again top his own efforts at horrible game design in a manner eerily similar to how his creative superior Shigeru Miyamoto seemingly can top himself at creating better and better games. Ever since the utter disaster and trainwreck as well insults to the Zelda series that were and are Majora's Mask and Wind Waker the Zelda series has been sliding downhill into mediocrity and impending irrelevancy. The solution of course is to either outright fire Eiji Aonouma or remove him from the Zelda team and get Miyamoto directing the series he and Takashi Tezuka invented again but will Nintendo do that? Will they do the right thing?? WIth their track record of idiotic decisions the answer to that question is unlikely. They give us a romance between Link and Zelda FINALLY and they STILL DON'T KISS! What the hell is wrong with Nintendo? 25 years of blue balling Link and the fanbase is utterly unacceptable. The Mass Effect series and Elder Scrolls have undoubtably surpassed what Zelda as a game franchise has become under Aonouma's stewardship and that never needed to happen but through Nintendo's negligence and arrogance it HAS happened. Skyward Sword offers us an ultra kiddy dumbed down Bizarre with idiotic parental figures one that gobbles like a turkey in an attempt to calm down the baby on his back which I'm sure only serves to upset the baby further and the mother idiotically calls out "hey yo!" so much to no one in particular you'd think she was a Scott Hall fan of late 90's professional wrestling fame. Add to that a cast of characters that belong on either the Disney Channel (Groose) or the Logo Network (Ghirahim, Pumpkin Soup bartender, Bizarre Fortune Teller, and Fun Island man) you've got a whole collection of characters that are simply inappropriate for the Legend Of Zelda's overall theme as a series which is that this game series is supposed to be and always was (before Eiji Aonouma got his dirty hands on it) a midieval sword and sorcery adventure which common sense dictates should feature mostly serious characters both that you can take seriously as your opponents as well your allies. The site of the eye shadow wearing, dangly diamond clad homosexual Ghirahim does not fill one with terror but a combination of disgust and laughter two feelings no one should be getting from a Legend Of Zelda series boss. Demise the final boss and predecessor of the Ganon character is more what the series is supposed to be all about but unfortunately we have to suffer through his homosexual non threatening buddy who belongs on the Logo Network Ghirahim through the majority of the game and not just once but three times we have to face that decidedly unmanly tribute to cultural marxism and the moral corruption of American society. Ultimately I give this game a 1 to both signify its quality from my perspective as well grudgingly say that hardcore Zelda fans should at least play through this one once before putting it on their shelves with the rest of the Nintendo shovelware to collect dust and never be played again to disgrace and insult our collective intelligence with. From the tedious and far too numerous Silent Realm fetch quests to the tad notes fetch quest Eiji Aonouma and the new director Hidemaro Fujibayashi have truly created something that competes NOT with Ocarina Of Time but rather with Superman 64, Majora's Mask and Wind Waker for the worst game of all time and with the latter two games for the worst so called "Zelda" game in the series history. Message to Nintendo in closing: If you have any sense left in you as a company remove Eiji Aonouma from the Zelda series development immediately and get Shigeru Miyamoto back in the director's chair or Takashi Tezuka either of the series original creators and get the best writer the series has ever had Yoshiaki Koizumi to write the story. If you want to make this series worth a damn again and sell more than Ocarina Of Time or equivalent to that title do as I say. You companies only care about money anyway and that NOT Disney-ing the series up is what will bring you the masses of money that you desire. Wind Waker was a flop and Skyward Sword is turning into a sales flop as well despite being the supposed fastest selling Zelda so understand that the overall Zelda fanbase has spoken. No more cartoons or Aonouma garbage we want a real and worthy Zelda game to follow in the direction Ocarina Of Time and Link To The Past had the series heading in so long ago and only Miyamoto and Tezuka know how to bring it back in that direction, back on course. Expand
  97. Dec 27, 2011
    Another Zelda game, another entirely overrated game. This franchise has been stagnating since the release of Ocarina of Time. Graphics - Really? This is 2011, and after 5 years in development, this game still looks awful. I have never been a fan of the cartoon look (an i'm not alone), but even I knew Wind Waker looked beautiful. This game, however, does not. Moreover, if you're Nintendo, you will probably not increase the appeal of this series by choosing this particular art style.

