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  1. Oct 8, 2012
    I bought this game for $30 hoping this game would be better if not as good as the first one whiIch i enjoyed. when i turned on the game it looked good and i was hoping for good things. When i started the game i was surprised that there where 8 different shows to play however they where all pretty much the same. i started playing and i was shocked at how bad the characters looked. i dont want to be mean at this game but i was kind of mad i spent $30 and this game wasnt really as fun as the first game. i dont like the idea of the physics that were unrealistic because you can now jump like 10 feet and you can even alter gravity when you are on an obstacle. there are 4 rounds rounds 2 and 3 are "elimination" rounds that dont really do anything. in round 3 the camera switches to the CPU not you. Overall i dont like this game and was pretty dissapointed how it was not nearly as good as the first which is also why i was shocked to find out they made a 3rd. overall i cant give more than a 3 on this game. :/ Expand
  2. Jul 3, 2014
    Wipeout 2 can be fun in small amounts. For fans of the show though, the game feels unauthentic and looks too cartoony to feel like you're playing through the show. Stages get repetitive and bland quickly. Competing with friends and family is somewhat more fun, though taking turns in single player like how the show does it beats the actual multiplayer mode in my opinion. Get it from the bargain bin if you want it Expand

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