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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 38
  2. Negative: 21 out of 38
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  1. 42
    But sadly, the strength of the game's characters doesn't lead to a positive, or memorable, gaming experience.
  2. 70
    Tournament of Legends is a good game, but there are a few niggles in the default controls, and it hasn't exactly got much depth to it.
  3. Tournament of Legends isn't the prettiest Wii game, nor is it the most deep and engaging. What it is, however, is a good little fighter that makes good use of the console's interface and truly brings back the feeling of playing a fighting game in the nineties.
  4. Edge Magazine
    ToL's only saving graces are the hammy acting and daft moves. [Sept 2010, p.102]
  5. The only redeeming quality is the echo of ambition that can be faintly heard in the ruins of execution.
  6. Despite its promising concept, Tournament of Legends can be easily defined as one of the worst fighting games on Wii. The lack of an online multiplayer mode and the awful gameplay will in fact force any gamer to move on to something more challenging and, most of all, fun.
  7. Jan 7, 2011
    Tournament Of Legends isn't a awful game. Despite imperfection and lacks, the title is enough enjoyable. Fans of fighting games will undoubtedly spend time with it, but don't expect to play it for months, or not to suffer the excessive flatness of the combat system.
  8. For a game that began life as a gritty and realistic gladiatorial combat game, I was sad to discover that the process of watering down the content to a more family-friendly level has also diluted the entertainment potential of this title, especially since so many fighting games do wonders with a Teen rating and similarly outrageous characters.
  9. Guru players posting how-to videos on YouTube might not get a lot of it, but those craving a fighter that doesn't require slavish dedication will find Tournament of Legends to be a very welcome offering, and one that comes at a budget price, to boot.
  10. Tournament of Legends feels slack, slow and is very ugly, if not ridiculous with its outdated engine and horrible design, giving to the whole game a rather hideous aspect.
  11. Aged characters, aged gameplay and aged graphics. And we feel at least 15 years older after playing it, too.
  12. Games Master UK
    Any potential for campy fun disperses upon pressing the power button. [Oct 2010, p.86]
  13. games(TM)
    It's hard not to wonder just what exactly High Voltage Software is trying to prove. [Issue#99, p.114]
  14. The bargain price may tempt you to give the game a try but trust me, it's no different than the shuckster me-too fighting games of 15 years ago only this time you'll be losing a lot more than just a quarter.
  15. These legendary fighters may look the part, but unresponsive controls are the first thing you'll notice.
  16. Ultimately, everything in ToL can be learned and mastered in a matter of hours, which is perfect because that's about the maximum amount of time it can be fun for.
  17. If the game had continued to be developed as Gladiator A.D. it might not have sold but at least that seemed like a project the developers could have been proud of. This game absolutely reeks of a rushed development cycle after the change in tone in pursuit of sales.
  18. Tournament of Legends is definitely a different type of fighter with a unique mythological spin, but different isn't better in this case. This paltry package is best left to fade into the mists of time.
  19. Tournament of Legends is a mess of glitches, incompetent gameplay, and unfulfilled ideas. It is an insult to fighting fans and an embarrassment to the icons of classic mythology, although I suppose it deserves credit as the first fighting game that can be won in the middle of a full-on seizure.
  20. Tournament of Legends has a lot of good ideas but it falters a bit in execution.
  21. 50
    It doesn't matter whether you play this one with motion controls or the Classic Controller: Tournament of Legends is not a good fighting game.
  22. Tournament of Legends doesn't break the mould for fighters but it's always refreshing to play something different as opposed to traditional fighters.
  23. 30
    A shallow SoulCalibur imitation.
  24. 40
    ToL wins a consolation point since there aren't many 3D fighters on the Wii, and it is accessible to play. Everything else is a disappointment stacked on more disappointments.
  25. It was supposed to be something special, but in the end, the latest work by High Voltage Studios's nothing more than a failed 1vs1 under the shadow of some cool fighters. Nice mechanics, but the rest isn't as special as we'd wanted in the beginning.
  26. Incompetent, outdated and hopelessly misconceived - but other than that a great fighter for the Wii.
  27. Like The Conduit, Tournament of Legends feels like a wasted opportunity: the graphics are pretty good and the controls are ok, but the game itself is a mediocre no-brainer beat'em up, which also lacks an adequate amount of content.
  28. To put it as simply as possible, this is one terrible fighting game.
  29. A reminder of the 1990's fighting scene. Unfortunately Tournament of Legends is more chump than champ.
  30. Nintendo Gamer
    Hardly an epic tournament, but if you've exhausted Smash Bros or Punch-Out!! you could do worse than try this. [Aug 2010, p.62]
  31. You can't help but feel that the game is constantly trying to do too many things at once.
  32. Nintendo Power
    Tournament of Legends won't immediately appeal to Soulcalibur crowd--the controls won't come naturally, but once you learn the ropes(or lack thereof, given that matches don't take place in a ring)you'll find a challenging, well-balanced game that can be a whole lot of fun with friends. [Aug 2010, p.90]
  33. Despite its promise of being a visually-detailed fighting game that uses all of Wii's assets to the fullest, Tournament of Legends can best be described as a painfully average title.
  34. The new best worst game ever. Briefly entertaining in a terrible B movie sort of way, but once that wears off this is just insulting.
  35. 35
    Not only is this a poor fighting game by Wii standards, this is a massively wasted chance to create something unique and worthwhile. Your money would be better spent in the local arcade.
  36. Tournament of Legends disappoints in many aspects and we wonders at this point if it was really needed an environment change from the original ideas in Gladiator A.D. . The only 10 fighters in the game are the classic stereotypical heroes already seen a thousand times in other fighting games.
  37. This is a decent budget-minded fighting title, but it's not exactly one where you'll get much playtime.
  38. 60
    Tournament of Legends was much better than I had initially anticipated, but I am a sucker for generic fighting games with off-the-wall characters. If they had kept it Mature rated like it was initially supposed to be, and added fatalities, it would have been this generation's War Gods.