    Gameplay- Typical Wii crap, but even worse. Look, I've played plenty of Wii games, and the games where the controls haven't been an issue are those where the whole motion controls aren't stressed (example being DKC Returns). However, Skyward Sword does stress the motion controls, and it doesn't do a good job. Holding your shied up is whatever, and the so-called "precise" sword slices aren't precise. Also, you're better off just avoiding attacks than using your shield, and most enemies on most occasions can be defeated by basic button-mashing sword slicing. Making those so focused upon, and supposedly essential precise sword swings unnecessary. Story- The only aspect of the game which I don't completely dislike. Having said that, it's not executed all that well. It reminds of Wind Waker, which I thought had an interesting concept to it, but wasn't told or illustrated in a good way. The same applies to this game. Some of the reasons for the game's lackluster story stem from poor English grammar (a lot of fragments, clunky sentences, weird language, etc.). The game also spends a lot of time telling you important to mundane things 2 to 3 times, which is aggravating. Most of the time though, there is just too much useless conversations (which cannot be skipped, only sped up). Also, when will Zelda incorporate voice talent? It really is noticeable in this game for the forgoing reasons. Other - There are other issues which bring this game down. First off, I hope you like backtracking, because there will be plenty of that (which is a cardinal sin I believe in a Zelda series). Second, most of the weapons offered in this game aren't all that good, or rarely used (the game is honestly obsessed with the sword, something I have never seen in a Zelda; maybe Zelda II?). Third, despite this game being the first to use a full orchestra, the songs aren't memorable nor made to fully take advantage of the instruments. Fourth, the game takes about 5+ hours before it actually gets interesting; that's absolutely inexcusable for any game, movie, book, etc. Again, this will not appeal to any new fans. Moreover, the ease of this game (the constant hand holding, coddling is pathetic). In the end, I don't think this game is awful, but its not great, let alone the "best Zelda ever" as so many idiots have noted. This game is weaker than Twilight, which was weaker than Wind Waker, which was weaker than Ocarina. The series simply hasn't been magical in 10+ years, and this recent entry further solidifies my idea that this series is and will continue to stagnate

    [Note: I gave this game a 0 only to drop its rating from 7.7, which is WAY to high]
  98. Jan 18, 2012
    Please you introduce classic control system.
    Motion control is a ****
    The Legend of Zelda SS is a worse game after The Legend of Zelda WW and TP, in fact they demonstrate it to the sales.
    It gets worse sales for The Legend of Zelda home of the history
  99. Nov 22, 2011
    El mejor zelda?ni de coña. Si esto es el mejor zelda, entonces no se que seran Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time y Majora´s Mask, patrañas?y un huevo. Nintendo se ha dejado la pasta en la prensa para que le pongan dieces a esta mierda llamada Zelda Skyward Sword. El conjunto del juego es una jodida fusion de Wind Waker, Twilight Princess y Spirit Tracks, el mundo mas vacio incluso que Twilight Princess, el Boss Final mas facil de derrotar que el emo de Grihaim o como se llama, el efecto acaurela es otra mierda mas del juego, de tocarse los huevos el equipo desarrollador. Collapse

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  1. Feb 6, 2012
    Overall, this is the best experience I've had playing a Zelda game since Ocarina of Time and I'd have to say they are pretty equal in my opinion. Either way, you won't be disappointed getting this game, it's a masterpiece.
  2. 90
    New Zelda is the best game of whole series since the groundbreaking Ocarina of Time. It is a true masterpiece with uncompromising playability. [Christmas 2011]
  3. Jan 19, 2012
    A magnificent homage for the 25th anniversary of one the biggest franchises in gaming, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword provides a compelling gaming and artistic showcase for the indefatigable potential of the medium as a whole, and a reason to have gaming as a hobby.