Generally favorable reviews - based on 73 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 60 out of 73
  2. Negative: 0 out of 73
  1. 91
    Like Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Wii Music, this is a game made to be played with friends, and your enjoyment with the title will directly relate to how much time you're able to spend playing it with other people.
  2. Wii Sports Resort discovers the real power of the Wii Motion Plus in a game that shows the power and talent of Nintendo when creating funny and incredibly addictive gaming experiences. If you liked Wii Sports, you will adore this title.
  3. Lots of fun, there’s really no reason not to get Wii Sports Resort because you get a lot of fun games to play and you get the Wii Motion Plus, which will no doubt come into use with a lot of future Wii games.
  4. However, if you are a fan—and spent as many hours as I did in Wii Sports' virtual bowling lanes—then visiting this Resort is a no-brainer.
  5. To be honest this is pretty much a no brainer if you like Wii Sports, and that's most people really, the selection of sports is nice and varied, as are the methods of playing.
  6. 90
    Wii Sports Resort is a motion-controlled marvel with a little piece of magic included for each and every one of us.
  7. Wii Sports Resort is pure fun, easy to play and with a fresh gameplay (the perfect summer game!). Too much stuff to do even if as the original, it is above all an impressive showcase of the Wii potentials with a huge work behind. If you're looking for something new, perfect for these hot nights with your friends, Wuhu Island is waiting for you for an unforgettable holiday. Nothing to say: Nintendo did it again
  8. The fun and charm from the original is back and the improved controls don’t ruin from the experience at all that is to be had with the 12 categories of minigames. In fact, if there’s anything to complain about with the game’s depth, it’s probably the possibility that it might be too much to swallow.
  9. Wii Sports Resort offers more variety and a bit more complexity without alienating that family up the street who only bought a Wii because they love bowling. Unless you're the kind of sullen misanthrope who can only feel at peace when getting headshots with some kind of virtual scope, you'll surely find something about Wii Sports Resort that keeps both you and your non-gaming friends or family coming back for more.
  10. 89
    A game that delivers entertainment in massive, unbridled waves. It’s true that Resort doesn’t quite strike the balance between single-player and party appeal, but its compulsive score-based structure is a significant step up from its predecessor.
  11. With 12 sporting games included in Wii Resort, there's definitely something for everyone and although the game will eventually get quite boring in single-player, where this game does shine besides it's party-game atmosphere is through the new Wii MotionPlus attachment that takes Wii gaming to its next evolution.
  12. Wii Sports Resort is truly an experience like no other, offering truly real sports experiences and incredibly fun multiplayer modes.
  13. A sports package that's absolutely chock full of sports gaming goodness and enough replay value to keep gamers coming back for more. You might find sports packages that offer up a more in-depth gameplay experience for an individual sport , but you'd be hard pressed to find a package with more variety and fun than the one found in Wii Sports Resort.
  14. Makes the original seem lacking in every department. A lovely, polished party game. [Aug 2009, p.79]
  15. Even though Nintendo didn’t hit 12/12 I’d say that four of the games (Swordplay, Archery, Table Tennis and Power Cruising) are amazing, must-play experiences, another four (Basketball, Canoeing, Air Sports and Wake Boarding) are fantastic, and the rest (excluding Cycling) are worth a few play throughs. The only negative aspect about the game is that unless you pick up Tiger Woods 2010 you’re looking at the $70 purchase to pick up Wii Sports Resort (which includes a Wii MotionPlus peripheral) and an additional WMP unit.
  16. 87
    Just as Wii Sports was exactly what Nintendo needed to help shift units when the Wii launched so too Wii Sports Resort proves to be a perfect advert for MotionPlus as well as still being a cracking game in its own right.
  17. This is another excellent example of simple gameplay magic from Nintendo and is as essential to your collection as Wii Sports.
  18. An unashamed definition of its host console; simple, colourful, accessible to all, but with a hidden depth for those who wish to explore it. It’s unlikely to convert many that are lost to the Wii cause, but for those who have already embraced it, a trip to Wuhu Island will be some of the most fun you’ll have all year.
  19. Wii Sports Resort is the best reason to have a Wii MotionPlus. And just as Wii Sports would be introduced as the Wii games there so far, the Wii Sports Resort offers a clear idea of how things will go from here. Hours of fun guaranteed.
  20. Coming straight from Nintendo, the Wii Sports Resort presentation is overall only as good as you'd expect, but that doesn't detract from the actual quality.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 158 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 4 out of 55
  1. Nov 25, 2011
    The game has more sports than the original, first of all. But, a few aren't filling up to their potential. Like the Frisbee games. TheThe game has more sports than the original, first of all. But, a few aren't filling up to their potential. Like the Frisbee games. The controller can be unresponsive in a few sports, but the game is AWESOME anyhow!! An extremely fun and addictive game that comes with your newly purchased Wii, with hours of fun and nail-biting gameplay! Full Review »
  2. Oct 18, 2011
    great game, but i dont know why you wouldnt just go play proper sports for the ones that you like, except maybe wakeboarding...

    so a 91% for meh then
  3. Mar 20, 2011
    i never actually could get into the game and even if i did there are only a couple of levels to each sport and you can beat them all prettyi never actually could get into the game and even if i did there are only a couple of levels to each sport and you can beat them all pretty quickly and they just begin to get repetitive and i think it is a good idea but they should have added more levels to each sport Full Review »