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  2. Negative: 14 out of 17
  1. 64
    Concluding thoughts: you have to be feeling starved for an RPG on the Wii to want to play this game.
  2. No matter how starved you are for some serious RPG action on a system ruled by mini-game compilations, you can do better than this.
  3. I went into Valhalla Knights with high hopes including the optimism for a clean and smart online co-op multiplayer with a deep and engrossing storyline. Unfortunately I found a very broken and incomplete gaming experience.
  4. Marvellous and XSeed have proven they know how to make far better than this on the Wii, with Little King's Story, so why release a game that's nowhere near the same quality? Yes, there's a lot to do, but when none of it is particularly fun, it's hard to recommend to anyone but the most hardcore RPG fans, and even they may tire of the broken combat and repetitive mission structure. Enter Valhalla at your own risk.
  5. 45
    Some good, some bad. It all washes out to be somewhere around mediocre. (Just under mediocre, actually. The negatives outweigh the positives in the end, since no game should be so dark and drab that it forces you to have to crank your TV up to brightness level 99.)
  6. It's a shame that Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga has such a slow pace, clunky interface, ugly graphics, sluggish combat, dumb AI, and lackluster overall presentation - there are actually some neat ideas in this action RPG. [Oct 2009, p.89]
  7. Jan 9, 2011
    Lame graphics, bad sound effects and frustrating gameplay make this simply a game you should avoid at all.
  8. Ultimately, Valhalla Knight: Eldar Saga suffers from an overall lack of polish, as well as being an all-around boring game. Only those starved for an action RPG should think of treading the lands of Eldar. Everyone else need not apply.
  9. VK:ES has so many shortcomings and fundamental issues that it makes it impossible to enjoy any of its good qualities. It's a title that only the hardest of the hardcore action adventure fans might tolerate.
  10. 30
    When all is said and done, most people will not find Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga at the top of their wish list. It's a persnickety game that offers little but repetitive monster slaying in exchange for its murky graphics and lackluster story.
  11. 30
    There's really no good reason to suffer Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga--it's ugly, broken, and seems hellbent on depriving you of fun at every opportunity. Even if you're hard up for a Wii RPG, you're better off skipping it and never looking back. Meanwhile, I'll be hearing those footsteps echoing endlessly in my nightmares.
  12. If you are considering Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga at all, chances are you simply want a Wii-exclusive online RPG, and if that's the case then do yourself a favor and wait for Monster Hunter 3.
  13. As Valhalla Knights moves to the Wii, any potential for fun is buried under tons of repetitive busywork and technical gaffs.
  14. Your time would be better spent by buying that bag of pre-mix concrete and building something useful - and it would probably be more fun.
  15. Eldar Saga is a game marred by a great many ailments. It's functional on a basic level, but it seems to do everything in its power to discourage the player from wanting to spend time with it.
  16. Valhalla Knights only excels at one thing: no other game can grate on your nerves quite like this.
  17. Games like Valhalla Knights: The Eldar Saga ruin all video games for me. Dozens of people wasted their time making it. Thousands of dollars were wasted to make sure that you could see it in a store and not buy it. It wasted hours of my life. And now it has forced me to waste 600 words on the internet to describe what I said in my first two sentences. Which I will reiterate now: This game is terrible. Don't buy it.
