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  • Summary: Designed with children and parents in mind, Walk It Out! takes a fresh perspective on gaming by integrating traditional rhythm elements with a low impact and high energy walking simulator. In addition to addictive and rewarding gameplay, Walk It Out! provides an immersive music experience by offering one of the vastest and expansive music libraries of any rhythm game on the market. The soundtrack, which contains over 100 songs, features some of today's biggest artists including licensed masters from Ne-Yo (Closer), Fergie (Clumsy) and Demi Lovato (How Do You Sleep). Walk It Out!'s uniqueness lies in the gameplay where players walk their way throughout an expansive world of fields, stadiums, parks, ocean sides, suburbs and other metropolitan areas. As players step to the beat, they will begin to watch the world evolve and expand in real-time. Go straight or take a turn and follow the road less traveled to unlock in-game items, songs and bonuses. The more you walk, the more you discover and explore! More than just gameplay, Walk It Out! promotes and encourages fitness and wellness for the whole family. As players walk, progress is tracked with in-game charts, graphs and visuals to show calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken and more! Because of the easy to learn controls, players of all skill levels can get up and walking quickly! Players can even take a break from their travels with fun and challenging mini-games. [Konami] Expand
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  1. Walk It Out targets lazy people who enjoy playing video games but instead of spending the money to purchase this game, you can partake in the exact same thing by leaving the house and walking around the neighborhood for FREE. This game has a decent concept, but without any real variation and the control issues, it doesn't travel far.
  2. I power walk regularly every summer. I bring my MP3 player with me that has over a 1000 songs and I can actually lift up my feet while I walk. Not only is it free, but it is infinitely more gratifying than Walk It Out!.
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  1. LauraC.
    Feb 21, 2010
    I really enjoy this game. As a professional, I don't always have the time to walk in the neighborhood when I get home. However, with this game, I can walk safely whenever I feel like it. I like he flexability it gives me to stay active regardless of external environmental factors. Expand
  2. Len
    Jun 2, 2012
    This is not a game for hard core gamers. It's really for people who need and/or like to do low stress aerobic (walking) exercise. With Wii Walk It Out I can walk as much or as little as I like without concern for the weather. the traffic, the neighborhood, the stress to my knees or the time of day. I can just walk in place or walk around the room or even use a treadmill. But unlike using the treadmill alone which can be boring, this game is entertaining and just challenging enough to give me incentive to keep exercising. It does get me to work up a sweat. Yet it is easy enough so that I don't look for excuses to put it off until tomorrow. If I get tired, I can pause it and then pickup right where I left off. With this game I actually enjoy exercising. Expand