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  1. A great package. The unique control scheme is unique and effective, providing a sense of connection with your aircraft that mere button-pressing cannot. The story, told both with fantastic movies and via in-flight dialogue, is great; while confusing at times, it has requisite twist and turns just like the film.
  2. Nintendo Gamer
    Not only the best combat flight sim on Wii but one of the best shooty action games of any type. [Feb 2010, p.60]
  3. For fans looking for a solid flying game, or for something that's wholly different, this is a good bet.
  4. Overall, The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces is a great flight combat title on the Wii, and it's definitely something that Wii owners should check out.
  5. AceGamez
    The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces may well be short, but that doesn’t stop it from being the greatest and most electrifying flight sim on Wii. And for that reason, it deserves your attention.
  6. 83
    Despite the default motion controls not being quite as wonderful as you'd hope and the question mark over longevity, Sky Crawlers still manages to be a hugely enjoyable ride.
  7. 80
    After years of waiting for a truly standout flight game on Wii, XSEED has really delivered with Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces. Mixing in dozens of different mission types within the game's 18 stages, the Project Aces team puts a more arcade-inspired anime spin on its typical flight engine, and the result is a truly rewarding one.
  8. The game pleasantly surprised me with a smart (but difficult to master) control scheme, combat that was fun, engaging and difficult, and some great visuals.
  9. 80
    Visually the game has moments of brilliance, especially when levels are designed for one-on-one combat.
  10. Sky Crawlers is a solid flight sim that's brought down by a few unfortunate design flaws.
  11. With solid graphics and sound, some great gameplay elements, and a great anime style, you really can’t go wrong picking up and playing this game
  12. For a long time we've awaited for an aerial fighting-simulation like The Sky Crawlers, made by the team behind Ace Combat. And that's very much what we're going to find on this game, that follows the story of a few children that's set to die in the skies without any reason at all. Interesting gameplay, sometimes lacked by it's own struggle to show something new, cool story and impressive graphics. Nothing more, nothing less.
  13. Whilst we would have liked to see some kind of multiplayer option and the ability to replay missions at varying difficulty levels without replaying the entire game first, it's a lot of fun and a game we'll be playing for quite some time.
  14. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    It's not perfect but this is a breathless, enjoyable dogfighter. [Apr 2010, p.76]
  15. It's easy to get sucked into the story and find a lot to enjoy in the game's 18 action-packed missions.
  16. While undoubtedly a good game, Sky Crawlers is indeed is a stripped down version of Ace Combat, with simplified gameplay, decent graphics and a kinda short story mode. Just don't even try to play it with the awkward default motion sensor controls.
  17. Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces fully captures the antithetical beauty of aerial warfare and matches it with an engaging story about wealth, greed and their reliance on death. Flaws aside, at $29.99, it’s the best flight game on Wii.
  18. For Wii owners jonesing for something besides the usual batches of brightly-colored shovelware and tired flagship franchises, The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces fresh take on dog-fighting along with a healthy dose of anime-inspired storytelling is just what the doctor ordered.
  19. If you ignore the motion-sensing controls, then you'll find a lot of exciting aerial action in The Sky Crawlers.
  20. 75
    Overall this Sky Crawlers is a good combat simulator for Wii, in fact, it is the best on the system.
  21. While I expect The Sky Crawlers to be largely ignored by gamers, it's not going to disappoint those curious enough to check it out, by any means.
  22. 75
    The total package is tasty, but not entirely satisfactory, after completing all the missions. The motion sensitive controls are perhaps not the best option, but they are the most fun. A bit of imagination gets you far, but the execution of the spectacular moves are handled by the game itself. If you want a decent flight sim on Wii - despite it arcade-ish feel - don't hesitate to buy this one.
  23. Though better than most, Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces doesn't quite have the lasting power or polish to set it apart from the high fliers in the genre. For most prospective pilots, it's a decent rent, but if all you care about is smooth controls and shooting down bogies anime-style, then this is your bag.
  24. Thanks to the fairly interesting story and by looking past some of the annoying missions, Sky Crawlers is a decent game. It still might not appeal to veteran flight combat fans, but for those looking for anything to take to the skies, they won’t be disappointed.
  25. Great aerial action.. If you don't play with the motion-sensing controls.
  26. Sky Crawlers gives you the chance to chose from different and effective control systems, which we liked, and the variety of missions and the various extras increased our fun throughout our review. But the cut-scenes are just too long!
  27. Nintendo Power
    The best thing about The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces is that it makes you feel like a badass ace pilot. [Jan 2010, p.87]
  28. 70
    The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces does a lot of things right. Unfortunately, the game also falls a bit short in a few areas, and doesn't even get off the ground in others.
  29. Played with one of the other supported controllers, though, Sky Crawlers will deliver all of the above, but nothing else new to the genre.
  30. Veteran Aces will want to check it out, while newbie’s waiting for the next big thing from Nintendo can have fun with something other than a lame on-rails shooter.
  31. At least the unlockables provide a good reason to keep coming back for more. It’s hardly a perfect game, but it’s still fun. The pilots of Sky Crawlers were right; the war might not be real, but it’s still entertaining.
  32. For fans of aerial combat games or the anime on which The Sky Crawlers was based, however, the game offers an excess of value, with an Achievements-esque medal system, multiple difficulty levels, and dozens of things to unlock.
  33. A fun and fairly original pseudo flight sim that has more depth and imagination than most rivals.
  34. If you are a Wii owner and looking for a flight game then you really should give this a go, it's by no means perfect, but it is a lot of fun.
  35. As a flight game from developer Project Aces of Ace Combat fame there are many reasons as to why this could have been a competent flight game for the Wii. Unfortunately you'll get a limited amount of hours out of this game and the motion based controls don't do anything to improve the experience. Add to this a confusing storyline and presentation that's decent at best and you get an overall experience that'll leave you unfulfilled.
  36. Without much competition in the genre for the Nintendo Wii, Innocent Aces does not disappoint, on the contrary, follows the same lines that have categorized the aftermath of the Ace Combat series.
  37. 60
    Ultimately, Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces is a game that deserves to be in the library of anyone who enjoyed the film, and a worthwhile purchase for flight sim fans as well.
  38. If you want to test how an airborne action game works with your Wii - Innocent Aces could be the right game for you. Just be aware of the stupid story and the short lifespan.
  39. Despite a fundamentally flawed default control scheme and somewhat bland visuals, Innocent Aces remains a solid flight-sim.
  40. The game never finds its place between being an arcade or a simulation, making this another strange title for Wii that won't find a huge audience able to forgive its problems.
  41. 60
    Give it a go if you’re a fan of combat flight-sims or the film, but otherwise, you’re likely to be disappointed.
  42. 58
    Sky Crawlers was better than I was expecting, but still left me unfulfilled in a couple of places. The main culprits are the largely unexciting missions, which don't pick up in scale or drama until the final few, when the fighting and the set pieces around it start to actually feel stressful.

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  1. Feb 13, 2011
    I love it and wii controls make it better. The good! You feel like an ace pilot who dominates the sky. Planes are customisable and can fitI love it and wii controls make it better. The good! You feel like an ace pilot who dominates the sky. Planes are customisable and can fit your style. Good story and works along with the movie, when you watch the movie you can't help but think ya that's me who owns the sky. Awesome. The bad. I want more levels, more epic battles. Ace combat series is known for that, no matter how much they give you, you just want more. Hope a sequel comes out, ill pay 50$ no hesitation. Oh ya, if your a wii control fan you'll love it easy to get carried away and flinch right before you hammer into the ground. Full Review »