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  1. Sep 7, 2010
    Rate this game is a very complicated thing, in one hand you have to consider the lackness of any tutorial that could help you understand its mechanics. In the other hand if you test what this game gots you will find a very deeph game with several lots of options. This is a very hard game, it requires grinding, it requires time, patience, its not like most RPG nowadays, its a bit more dense, more archaic, or classic. It reminds me the times when RPG used to be hard, where you could actually find yourself lost, without any lead of what to do. The graphics of this game sucks, from all the wii games I got, this is probably the one that looks worst, but it's something you can somehow understand, if you consider the amount of things this game puts in. There's a customization of just three characters, and you can select 2 different times, or episodes, both episodes can be related to each other, and so, the gameplay sorta expands, because there are items and armors you can only get in one and you can transfer it to the other. And so, creating the 2 characters and switch between time on time, is the key for this game. I understand the critics of this game, this is not a game with good animations, the design of this game is ok, most of the clothes sucks, but there are a few ones you can find cool, the system of equip, save, quest, and buying might become frustrating. It is not a game that is supose to be easy, only a true hardcore gamer will find it delicious. Dont believe those "professional" scores, I have monster Hunter tri, and this game, and I am not lying when I tell you I have played this game for more time, I admit Monster Hunter got better battles, better concept, better graphics, better cgs, better name, but there is something Valhalla Knights beats Monters Hunter Tri, that is in the customization, lolz. This is a game I dont think I will forget in my life, its like a game made for a few people who had amazing ideas, but not that much money or support. I enjoy this game, if you dont, then you are idiot, thanks for your time. Full Review »
  2. Sep 4, 2011
    This is very nearly a great game. Diehard fans of the genre might look past all the failings, but most gamers will be looking for the receipts in under an hour. The title lacks polish- boring dialogue, confusion, the elephant stomp running sound, etc...- to such a degree that it is hard for most gamers to enjoy. Deeper flaws in the game- repetition, clumsy combat, overly complex itemization, etc...- make the game hard for genre fans to enjoy. Diehard fans might look past all that and SEVERELY OVERATE THIS GAME ON METACRITIC, but at the end of the day this game still stinks. Full Review »
  3. Jun 29, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I love this game! It's like two stories in one. You start off as an adventurer trying to make peace between the four races of Eldar: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings. You begin by collecting star fragments for young boy mage who lives in a manor outside of the human city. He tells you he is a mage and the star fragments are the cause of the current chaos in the world. You end up going to each race's city to extinguish a foe, collecting the star fragment each foe drops. Between each event you get the option of doing quests which add to the story. The graphics are as gloomy as the story. You will often feel alone in this desolate world. Your character has no family, just a friend named Penelope, who is always asking how you are doing. The game has a total of of 12 classes. Each is proficient in different weapons and has their own unique skills. After acquiring all of the star fragments, it appears the boy's caretaker, Sebastian, was an insider all along, and has convinced the boy to use the power of the star fragments to reawaken the power of the Spirit King. However, the boy is too weak to control the power and succumbs to it. The Spirit King takes his soul, but the boy resists once he's absorbed and a piece of Star Fragment shoots out from the Spirit King's body into your character. This is where Episode 1 ends. Your character is now corrupted by the Star Fragment, but still has enough will to resist it. Your character then is known as the hero who brought piece between all the races of Eldar, and many characters you meet with your second character will see a resemblance.

    Episode 2 begins with your new character being born by the woman you chose to marry in Episode 1. You go around the towns freeing them of monsters again, and eventually have to journey to the Abyss Castle, where the Spirit King resides. There you find your father, a Dark Knight with a spear. You fight him, and after winning the battle, he gains enough will to turn good again. When you encounter the Spirit King, you find your father battling him, and then succumbing to his power. The Spirit King unmasks your father, then you fight the Spirit King. After defeating him, he tries to make one final attack to kill you off, but your father comes out of nowhere and shields you from the attack. His spear glows a heavenly white and then he throws it straight into the Spirit King's mouth. The Spirit King dies, with the spear still stuck into the wall. The spear falls into the depths of the Abyss castle and your character's father taps your shoulder, but they turn and see nobody. Even though you defeated the great evil of Eldar, not much hope is gained. The evil is gone, but all the death and destruction remains. The human city is still in pieces, and though there's a little glimmer of hope, many people are beyond it. Penelope reflects on the past and tells your character she heard someone say "goodbye."

    After the journey has ended, you are free to roam around the broken world of Eldar to your liking, but there isn't much to do. Despite the production quality, washed out graphics, and a few glitches, I loved this game. It leaves a lot to your imagination, and though it's a bit depressing, I feel the ending (Which is the best part) was all worth it. It feels like a little secret, because there's barely a gameplay video out there, and not even a walkthrough.
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