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  1. Aug 20, 2010
    Not a bad game. Really good graphics, nice sound design and good gameplay. The main problem is that this game does not have enough content:Not a bad game. Really good graphics, nice sound design and good gameplay. The main problem is that this game does not have enough content: few characters, few game modes and no online option. A good choice if you can find it for less than 30 dollars. Full Review »
  2. Mar 15, 2011
    Game receives a bum rap for not being Soul Caliber caliber. GRAPHICS: Good by any standard, fantastic for the Wii- 9/10. ADVENTURE: The story,Game receives a bum rap for not being Soul Caliber caliber. GRAPHICS: Good by any standard, fantastic for the Wii- 9/10. ADVENTURE: The story, dialogue, and characters all fall into the so-bad-it-is-good category. The real time events/mini-games vary from why-don't-all-games-have-this (monster attacks) to the-developers-must-hate-us (armor repairs). Very limited character selection (8 to start, some play the same)- 5/10. MECHANICS: Mostly intuitive. Without any manual or tutorial we managed to get the slightly sluggish controls down quickly- 7/10. EXTRAS: Considering the cluster-#@^$ that was the development of this game the finished product offers two big rays of sunshine; 1. a solid rental/bargain bin purchase and 2. a good 'rough draft' for a future release that incorporates MotionPlus, more content, and maybe a better Sega license (Eternal Champions anyone?)- 6/10. Full Review »
  3. Oct 4, 2013
    A good idea that wasn't flushed out to the greatest extant. The game lacks polish, but is far better then the critic reviews suggest (in termsA good idea that wasn't flushed out to the greatest extant. The game lacks polish, but is far better then the critic reviews suggest (in terms of polish that is)

    The gameplay is strange for a fighting game, the characters can run about rather than being restricted to the common 2d plane of other, but the characters are always facing eachother and the camera moves with the characters so it feels quite awkward at first. When you start thinking you're getting the hang of it either you or or opponent does a powerful attack, which causes the camera to invert behind your opponent while it does slow motion effects, and then you're back to square one, and trying to get the camera back on your side where it belongs proves quite tedious indeed. The control scheme is very simple, yet provides challenge and strategy, it's perfect for both hardcore fighting fans and newcomers. There aren't 60-move long lists for every character that you have to memorize, only about 4, and even then there aren't complicated button combos to execute, you simply press a button and a direction on the dpad and each direction has it's own move for each character, and then there's a basic press A 3 times or A twice then B, it's really simple, but still requires strategy as each character has certain attributes (x character is fast while y character is powerful, etc.) and you can even equip other characters' weapons to different characters, adding to the mixture! And on top of that you can add a magical effect of a variety of choices to the weapons, complex, yet so simple! It does sound nice on paper, yes, but unfortunately it isn't as well executed ingame. You'll notice that the motion controls are really clunky and unwieldy, you'll think it's a quick fix by switching to the convenient classic controller option, and yes, it does play much better with that, but then you notice that hit detection is inaccurate at usually the worst of times. and with the ever revolving camera it proves to be quite a challenge just to maneuver for the first few rounds. At random times a stage hazard will attack you and your opponent, and you both have to try and avoid said hazard via quick time event. At first this seems cool, but it becomes a mere distraction later on, a rather annoying one. The basic mechanics work, but it's leaving so much to be desired for expansion and polishing, it's a crime that this game doesn't have a sequel to correct and perfect the foundation this game has left, and believe me, it's a pretty solid foundation.

    The Story is excellent, but not because it's well written or deep and complex or anything, in fact, it's quite the opposite. This game's story is very nostalgic towards those who grew up with very non serious fighters like MK and Primal Rage and other such classic fighting games that were parodies or just ludicrous. I never grew up with those, but this game's characters and plot are so bare but so ridiculously written that you'll want to see each character's ending because of the lunacy. It's definitely better than the mind-numbingly boring and cheesy and cliched stories of most fighting games today, that's for sure. I myself have only played as two characters as of yet (Bast and Narcia, with the the former being my favorite so far) but that's not a problem considering the 10 character roster, and I can't wait to play as the rest. Characters' lines before and after fights are deliberately cheesy and are some of the greatest one-liners and taunts ever in a fighting game ("You can't beat me! I'm rich!") and and the fact that the roster is full of Greco-Roman era creatures and such (and more) the characters in themselves are vastly more likeable than the textbook cliche and racist portrayal characters that the fighting genre has become infamous for.

    The visuals are great as well, don't expect visual treats like Nintendo's own work, but I have yet to see another 3rd party game on Wii that match this game's detail (well, maybe Monster Hunter comes close) skin glistens, textures don't hurt your eyes (I'm looking at YOU Redsteel!) colours are vibrant, animations smooth, models very detailed. Plus other effects like characters' armour falling off after taking damage (or in one case a head falling off) and magical effects make this game a nice visual treat (relatively speaking) both technically and aesthetically.

    Music is unremarkable, but it does give the game life, it does it's job, but you won't get any tunes stuck in your head or anything. Voice acting is surprisingly well done, and each voice just helps give each character their own quirky personality and makes it that much more fun to play (I especially like Bast's accent) sound effects are good too, with clangs and clashes and other various sounds happening, it'll definitely sound exciting when you're in the heat of battle.
    Overall, since it did a lot of experimentation and cleary didn't have enough time in development, you'll likely be yearning for more with an empty plate
    Full Review »