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  2. Negative: 3 out of 5
  1. WSOP is a good way learn poker, but not so good if you want to win first and ask questions later, like most gamers do.
  2. As the first poker game for the Wii, World Series of Poker is serviceable, though the lack of online play and lackluster presentation don't help its cause.
  3. 46
    Poker on the Wii can wait until a game with more features is released.
  4. 40
    Its AI is generally very solid, the presentation is all-around great (even if the animations don't match the bet amount in any way), and it's set up in an easy to play manner.
  5. Without online play, this falls way behind other poker games. Thrill-seekers will be gravely disappointed. [Apr 2007, p.50]
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  1. P.S.
    May 27, 2007
    Fun Game to learn poker. No Online play.