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  • Summary: Packing three titles into one disc, this collection of shoot em ups contain some never before seen titles that are sure to please casual and hardcore fans of this genre! The Ultimate Shooting Collection is a must have for fans of the arcade shooter and brings the classic arcade feel to your living room. Ultimate Shooting Collection Key Features: 3 Unique and Distinct Shooters in One - Each shooter in this collection has a unique, never before seen play mechanics that separates it from the competition. This is the ultimate value and a shooter fans dream come true. Graphics - Each titles has great graphics that makes good use of the cell-shaded look, along with impressive bullet layouts that are visually stunning. The title is easy on the eyes for good reason as there will be countless number of bullets to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Gameplay - The included titles are all challenging in that players must perform a delicate balancing act between achieving a high score and staying alive. With unique gameplay mechanics specific to each title, and some that sets these shooters apart from every other arcade shooter in existence, you dont just play this shooter, you try and master it. Lasting Appeal and Options - Each title contains multiple options for the player, including 2-3 different ships which boast different weapons and special moves. If mastering one shooter takes a while, prepare a good chunk of time to perfect each one of these masterful shooters. [UFO Interactive] Expand
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  1. Ultimate Shooting Collection presents three recent examples of arcade shooters and is firmly targeted at fans of the "bullet hell" subgenre or just shooting fans who might want to see what's been happening in Japanese arcades in the past ten years. Whilst none of the games on their own is particularly special, it should definitely have a space on the shelf of any shoot-em-up fan.
  2. 69
    These games provide decent bullet hell experiences, but don't expect anything on the level of Ikaruga. It's disappointing more effort wasn't put into the presentation. The lack of leaderboards is a grievous error for a shooter released in 2009.
  3. For many casual gamers, scrolling shooters are something to play online for free when there's time to kill. It will take a little more dedication to spend $30 on this collection, especially considering that leaderboards, perhaps the only reason to play for long periods of time, aren't available. For those looking for a unique take on a genre and willing to pay for it, however, these three games are worth at least a rental.
  4. None of the games in the Ultimate Shooting Collection can hold their own against the true giants of the genre.